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Extended Return of the King leaks to Internet early

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 06 Dec 2004 8:37 User comments (11)

Extended Return of the King leaks to Internet early After a very successful year last year, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, has even more success to look forward to with the upcoming release of the Special Extended DVD Edition. The Extended DVD Edition has 50 extra minutes of scenes that were cut from the original theatrical version, including the last confrontation between Saruman and the Fellowship, a very important part of the Lord of the Rings story. However, days ago people could download the movie for free from the Internet when a 2GB XviD copy of the movie appeared online. Today, to follow the XviD copy is a much higher quality DVD release of this movie.
It's not a big thing anymore to see major releases like this leak onto the Internet. I decided to investigate a bit and see what the general attitude is towards the early leak of this movie is. The result is quite amazing, in almost all sites where downloader’s were allowed to comment, they either said they were going to download the movie and later buy the 4Disc DVD retail version or not download it and wait for its release date. The retail set will contain 4 DVD's packed full of bonus material, whereas the copy of it floating around online is only 2 DVD-5's, where the video has been re-encoded to shrink the overall size.

Many people (including myself) are eagerly awaiting this version of the movie and its not a surprise that the numbers currently downloading and sharing it are in the thousands. It will be interesting to see any comments from the movie studios about the leak. I'm sure they should have nothing to worry about as more people would rather buy this version than download it, so I'd doubt that this early leak and download craze will damage the sales.

The copies of the movie are currently being distributed on the heaviest scales mainly through XDCC distribution on IRC, BitTorrent sites, and on P2P networks, inlcuding eD2K, which I checked earlier and found more than 5,000 sources for the XviD version. The retail is expected to hit some stores on the 10th and will be fully released around the world on the 14th.

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11 user comments

16.12.2004 11:03

I would rather purchase it, I have bought the last 2 and would like to finish the set, and a 2GB XviD copy of the movie is a bit large (I am not really that into Xvids.)

26.12.2004 11:25

It really depends on whether the downloader is serious about the file they are downloading. For instance, Half Life 2, I am DEFINITELY getting the Silver version online, but because I can't scrape up a credit card yet, I have "obtained" it. Similarily, these fans are so eager to get ROTK, obviously they would download from whereever they can, but 99% of them will buy the DVD too. I think companies should stop futilely trying to go against technology and adapt to them. They could profit from File Sharing as a whole, instead of spending thousands and thousands of green on fighting it. But then, those who adapt always win...

36.12.2004 11:44 think 2gb's is too big?? If's too SMALL for this movie! It's 3hrs 52mins long not including credits! It should have been 4 CD's to maximise the quality. lol Thanks ALLiANCE The.Lord.Of.The.Rings-Return.Of.The.King.EXTENDED.EDITION.DVDRip.XViD-ALLiANCE

46.12.2004 12:07

Sorry to double post but that dvdr was nuked because of a missing chapter on disc 1 but they released a ppf patch that is if you were refering to - The.Lord.Of.The.Rings.The.Return.Of.The.King.SEE.PAL.NORDIC.2DISC.DVDR-BIZARRE

57.12.2004 9:07

Definetly buy this one. I have got them every year for Christmas. When I get this one its going to be straight extendend marrathon for the whole day, should be less then 15hrs, thats do able.

67.12.2004 11:21

With sore eyes though. The One TV Watcher to Rule Them All, Prisoner? =D

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

77.12.2004 11:32

I am also planing on watching 30 straight hours of an anime series called Rouni Kenshin. I like watching things straight. Also I can`t wait to see what the extra 50min has. The bonus discs from the second (twin towers) I don`t think were as good as from fellowship, So I hope they are better here.

I am not a number
I am a Free Man

87.12.2004 15:02

I have to say there are lots of interesting little fillers throughout the dvd rather than massive cut sequences restored...more a case of 2 lines of dialogue here and there every 2 mins. The final scene with Saruman is a huge disappointment and over with in 70 seconds. The eagerly awaited clash between Gandalf and The Witch King Of Angmar is equally short and disappointing as is the scene with Aragorn challenging Sauron in Minas Tirith via the palantir. If you are looking for interesting extra mini-scenes you will find it but don´t expect anything major and meaty to be added because it isn´t. Still a great movie.

98.12.2004 14:54

While I believe that the companies that spend millions of dollars to make movies/records have a right to their copyrights, I also believe they are blowing the infringement of their copyrights out of proportion. I admit I download music, but not whole movies, but if I really like a band(which, if not for p2p, I may have never heard of), I will still go out and buy the CD. These companies that are on a crusade to stop copyright infringement are still making millions of dollars by spending 50 cent on the cd and MAYBE 2 dollars goes to the artist and then turning around and selling them for 20 bucks apiece. I have downloaded close to 1000 or so songs, mostly by different artist or on different albums, and if I was to go out and by an entire cd just for the few songs I like, I would have probably 400 different cds at 10 dollars apiece off amazon, which is... 4000 dollars. I'll listen to the radio before I have to pay that kind of money just to get a few songs I like. And as for movies, if someone really likes a movie, they will still go out and buy it. After all, they are supporting those who made the movie and may just want to preview the movie before they buy the 40 dollar special edition, just to make sure they like it.

1019.12.2004 3:44

I love this movie alot and i've be a Fanatic for quite sometime now.....i wanted to buy the extended version but currently it is still not available in my area.....i tried downloading using p2p softwares but the unloading users did not stay online for as long as i there a way in which i can download in a secure(stable speed) area, i don't mind not switching off my computer.....hehex can anione tell me how? :) and it is a great movie so i will surely go buy it once i have the chance.....I JUST CANNOT WAIT FOR IT!!!!!

1119.12.2004 4:44

Srry noob here.....err can anyone recommend places to download the extended edition of LOTR ROTK? please....thanx

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