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Digital downloads to get "gold" sales records

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 03 Jul 2004 14:53 User comments (1)

Digital downloads to get "gold" sales records Recording Industry Association of America announced this week that it will add the legal digital download statistics to its "gold" and "platinum" sales certifications.
In near future, gold award will be awarded to a song that has been sold for more than 100,000 times and platinum award for tracks sold for more than 200,000 times. Multi-platinum is awarded to every 200,000th times the song is sold after the first platinum limit is reached. The digital download certifications will be launched in August this year.


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1 user comment

16.7.2004 6:54

I see no one has posted a reply to this one yet. Everyone is so used to seeing the RIAA in such a negative light that they can't bear to acknowledge it when they do something right for a change. However, I like to play devil's advocate, so I'll be the first! It's nice to see that the RIAA is recognizing the internet as the growing market that it is for music. By agreeing to "count" LEGAL music downloads towards its gold and platinum certifications, it is demonstrating that internet music downloading is valid. Maybe this is a sign that RIAA is on the road to cooperating with their "digital consumers" instead of trying to force them to their will as in the past. To borrow a phrase from Australia, "Good on Ya!" RIAA!

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