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Ahead releases Nero PhotoShow Elite, updates Nero 6 Ultra Edition

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 08 Jun 2004 12:14 User comments (35)

Ahead releases Nero PhotoShow Elite, updates Nero 6 Ultra Edition As presumed, Ahead continues to broaden their product range to cover the whole digital media sector. As digital photography, cameras and camera phones, is getting more and more popular, it's not too surprising to see Ahead expanding to this field as well. High resolution digital images demand a lot of storage capacity, which in most cases is a CD-R or a DVD-R and therefore related to Ahead's core competence. The nice thing about Ahead's policy is that they bundle these new products to the Nero 6 Ultra Edition, which offers quite a bit of tools and value to the customers, making it a more appealing purchase even if one already has the limited OEM version.
Nero PhotoShow Elite is packed with amazing features. Users can capture, edit and manage photos and photo albums, create musical slideshows, make screen savers and even order customized photo gifts. Users can choose to print their photos at home or order quality prints online seamlessly from within the application. Nero PhotoShow Elite’s editing tools include red-eye correction, cropping, cloning, paint brush and auto-fix, to name a few. Nero PhotoShow Elite also unleashes the user’s creativity, enabling them to add text, clip art, captions, frames and other effects with a click of a button. These editing tools can be applied to photos or slideshows. Photos can easily be made into musical slideshows to share with family and friends online via email or HTML link. They can even save their memories by burning them to CD or VCD. All this can be accessed through a user-friendly interface that anyone can operate.
Source: Ahead Software

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35 user comments

18.6.2004 20:37

Well, this is all fine and dandy however, I just downloaded the latest version and installed it however, I don't see this among the options. Anyone else???

29.6.2004 2:06

Nero PhotoShow Elite is not yet available through the Nero home page, I found the 15 day trial version at

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39.6.2004 4:24

Thanks....I'd like to try it....just to see... 8)

49.6.2004 4:27

Just checked your posted link out and redirects me to an advertising page. You sure that is the link? If so, must be down. Thanks again.

59.6.2004 4:42

Here's the link....(found with your help).. :) Cheers

69.6.2004 7:21

this is all great, but I can do this with wizard ON windowsXP

715.9.2004 6:02

i have purchased photoshow and i am very impressed with it, the only complaint is at the moment you cannot add music to VCD but hopefully that will soon be fixed. the whole reason for buying Nero photoshow was i want to play my vcds on my portable dvd player but the player will not play cdrs made on windows xp but do play with cdrs made with nerophotoshow the reason i want to play my vcds on portable dvd player is so i can show my digi photos with out the expence of printing them out

815.9.2004 10:43

A new release of Nero PhotoShow Elite in Late October will support adding Audio files to your PhotoSlide show and burning to SVCD. Regards, Craig Ahead Software USA

910.11.2004 12:20

nero photo show elite will not update: i down loaded Nero photo elite set up. when i click on this it will down load for 5 mins,then says download failed. i have a dial up 26.4 kps. i also shut off my firewall. nothing helps. do you have a link to the update file so i do not have to Nero updater???thanks bob

1011.11.2004 7:51

The Nero PhotoShow Express/Elite currently posted on our websites are version and they are FULL versions when you download them. Once downloaded, it should not be trying to connect to the internet to download anything. Regards, Craig

1111.11.2004 11:33

when i goto your page then downloads then update i see update Update to PhotoShow Elite then i down load update how ever the updater fails in about 5 mins. thanks for your help bob

1211.11.2004 13:10

Hi Mankinen, I must apologize, as when I tested, it was only a 400KB download, which is not the full download that is supposed to be posted. Which means you do need to be connectd to the internet, and it will download the needed files when you run the install. And I find that if it fails once, it continues to fail unless you clean the program from your system and then do a fresh install. I had to disconnect the internet connection to get it to fail once, and then reconnect and try again would cause continued fails. I clean it from the system, and then downloaded the 400KB install file and ran, and it worked. You can send an Email to me at and ask for the 'No NeroPhotoShow Trace' utility to remove our product from your system, and then try installing again and it should resolve your issue. PS. But you must have a connection to the internet when you go to install. Regards, Craig Ahead Software.

