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Brazil promises U.S. it will get tougher on piracy

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 23 Sep 2004 23:43 User comments (1)

Brazil promises U.S. it will get tougher on piracy South American nation Brazil, has promised the United States that it will act tougher on piracy after the U.S. threatened to cut duty-free access on products worth billions of dollars. The U.S. also has made Brazil’s futures access to U.S. markets condition on strong anti-piracy efforts. Brazil's top negotiator in the piracy dispute, Clodoaldo Hugueney Filho said that "the important thing is that the two sides recognize that the necessary measures are being taken,". Trade in pirated CDs and DVDs of mostly Hollywood works in Brazil has exploded in recent years.
Pirated material is often piled in public and then crushed in an effort by the Justice Ministry to crack down on piracy but just some miles from the countries capital, the piracy trade flourishes and in all other major cities, pirated material is sold on almost every street corner. In a report to the United States, Brazil promised set up a nationwide body to attack the problem. "We look forward to the effects of these efforts and we intend to intensify our cooperation," said Peter Allgeier, Deputy U.S. Trade Representative.

A lot of pirated goods reach Brazil from Paraguay and other neighboring countries. Brazil has promised to push for stronger policing on the borders to these countries. In 2003 alone, American companies lost $700 million to piracy in Brazil according to the International Intellectual Property Alliance.


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124.9.2004 16:24

I'm really starting to be ashamed of my country. We're just force feeding our BS to every country that wants to deal with us. RIAA,MPAA, DMCA all crap.

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