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Maxell's new Scratch, Smudge and Dust resistant DVD media

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 17 Jan 2005 15:13 User comments (12)

Maxell's new Scratch, Smudge and Dust resistant DVD media Maxell has unveiled its new premium line of DVD-RPRO media, designed to withstand both abuse and contaminants. Maxell's new 4.7 GB DVD-RPRO media features the company's innovative MAXPRO Hardcoat technology(TM), producing a media surface that is 40 times more scratch resistant and 20 times more dust resistant than standard DVD media. The MAXPRO hard-coat surface makes the DVD-RPRO media virtually impervious to scratches that can render data unreadable. DVD-RPRO's anti-static quality is ideal for harsh or dusty environments, and for applications that require frequent media handling and interchange such as jukeboxes.
"Recordable DVD technology is a key data storage platform for a broad spectrum of business customers and applications including imaging, backup, archiving, data transfer and content distribution. DVD technology also provides an affordable, high-capacity storage medium for consumers looking to save priceless digital photographs and digital video footage," said Steven Pofcher, Senior Marketing Manager at Maxell. "DVD-RPRO meets the most stringent government data retention requirements. It satisfies the media reliability and data protection needs of business users as well as consumers who demand long archival life and extra protection for their irreplaceable data. This is media that may outlive us, but not outlive our data."

Maxell is one of the world's largest suppliers of recordable DVD media, with product offerings that include DVD-R general and authoring media, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM and DVD-RAM Camcorder and DVD-R Camcorder formats. The company also offers ultra-reliable and scratch resistant CD-RPRO media. Currently 8x DVD-RPRO media is available but the company expects to release 16x DVD-RPRO media by March 2005.


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12 user comments

117.1.2005 16:11

i did a search on these but so far can't find them for sale even though the article said they are available. if anyone finds where and the price, please post it. i'm a fan of maxell. had good success with them and they are good quality, imo.

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217.1.2005 17:23

Its really a shame that they are just now realizing the need for this. I really hope they are faster with this technology for Blu-Ray. Maybe when the prices go way way down, they will make some DL ones.

317.1.2005 20:26

This technology should've been developed before CDs/DVDs ever came to market!

417.1.2005 23:11

There is no money to be made from a car that doesn't need servicing. (If you get my drift)

518.1.2005 4:12

Any one find out where to buy these dvds, yet?

718.1.2005 12:33

damn, it looks like they aren't fully public yet, but as soon as they are released, that place should have them.

818.1.2005 23:31

screw that 1.45 a piece .i will just be very carefull with the fujifilm blanks i buy at about 40 cents each.

919.1.2005 7:10

At $1.45 each, I will definitely buy one to keep pictures of the grandkids! (g)

1019.1.2005 7:42

If you're car's going out, best to give it a nice coat of wax... Anyone ever heard of d-skins? If I was archiving something, I'd definitely spend the extra dollar for a good dvd backup. I believe Blu-Ray and HD-DVD'd definitely need such a technology. With one scratch, you'll lose a lot more data. "Brand new! Dvds with new, seemless cartridge design. It'll even work in that old dvd player!"

1117.2.2005 19:04

If anybody hasn't noticed, these things are available now at the above link, don't know for how long though.

126.12.2005 15:05

Is there something close to this but alot cheaper, dont mind paying $.80 per dvd.

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