138.12.2004 0:02

i bought Nero photo show elite back in sept and was disapointed that it did not support music and transitions i thought these were just limited to the trial software,i have been told on this page the music issue will be resolved in october but now it is nearly xmas still no release. in the past two months i have emailed photo show elite at least three times and have not received one reply, ahead is treating loyal customers with contempt

149.12.2004 6:35

Hi Jbastow, Someone should have contacted you on this issue. We have resolved this in our latest beta release, and we are working hard to finalize a few issues so we can post this on our website ASAP. It will be posted by end of December, of that I am 100% sure. I am hoping it will be posted by December 20th, if all goes well with this next build being worked on right now. Sorry for the delay, and the lack of response. I will check with our Tech Support Managers in the US and Germany to see why you have not had a response to this issue. Regards, Craig Ahead Software USA

1521.12.2004 4:46

what a disappointment the long awaited release of the update of photo show elite, i was filled with anticipation spending three hours editing my VCD and looking forward to the end result, i do not know if it plays music or not, because the VCD will not load in my dvd player as it did before the update.i know you say on the software not fully supported by all dvd players, but my vcds made befofe the update did play on all the dvd players i have tried, what has happened.thank god i have go back on my pc because i will use it, that saying though i was really looking forward to this release and be able to finally using some features i have paid for. i thought i would be writing today singing the praises of photo show elite sadly not let down customer j bastow

1621.12.2004 8:11

please ignore my last rant,i have figured where i went wrong, were i used to just insert the VCD in a dvd player now you must press the number 1 key then play, sorry. but another thing causing me problems, when i try and save the finished show to my removable hard drive the files do not open every time any ideas regards john

1720.1.2005 6:19

I downloaded the full version of Photoshow Elite. Where do I type in the serial number??

1820.1.2005 8:22

As long as you did not download and install the Trial version, when you go to install the Nero PhotoShow Elite software, it will ask you for a serial key. Regards, Craig

1922.1.2005 17:18

Thanks Craig, I'm afraid I did install the trial version.. Now what??

2023.1.2005 1:17

I too did the same i uninstalled photoshow express and downloaded the photoshow elite trial and i cant find anywhere to put my serial # now what? thank you in advance for any help

2123.1.2005 2:11

ok i figured it out thank you im all good

2223.1.2005 8:43

Janie56, how did you do it?

2324.1.2005 6:07

go here click on update enter serial#

2425.1.2005 5:43

Janie56, could you repeat that ? For some unknown reason , I can only see the first few words.. thanks


2525.1.2005 6:10

oops ! Never mind, now it's working again and readable. Thanks anyway


2628.1.2005 8:36

Yes the only problem with this forum is the text ends as if the window isnt large enough and cant be expanded

271.2.2005 17:36

Thanks Janie56, Glad it wasn't just my ignorance ! I signed in and out a couple of times and the forum now displays properly for me. Have no idea why...


283.2.2005 16:25

well my window still small i cant see complete posts anyone else have this problem?

3016.8.2005 18:04

i cant dl that thing you said janie56 can you specify where its at or can anyoen else help me

3122.8.2005 6:04

need help where to put serial number none of the above work

3222.8.2005 11:22

player52 and minxs, I'm certainly no expert , but here's how I did it. Uninstall trial versions and express versions. Sometimes a free "clean uninstall" tool is necessary to remove all of the old program (might still be available from Craig Campbell at ) . Then download or install PhotoShow Elite (or the updates to full program from Nero website ) and a dialogue will appear asking for a new serial number. Hope this helps.

3425.8.2005 14:58

sry but didnt work any prog to erasea ll my insatlling history

3522.7.2008 20:24

Hi Ive been spending hours on the internet trying to download Nero photoshow delux 5 Ive tried everything it keeps on telling me there is nothing in my shopping card and ;yes I have registered I ;have been on various sites and they say it is not available wenI try to download. I came across this site and see you talking about Nero photoshow elite 6 what is this? is it better? I want to do slideshows etc and have used nerophoto show 5 on a friends computer. that is why I wish to buy this. I emailed Nero support and was told that they no longer have this product but a friend of mine has just purchased it on line last week. Can someone please help me

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