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Plextor to boost Double Layer speed of the PX-716A

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 13 Jan 2005 9:35 User comments (7)

Plextor to boost Double Layer speed of the PX-716A The PX-716A will receive firmware updates in the near future, that will increase the Double Layer recording on both DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL media. However, the 6x speed raises questions, as media manufacturers seem to be jumping from 4x to 8x speed. Also the release promises improved media support, especially for 16x single layers.
From middle of January 2005, firmware 1.04 will be released to support:
  • 2x writing on DVD-R DL media
  • 6x writing on DVD+R DL media
  • 8x writing on DVD+RW media
  • Support additional 16x media
  • Beginning of March 2005, firmware 1.05 will be released to support:
  • 6x writing on DVD-R DL media
  • Source: Plextor

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    7 user comments

    113.1.2005 18:37

    Yes! This is great as I just bought one and then I heard about -R and thought "Oh no! Plextor will take 6 months to release a completely new burner just to burn this kind of media!" I am glad they pulled through on this one. Plextor forever!

    213.1.2005 23:45

    This is the first I've ever heard of DVD-R DL at all. I tried to Google it and found nothing. So, by March 2005, we'll have 6x writing to something that may not exist yet? :) And, who cares; IMO, DL won't take off until they make the RW's first so you can test with. And lower the bloody price of DVD+R DL first. ;)

    317.1.2005 23:16

    Hi all I was thinking about getting the PX-716A however having spent some time reviewing as much material as I could find (any more out there) I think I will stand back & review some more. I found this review, perhaps someone may find informative. I would be interested to hear Scuba Pete's take on this topic Many thanks to all who contribute to AD. Joeymac Best is the enemy of better

    418.1.2005 12:29

    I've got the PX-712, and it was definitely worth it. My PX-716 is on backorder, but they were supposed to have got a new shipment yesterday, so maybe soon I will have it. It comes with PlexTools Pro, which can be very useful and also interesting to have all those options. I think the slightly slower speeds is a good idea. My 712 has burned a few coasters at 48x using Nero, so slower might be a good idea. I can recommend Plextor as great company in the burner market.

    526.1.2005 16:20

    Is anybody know if any company will release double layer rewritable mediaDVD/- /+RW DL , if so when? I know that there is not yet avaible this kind of media, but consider that the double layer DVD +R DL is still very expansive , and sometimes is easy to scru up , so $10 dol. for one blank media is very expansive and can hurt the packet, therefore if there will be avaible DVD+/- RW DL it may prevent some investment on blank media , and before burning you can test on rewritable if everything is working good.

    626.1.2005 16:37

    daemonzx6, Did you order yours through Plextor? I did the first time and after 2 months of being on back order I went through when they had a special. Got mine for $99.99.

    727.1.2005 20:00

    I ordered mine through some place called techonweb. I don't think I will ever order anything from them again. It is now the 28th. 11 days after their supposed new shipment came in. I stil haven't recieved my burner. I would have bought it through NewEgg, but when I looked they didn't have any, and I needed it quick. Now, I guess it would have been quicker to just wait until they had some.

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