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DVD-R market plagued by fake media and inconsistent quality

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 11 Feb 2005 23:44 User comments (46)

DVD-R market plagued by fake media and inconsistent quality The new CD-RW.ORG editorial discusses the current DVD recordable media market situation. Competitive market has benefited the customer by reduced prices, but some companies are using questionable methods in order to survive the competition.
In the article we have a look at some fake Taiyo Yuden media, and discuss the current quality of RITEK products. Is the quality of Verbatim affected by the fact that they are now outsourcing production to CMC, and Moser Bayer?
It is all too common that the customer is not aware what DVD recordable media he is actually buying. The brand printed on the disc or the packaging may tell nothing about the manufacturer. Every recordable DVD has a media identifier code, but even that doesn't give you certainty of the product you have purchased. Too often trial and error is needed in order to find good and compatible media.

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46 user comments

111.2.2005 23:52

Yeah thats true. I heard the princos are actually cheap LASER discs.

212.2.2005 2:38

I've been using Sony DVD-R 8x which are made by Sony and have a media code of SONY08D1. They have a burn rate of 16x on my Asus DRW-1604-P and are recommended media by Asus. When on sale they run $39.99 for a 100 cake package. Double that normally. Never had a problem and I get flawless burns even at 16x even though I burn at 8x for the most part.

312.2.2005 8:15

hi about time this came to light! and sort out a way of us knowing the the discs we buy are the REAL deal... its like chucking your money in a lucky dip barrel and you cant see what you will pull out! disgusting...

412.2.2005 8:20

ive used various types of hps, verbitims, and sonys and all work great..... never buy Khypermedia, very cheap

512.2.2005 8:22

i think we should create a sticky list of good and bad media

612.2.2005 8:31

I too have a problem with princo bought a 50 pack 3 weeks ago and at least 30 were bad ,burn from 11-17% then stopped the distributor has a no return policy on all blank media.

712.2.2005 9:47

I have used the same disks as ScubaBub. I am almost through 40% of a 100 pack. I also burned initially with fujifilm03 even though they were labeled as memorex dvd-r 8x. They also burned quite well.

812.2.2005 11:42

I have been using fugifilm upto 8x DVD+R Discs from day 1, and have 103 backedup DVDs!!! Never once had problem!! Thay've been on sale 25 for 10.00$ at a local computer supplier!! Normally 25 for $25.00 Never once have had a problem!!

912.2.2005 12:32

This has never been too much of a problem for me, personally. If something is unreasonably cheap, I just don't buy it. Heh, reminds me of the illegal drug market. Not that I'm involved in illegal drugs. ;) There is some nice technical data here:

1012.2.2005 12:35

Sorry, this is the right link: How do you edit posts on this forum? Or, is it even possible?

1112.2.2005 14:19

where everyones post has a "report offensive post" button that is a face with an arrow, you own post has a pen and parer, thats the edit button theres no point having a register of crap discs because what doesnt work for some works very well for others. Also ppl would need to post the disc code, where it was bought and when to form anything resembling a quality control. Simply posting "Laser dont work for me" or "Such and such is crap dont use it" doesnt tell people whats wrong with them, whether its manuufacturing at fault (CMC being a case of this), or drives firmware (like i said some discs work fine some dont), or human stuffup.

1212.2.2005 14:23

evidently you cant change news article posts, but you can in normal forums

1312.2.2005 14:24

Actually newbies and junior members do not have a "report offensive post button." Only members and above have that feature. On this thread there is no way for us to edit. At least for newbies since we don't have the edit post feature here. We do of course have it in other threads.

1412.2.2005 14:39

Thanks for the info. I hate to digress from the topic, but I have seen a few of statements which claim to have been edited (even by newbies). So I assume that in this 'lite' forum interface (which deals with news articles) we can't edit posts, but when we are in the standard forum interface we can? Again, sorry for getting off topic.

1512.2.2005 14:45


1612.2.2005 15:12

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1712.2.2005 15:20

hursty That list is FANTASTIC! I just copied it to a text file. Thank you so much.

1812.2.2005 15:57

after a while, the article comments get transferred to a forum thread, and then you can edit. I do sometimes see people having edited their posts before that happens, so I really am not sure on that part. I have used 12x Verbatim DVD+R for months and have never once had a bad burn. The only number I can see is a Reorder #94930.

