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Microsoft prepares the launch of WMP10, with music store integrated

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 25 Aug 2004 11:01 User comments (6)

Microsoft prepares the launch of WMP10, with music store integrated The software giant is making it's late entry to the music e-tailing business, as the next version of the Windows Media Player are said to come with the online music store features integrated. While the entrance is way behind Apple,Real and others, Microsoft has once again a definitive edge. It can promote the latest WMP through Windows Update and most likely will bundle the software to the SP2 updated Windows retail and OEM CDs.
Early-release versions of the player look like knock-offs of Apple's iTunes Music Store, complete with brushed nickel finish. But hey, why mess with success? A button in the upper right corner of the player will take consumers to the download store.
Microsoft has told entertainment executives that it expects to introduce as many as 130 million people to its music download store as computer users are prompted to update their media player software. And that's not counting the 300 million people who drop by the MSN site.Source:

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6 user comments

125.8.2004 13:21

wow another way for ms to make a billion.

225.8.2004 21:16

You seem to be against that. A lot of people seem to be against that.... One question: Why?

326.8.2004 11:16

Thats easy, its because we do not get any share of that billion. Don't tell me that if you got a piece of the earnings you would still not want MS to make that billion.

426.8.2004 15:53

This USA was built on free enterprise and is still growing. What's wrong with any company making profit? If I run a leamonade stand in front of my house and make a $5.00 profit that day, what gives anyone the right to expect any share of my profit? The whole concept of business is to make profit and just because Microsoft makes huge profits doesn't mean that they are expected to share it with anyone. If you want a share of Microsoft, invest in the company... I'm sure you'll get your fair share of the profits! Anyway, Microsoft donates millions to educational instutitions and provides us with a product that 80% of the world computer users rely on. It may sound like I am pro-Microsoft, actually I'm not. I believe that the company should allow more third party software developers the chance to create a better more reliable Windows. Besides, you don't have to subscribe, there are many other download services available out there and some of them are even free!!!

527.8.2004 7:57

"Thats easy, its because we do not get any share of that billion." Um, let's see, we get the best lossless compression available. We get very good lossy compression as well. We do get something for our money. Besides, it is EASY to get a share of the billions, just go buy some stock.

64.9.2004 15:11

Im so sick of hearing from people like you. If you want your share of the billions I suggest you develope a better peer to peer sharing network or music "e-tailing" business and make your share. If you cant, then shut up and let free enterprise rule! Liberal weenie!!

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