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Will Xbox 2 drop blue laser formats for the regular DVD format?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 07 Feb 2005 22:15 User comments (9)

Will Xbox 2 drop blue laser formats for the regular DVD format? The Inquirer is reporting a rumour that Microsoft may pick the old fashioned DVD format for their new Xbox 2 (Xenon, Xbox 360, whatever...). In a very humorous new article, The Inquirer speaks of how their "spy" dropped a "brown envelope" through their letterbox claiming that Microsoft may choose the traditional DVD format to keep the cost of their consoles and their games down. Well, if it's true, isn't it very considerate of Microsoft to think of the potential price an Xbox 2 game will cost us.
Seriously though if it is true then it's very strange as Microsoft's new console is expected to feature the HD-DVD format. Lets not forget also that if the new Xbox 2 uses the traditional DVD format, that it leaves the console even more vulnerable to mass piracy. Almost every new pre-built PC sold today has a DVD burner as a CD burner is kind of now thought of as the stone age of digital media amongst us geeks.

Of course, Microsoft's new Xbox 2 console will probably have some hardware protections against copied games but just think of all those modchip companies, they are going to destroy hundreds of next generation consoles putting all sorts of chips and boot discs to the test, how long will it take to compromise it? This is all just a rumour still however, so once again, I say, lets just sit back, wait and see.

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9 user comments

17.2.2005 22:22

haha, that would be funny if they did that. and yes, how considerate of them to think of the price of new games! I can't believe we still pay $40-$50 dollars for a DVD game, when blank DVDs come 50 for about $20.

28.2.2005 1:59

well, its actually much much cheaper for them because they buy their materials in extremly large quanitys, they probably spend 5-10 cents a piece on a game, and they sell it to target for 5-10 dollars, target then sells it to us for 50 dollars. i really doubt this is true, just another fake rumor, this happened last year, when they said xbox2 wont play xbox1 games, no hdd, ect.

38.2.2005 5:53

PS3 will be an all around better system no matter what Microsoft can muster up.

48.2.2005 7:54

I just hope the hacker community is ready for the new wave.

58.2.2005 17:44

Meh! im a ps2 gamer

69.2.2005 0:10

Don't treat anyone that wants to make money as if they were doing you some inconvenience. Think about this.... when I was ten a great game came out called "Battletoads." I was jacked to go to the store and buy it ready to whip some pig butt. I didn't hesitate to spend my well saved $50 on the counted for the NES classic. Last I checked the average price was $50 for a game today. Ever heard of inflation? lets just say inflation was 2% on average and that was about 14 years ago... That converts to about $66. Now with the exception of original MSRP N64 games which were about 70+ the prices have actually gone down. Our money today $50 is about $38 from 1990. So actually they have gone down about $12, not taking into consideration that vast amount more that must be done to make a video game these days. Not just anyone can make a video game today either, its getting more and more cut throat. Remember great games on the NES like "Jesus and the Super Bible Friends." Thats a fake one but games such as this existed. Nowadays we are seeing a higher and higher standard in gaming because production costs are rising due to added intelligence needed to produce a single product. Apparently nobody has figured this all out because we are still paying the same price 14 years later. Once they realize they can raise prices, they will. And no, they dont sell games to Target for 5-10. Most retail markup is not higher than 50% at best. So most likely its atleast $25. All just food for thought. Ludikhris

79.2.2005 9:20

I thought it was already expected that the prices for the new systems' games are going to go up, especially since psp games are supposed to be priced around "regular" console game prices ($50)? I could be wrong, but if I'm not, this is/was your warning. ;)

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89.2.2005 22:46

It would make sense for them to go up. Especially at first before the piracy can set in. It is more likely that they will get what they can out of the frist few waves of games. I am starting to see a lot of PS2 / XBOX games now around 40 instead of 50, this is probably just due to supply / demand issues. People are starting to wait for the next gen consoles and keeping their money now. I was wrong about the inflation, it has been around 1% over the last few years but the realy average is more like 3-4% meaning games have actually went down WAY more than I initially thought. I dont have my TI-84 handy or I would post it all, but I bet is like a 50$ game today is like paying 30$ for a new game in 1990 if you average all the inflation rates. So just assume you are actually paying 20$ less today. I think the market will welcome a 10$ increase but anymore than that and I think sales will sag. Well have to see when they get released. It's not about getting rich int he video game business, its about getting paid a decent wage for the professional skills that one must attain to create a quality product and market it correctly to the public. Not sure if you realize it takes a lot of college degrees to get from conception till you put it in your console, lots of money changes hands. I heard that games are starting to raise in cost so much that they are now pushing the overhead of a major motion picture. Thats a big increase from $200, a bag of frozen burritos, and a spare weekend in the garage for the nerd that developed "Asteroids." Its a different world now with a different process. Ludikhris

926.2.2005 4:53

It doesnt matter really except for what mod chip can go in there. I think thats what there after..i could be wrong but, thats what im thinking. so many games for under 2.00 dollars............... now thats what I call deflation!

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