1912.2.2005 16:30

TDK DVD-R 2x (TDKG02000000) This has been my choice.

2012.2.2005 18:55

I been using Ridata Ritek GO4 DVD dash R X 4...with pretty good luck from dye on them look much better than the fujifilm i WAS using.

2112.2.2005 22:35

d'oh! my Verbatim DVDs' media code is MCC.....003.

2213.2.2005 0:51

hi to edit go to this thread VIA GENERAL / NEWS COMMENTS its there with all other threads! thx...

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Nothing here to see, move along folks.

2313.2.2005 9:40

Hello all... So far, i use CompUSA DVD+R 2.4x and had only a few bad burns, but they were due to me not paying attention and burning at 16x when they are rated for ony 4x. i found my experience in cd burning pulls over into dvd burning where i burn at a slower speed than the media is rated for. most likely a holdover from the beginnings of the cd burners, but hard to break a habbit. this is my first pose, and i hope it isnt my last:)

2413.2.2005 9:53

I've been having good luck with Memorex DVD-R 8X 4.7GB I end up with a frisbee occasionally, but I guess that happens with the best, I'm using Clone DVD. I've been having hell trying to copy The Forgotten, ended up with 3 frisbee's, Is it because it comes in 2 different movie versions on the same disc or whats up with it.........

2513.2.2005 9:54

hi @ vanklagg WELCOME to the party!

2613.2.2005 12:34

Snake THE FORGOTTEN has the new encryption.what programs are you using ? you will need DVD Decrypter DVD Shrink and AnyDVD running in the background to do the movie .and i hate to burst your bubble but the memorex blank media isnt good media to use they may work for awhile but in a year or less the movies you have recorded on them probably wont play try TY ,Ritek,TDK,Verbatim,Sony to name a few.

2713.2.2005 14:34

Excellent article! I haven't bought any blank DVDs in quite a while because I've been too busy to keep up on my DVD backups but the spindle I'm working on now (RiData G04) has given me a few bad burns and I intend to switch to Taiyo Yuden for future purchases.

theres no point having a register of crap discs because what doesnt work for some works very well for others. Also ppl would need to post the disc code, where it was bought and when to form anything resembling a quality control. Simply posting "Laser dont work for me" or "Such and such is crap dont use it" doesnt tell people whats wrong with them, whether its manuufacturing at fault (CMC being a case of this), or drives firmware (like i said some discs work fine some dont), or human stuffup.
I agree with this to a point. I don't think it could be reduced to a simple table of 'Blanks To Avoid' but I think anecdotal evidence can be useful as long as enough information is given. Specifically I'd want to know as much as possible about the media code, the brand of disc, where it was purchased from, what country it was manufactured in (what manufacturer if possible), what distributor the retailer bought it from, the model of burner, the burning software, the computer's OS, and the source of the content. Obviously that's more than you'd get from most people about their experiences but given a number of similar posts it's often possible to draw some pretty accurate conclusions. That's why I started this thread:

2813.2.2005 22:50

you could always buy on of these hehe on a more serious note,my experience has found that the first instinct when buying media,especially if there is a lack of experience,is to look at the price,not the quality....... until everyone goes throught he stages of "bad burns","my dvd's are skipping" etc etc. blah blah you are always going to get people experiencing such problems.certain peolple will just not be told. what is ones mans rubbish,will always be another mans beer....hehe my advice to anyone who has doubts about the media they are buying,or are intending to buy,dont buy it.... if you have doubts...its most probably poor quality if you have got the ability to set up your pc to copy dvd,whether it be movies/ps2 games,surely you have the ability to do a little research on the media side of things instead of going out,buying the cheapest media you can find,only to find out it is utterly useless...then logging onto this site to try and find the answer,"why cant i copy my dvd"!!!!! if you have a friendly shop keeper who is logged onto the internet,tell him to download... then look at it here i did,he was very helpful,and i got what i wanted he also learned something in the process he didnt realise dvd blanks where made by any old tom,dick and harry you CAN get quality media at affordable prices with kind regards hursty

