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Sony to announce PS3 before E3 & Amazon puts back PSP release date

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 09 Feb 2005 8:59 User comments (17)

Sony to announce PS3 before E3 & Amazon puts back PSP release date Sony is set to unveil its PlayStation 3 (PS3) console ahead of the E3 games show in Las Angeles on 17th May. The implication of the Sony staffers' comments, made to US news site GameSpot, is that PS3's outing will come much sooner. Sony often holds launch events just a few days ahead of E3. Just yesterday the Cell processor which will power the PS3 was unveiled by Sony, IBM and Toshiba. The Cell chip is not just going to be used in the PS3, but is planned to be used in everything from mobile phones to PCs.
The possibility that the event might come much sooner than just ahead of E3 was signalled by Sony itself at its annual analysts' day. However, the console is more than likely over a year away from shipping, so nothing much to be overly-excited about just yet. Also Amazon has put back the release date of the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) console to April 29th, which adds fuel to speculation that the products European Launch will be delayed by a month.

The US launch of the Sony PSP has been set for March 24th. It will be up against the Nintendo DS handheld consoles. Sony also released a list of games that will be launched in the same week as the Sony U.S. PSP launch.

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17 user comments

19.2.2005 10:34

kudos to Sony. time to crush the xbox

29.2.2005 10:58

The new cell chips have my digital mouth watering. Can't wait 'til desktop computers are using them, or something technologically equivalent or superior.

39.2.2005 16:21

I can't wait for this thing to come out. I wonder what it will look like or what the specs will be. I feel like I'm talking about a car!

49.2.2005 18:37

i dont understand the cell chips, someone should explain em to me, i dont think psp is going to work. i like the idea, but its wayyyyy to expensive for average people to buy it, i dont think many people will want it.

59.2.2005 18:40

Toiletman posted this link to the cell chip in another news article. It is damn impressive what it can do It is small enough to fit in cell phones, yet powerful enough to run home computers. Speeds up to 4 Ghz, 8 seperate processing cores, multi-operating system capable.

69.2.2005 20:47

actually, speeds even faster than 4Ghz! this thing sounds awesome and the technology is simply stunning.

79.2.2005 21:00

its kinda eery. its reminds me of the processor chip from Terminator seems like such a leap in technology that its from the future or something

89.2.2005 21:06

i hope this will be the future of PCs. as long as they make them affordable in time.

910.2.2005 6:40

yeah, i agree with you punx777. THe psp is too expensive. I read somewhere the reason it's so expensive is because they saw how many people got those mini Ipods for $249, and, if you think about it, it's just a mp3 player with 4 gigs. So they thought, if apple can sell a 4 gig mp3 player for that price, we should sell the psp that can play games, and movies, and music, for that price. Otherwise they would have sold it for $199, as the rumors said initially.

1010.2.2005 13:33

yet another reason to never buy an iPod...

1110.2.2005 13:56

my thoughts exactly...

1214.2.2005 15:07

The big problem with the chip is that it costed twice as much to manufacture as the AMD 64 and P4EE, yet will only reach speeds of less than 5 gig. It does possess great power however once those mechanisms are in reach it is questioned how the cell will be cooled because it is rumored to run twice as hot as any Intel chip. In 2 years Sony will need to be reconstructing the chip just like Intel and AMD do with theres. Weather that is good or bad is yet to be seen.

1314.2.2005 19:20

nah, they will probably develop some new form of cooling that will be subject to skepticism at first, but then prove to be highly efficient.

1414.2.2005 19:23

in another article I read Sony did claim that their processor will be entirely air-cooled, for the PS3 anyways.

1514.2.2005 19:30

yeah, I saw that too. I was thinking of future PC implementation.

1614.2.2005 19:37

very true. I'm sure when its used in PCs it will be more heavily utilized, and therefore need some other cooling system. I would like to see Sony create a nice freon system or something. Like a computer inside a refridgerator type thing.

1714.2.2005 19:53

that would be cool. or something where it is suspended in fluid...

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