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Sony announces the first PSP title, extends PS2 life cycle

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 29 Mar 2004 8:51 User comments (7)

Sony announces the first PSP title, extends PS2 life cycle Against all expectations, Sony has released a statement forecasting a 10-year product life cycle for the PS2. It would be a remarkable achievement in the constantly accelerating market, but on the other hand they were able to do the same with the Playstation and PSOne. The news is quite surprising as next generations consoles were expected be just around the corner by all the major vendors, but according to Sony they are not about to schedule their releases just to match the competitors.
In a keynote address at the Game Developers Conference in San Jose, California, Andrew House, executive vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, said the success of the original PlayStation, nearing its 10th anniversary, had convinced the company that two-thirds of its potential PS2 sales were yet to come.
Sony has had a busy week, as they also announced the first game title for the PSP, the PlayStation Portable. According to the announcement, there are already 81 game developers that support the PSP platform
Chris Charla, the game's producer, played a video for the crowd before stating that "polygon for polygon, PSP has more power than PS2," before reinforcing how easy it is to develop for the new handheld console.
Source: TotalGames.Net

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7 user comments

130.3.2004 6:09

has anyone seen one of these yet...are they just sony gameboys?

230.3.2004 13:36

i have seen pix..i dont remember where but it looks much cooler than a gameboy.. heres a link for tech article about it.. heres a link for a pic.. this is the concept model .. it looks great. i cant wait for this thing to come out...

330.3.2004 13:51

I can't wait, but the cost makes me want to not buy it.

429.12.2004 20:22

actually the psp is only about 30$ more than the nintendoDS ($180) and its more than just a gameboy you can see for yourself at look for PSP launch center/on the spot

530.12.2004 10:08

That's the thing. Don't know about you, but $180 ain't exactly cheap, and I grew out of handhelds ages ago. Hell, I don't even need music or something to go for long trips. All I need is someone with a sense of humour, a pack of friends, and I could crack up all day... BUT DAMN, that PSP looks inviting! n_n

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Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

62.1.2005 20:26

What I meant was that the psp was $180

74.1.2005 20:08

$180 could buy me a lot of lunches. And hell, I pack my own lunch, and I usually only buy a packet of crisps everyday. So that means it's half a year of crisps... Sun Chips is where it's at! =) You know.. I would probably prefer the Sun Chips instead of a PSP, come to think of it. There must be something wrong with me... P.S. Anyone seen some of the new games on DS? They look pretty damn good. if you haven't already.

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

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