3013.2.2005 23:14

Vurbal that thread is exactly what we need to keep track of dodgy discs. Threads that say FUJI SUXS FUJI SUXS FUJI SUXS FUJI SUXS FUJI SUXS dont help anyone. Personally i think the majority of bad burns are due to user error, and i know ppl are going to disagree, but if a disc works fine on mine but not on yours that doesnt make it crappy media. Have a look on the burner websites, they usually have a list of recommended media for each burner, and generally no 2 lists are the same

3114.2.2005 0:56

The DVD-R market is now trying to force the masses to but the premium branded discs buy flooding the market with poor quality discs. Ritek's G04 were once the standard but the company now realise that we are not going for the G05's and as a result profits are being affected. We need more competition though, as prices are still too high and quality is still too shaky

3214.2.2005 13:42

I saw someone else's post about good luck with Memorex 8x -R and I'd also like to boldly add that I've had good luck also, had one subpar experience, don't know if it was media's fault or too high compression. I know everyone says memorex is crap. Maybe I have a good burner or something? I don't know.

3314.2.2005 15:54

Hey aabbccdd, Thanks alot for the info, i'll take note of that and do it the way you say, where's the best place to get this media. I had the idea after paying a hundred bucks for clone dvd it would run everything that needed to run, oh well appreciate ya man..

3414.2.2005 22:38

Snake you can download AnyDVD by clicking the link remember it runs in the background.and DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink are far as the blank media i get mine at also you can check prices at elsewhere , but iam pretty sure meritline have the cheapest prices i use Ritek GO4 DVD-R and have pretty good luck with them there like 38 bucks for 100 of them no tax and free shipping also. but the best are def. TY

3515.2.2005 7:21

talk about fake media!!!!! just recieved dvd through post from blockbuster. things a fake!!!!

3616.2.2005 13:19

Even dating back to the 5.25 inch disks, Verbatum had some questionable quality control problems and produced disks of questionable quality. I remember in the early 80's people people warning me about their disk products and I even bought a couple of packs of bad disks seems no surprise to me that they would still be cutting corners and producing questionable quality disks

3716.2.2005 13:25

Opus54 I still have several of those 5 1/4 disks and they still work in my Packard Bell, dual floppy with all the bells and whistles, no mouse needed! <G> I can't wait to get the newest one that has a HD in it!

3816.2.2005 13:29

I still have my Commodore 128D and over 1000 disks for the computer from those days also

3917.2.2005 13:29

Hey abcd Memorex is made by ritek.Dvd decryptor will list the company that really makes the disc.

4017.2.2005 21:49

hey hijacker try this much be

4117.2.2005 22:01

hi yup DVD Decrypter will tell you the ID code off a disc! but this is the piont! alot are false...

429.3.2005 6:26

Ritek burns fine in my Plextor 708. Problem is more with compatablity with DVD players. Some it works, some it doesn't.

439.3.2005 17:21

Omegand, I've had the same experience. Some players, it works fine. Other players wont even play it.

449.3.2005 20:07

I had been thinking about defending the other Memorex users here, but then found out that about 12 of the 25 DVDs I burned of the whole pack had been burned improperly, with a noticeable wide dark ring in the middle, causing skipping and making it virtually unplayable. Do not buy the Memorex if you have a PX-712 (thats what I have, I cannot speak for other burners)

4510.3.2005 3:46

A buddy of mine uses Memorex. They actually play in his 4 year old DVD player where my Ritek do not. I haven't tried my Prodisc or Verbatim yet, but I will. Since my buddy was having luck with his Memorex I ran an ID to label the MFR. The MFR came up, if my memory severs me correctly, as CMC Corp, where as the Ritek and the Prodisc come up with the same names as MFR. I have multiple DVD MFR because I dont think anyone can tell me which is better at any given time. Ok, Taiyo Yuden come up in all the reviews as good., but do we need to pay the price to get consistency? Anyone? Hey "nrk4594", how do you get the graphic to show as the signature? I added the URL for my sig line but nothing shows. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks All!

4610.3.2005 7:08

Click on My Account. Go to Edit personal information. Then, under signature, type in the url of the image. Use the supported UBB Code (Remove the spaces): [ i m g ] http://picurl.jpg [ / i m g ] If you want your signature to appear when posting in the news forum, you have to post by going to this forum:

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