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Commodore brand resurrected as an MP3 player

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 01 Jul 2004 14:19 User comments (3)

Commodore brand resurrected as an MP3 player One of the most legendaric computer manufacturers of all time, if not the most legendaric of them all, Commodore, is back. Well, it is not entirely true. There wont be a new Commodore computers available, at least not in foreseeable future, but the Dutch company called Tulip who purchased the Commodore brand back in 1997 after the once-giant computer maker had went bust, plans to launch a line of digital audio players in August that carry the name of Commodore.
The names of the players are straight from the history books (with a modern twist, of course): the most interesting device seems to the e-Vic (as in Vic-20) which has 20GB HDD, 128x64 pixel screen and it supports MP3s, WMAs and WAVs. Other devices are called m-Pet and f-Pet and are based on flash memory and can have storage space of 128MB or 256MB.

Source: The Register

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3 user comments

11.7.2004 20:59

My opinion... They showed up a bit to late to the party...

32.7.2004 11:48

If they release one complete with a C64 emulator I'll be sure to buy it ;) You can get a lot of C64 disk images into 256MB...

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