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Technology available for blocking illegal P2P traffic, RIAA says

Written by Jari Ketola @ 09 Mar 2004 0:23 User comments (11)

Technology available for blocking illegal P2P traffic, RIAA says The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has been exploring ways of limiting illegal P2P traffic, and has discovered a company called Audible Magic. Audible Magic has developed a software, that analyzes the content being transferred and is capable of blocking the transfer, if illegal content is detected.
According to Audible Magic the software works either on external network devices that monitor traffic, or it can be embedded in any P2P software.

P2P companies have always argued that illegal content cannot be blocked without blocking legal material, too, and invading their users' privacy. RIAA is not looking for a legal ruling to force P2P companies to adopt Audible Magic's (or similar) technology, but would like to see the technology added voluntarily.

Of course it is quite obvious that P2P companies are not willing to add any such component. First of all it would seriously hamper their position on the P2P market, and the lisence fees for the software would probably be a problem as well. RIAA is most likely just looking for another excuse to claim that P2P companies are not doing their best in blocking out illegal traffic from their networks.

Source: New York Times

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11 user comments

19.3.2004 1:47

Yeah, the RIAA are a bunch of jerks......btw is Bit Torrent more secure or is is just less known?

29.3.2004 4:27

Yeah, it's called racketeerring if I'm not mistaken. RIAA, MPAA, they should all be crumbled to the ground.

39.3.2004 5:29

Analyzing any content on my computer without my expressed approval is an invasion of my privacy and I will sue your ass RIAA or whoever you are if you do so. PERIOD! Best to All! Rodgers

49.3.2004 5:39

We need a good march on the RIAA doorsteps.. Just to get things stirred up about whats going on. I never see anything on TV about this. Other than a brief RIAA sues another batch of P2P users news flash.. Matt

59.3.2004 7:26

IMHO the RIAA's real interest is not only to stop "illegal" file sharing of copyright material, it is also and perhaps more importantly in the long run to stop (or at least severely limit) P2P file sharing in general. First off this crap some people buy into about "if it's not on the radio it sucks" is just that, pure crap. For every band that "makes it" on the radio (i.e. signed my a major label) there are hundreds of others just as talented with just as good a songs. If the public's "free music" ride were to get stopped short they might start looking at all that legitimately free music that's out there on the net right now. They might start using P2P to share and rate and categorize all this free music and stop paying attention and MONEY to the big label acts. THAT is the RIAA's real nightmare. Afterdawn hosts with tons of free tracks. They are all over the place. Broadband internet has rendered record labels technically useless and they know it. The fact that YOU might figure that out and start deciding for yourself what is cool instead of letting them choose for you (and charging you a butt-load of money in the process) scares the crap out of them, and P2P is the perfect tool to make it happen.

69.3.2004 11:27

well if anyone gets caught they should just counter sue for invasion of privacy.- the MPAA and RIAA will NEVER win. even if they manage to SOMEHOW shut down illegal music p2p sharing (wich they wont be able to)theres bit torrent and IRC witch are 100% untraceable and ALOT faster

79.3.2004 21:10

I hope we p2p users stick together n win this long standing rant the RIAA is choosing to run technologies have moved on why cant they

::LivE ForeveR OR DiE TryiN!!::....::DonT FinD US WE WilL FinD YoU::..
ChecK OuT ThE PenguiN GamE AnD PosT YouR HighesT DistancE ON ThE ForuM

810.3.2004 7:30

Another way of opposing the Media conglumerate is to buy products direct from the artist and avoid the middleman. More artists are now dealing direct with the public instead of being ripped off by the Media Producers who pay them pennies on the dollar. I will not buy anything of a media format unless it comes direct from the artist. Best to All! Rodgers

910.3.2004 15:05

blah blah blah... d@mn RIAA.. oh well.. a while back i remember there was thing they said was unbreakable created for dvd formats.. i think it was css encryption.. haha! they forget that we embrace technology and are technology where they are still trying to catch up.. p2p will survive.. by now they should know, its like the never ending battle between good and evil.. peace

1010.3.2004 16:11

THAT george michael has said he will do music for free online from now on you can donate if ya please thats from the bbc by the way

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::LivE ForeveR OR DiE TryiN!!::....::DonT FinD US WE WilL FinD YoU::..
ChecK OuT ThE PenguiN GamE AnD PosT YouR HighesT DistancE ON ThE ForuM

1110.3.2004 16:17

That statement just begs for a sardonic rebuttal however, I don't want to be a jack-hole. Let's just hope all artist grow some steel bowling balls between their legs and follow his precedent.

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