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New software records unprotected music files from restricted files

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 08 Sep 2004 20:15 User comments (8)

New software records unprotected music files from restricted files If you use any of the online digital music stores to buy music downloads, you might be pretty unhappy with the limited amount of things you can do with it. This new software called Tunebite doesn’t copy the file, or crack the protection; it simply records the file again to a separate file while you play it back. Tunebite records in OGG format but can also record mp3 files. Because of the method it uses to provide you with unrestricted files, its use will be completely legal in most countries.
For those who are unfamiliar with legal downloads, the files you get aren’t copy protection free. Some examples of the protected formats you can get are Apple FairPlay and Microsoft Digital Rights Management (DRM). You might be limited to play a song using only the products by the company that sold it to you. Tunebite was written for people who believe they got a bad deal by getting these files, and it gives you a chance to legally copy the music to unrestricted files, so you can do with it as you wish.


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8 user comments

111.9.2004 15:55

Ewww... analogue... But I suppose, its a legal option, and it'll always work, regardless of the copy protection method (I know, Macrovision, but that is easily filtered).

212.9.2004 22:16

I haven't tried Tunebite but I've been using Total Recorder, available at, for years. It really does offer "total" recording capabilities and at $11.95 is excellent value for money.

312.9.2004 22:21

In my previous message a comma got caught up in the URL for Total Recorder. It should read

422.4.2005 2:48

Hmmm...I'm kind of new on this forum, and I don't know if this thread is the right one, but can anyone tell me which of these 2 products is better? Tunebite or Total Recorder? because I have read quite a few articles and can't decide which one to choose.

510.5.2005 9:51

tunebite inputs all of the ID3 tag info.. i really like that. an important question. Does napster to go watermark the files? i dont intend to share my converted files on p2p or anything, but if i give 1 song to a friend and and he's not as careful, can it be tracked back to me via a audio watermark?

619.5.2005 1:08

I have choosen Tunebite and I am very pleased with it. Regarding your question, I don't know for sure if Napster does this, but Tunebite re-records a song that is played on your computer and through this analogue procedure all watermarking should disappear, so i guess it's safe to share the songs with your friends too

730.1.2007 21:15

Why not try software using Virtual CD-RW drive? I tried SPAM

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810.4.2008 5:11

I know a product called Digital Media Converter
and I also found a demo on Youtube
and heard it can convert producted files without recording process,so the conversion speed is higher than others
Is there other way to unlock the protected files?

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