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Album with no record store -presence wins a Grammy

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 14 Feb 2005 11:31 User comments (16)

Jazz composer Maria Schneider probably sent some shockwaves through the recording industry last weekend when she won a Grammy for her album "Concert in the Garden" without having a deal with a record label or distributor and without selling a single copy of her album in traditional record stores.
Her album was financed through a service called ArtistShare that allows fans to help finance the whole production. The album cost $87,000 to make and by selling 9,000 copies to people who pre-ordered it via the website and an additional 1,000 via a Net auction. She says that several other artists have contacted her to know more about her approach to the record financing and Net distribution.

Now, we're just waiting for the first-ever album to win a Grammy that will only get released in digital format (and without a DRM, that would be something..)..

Source: Reuters

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16 user comments

114.2.2005 11:45

this is a HUGE jump that will greatly affect what happens concerning the RIAA. they won't be able to sue anybody if more artists follow her. that'll show those recording industry bastards...

214.2.2005 11:52

I say great for Maria Schneider that she got this done. Now lets wait for the record industry try to Poo-Poo this one. Here is an artist that has avoided the RIAA members (money grubbers) and got her work published and sold anyway, without them! I am sure she has a better deal than the typical contract/deal the RIAA members give. IMO, this is the one thing the RIAA members wanted to avoid, Artists doing it without them. P2P allows this model to work and the RIAA members do not want this to happen, hence the P2P witch hunt to close them down. The beginning of the end for the recording industry idiots is at hand! Now we need more artists using this business model to get them a better deal and take control of their destiny.

314.2.2005 17:35

Thats pretty amazing. RIAA cough it up!

414.2.2005 23:12

That is amazing. that totally negates the music companies and record stores. It staggering. i only fear that she will be signed up to a major to stop this from continuing / giving this method publicity. We can only hope that the bigger recording artist decide to go this way. You would be stupid not to! this method is more suited to the big artist that have already made it - with hugh fan base! but even a few thousand loyal fans it seem you can crack the nut. this is so cool!

515.2.2005 7:31

Simply awsome! She is cracking open a door that may never close.

615.2.2005 8:13

I find it very interesting that the Grammy Recording Academy even acknowledged this album's existence and even more interesting that it won. The RIAA must be pissing off more than just it's customers...

715.2.2005 11:28

Well done, Mrs. Schneider!

815.2.2005 12:42

this is definitely good news for everyone. well except for the RIAA but who cares about them anyway greedy f***s

916.2.2005 5:24

OK, apparantly unlike most of the post-ers here, I do NOT have it in for the RIAA. They're just businessmen looking after their own legitimate self interests. However, I am still GREATLY pleased by this development. If an artist can reach these heights without the assistance of the traditional music industry, this bodes well for us, the end consumer. It demonstrates a successful new business model that the RIAA will have to adapt to compete with, or ultimately perish. I can't help but wonder though, how did she amass so many fans without going through the traditional process? There must be more to this story. Like Kepners remarked, this method would work much easier for someone who has already "made it" and has an existing customer base. But how does an unknown artist get started along this road without a capital investment from the traditional music industry. Not every musician has 9,000 fans willing to pre-order their next album after all.

1016.2.2005 7:04

steve7059> Can you honestly say that you believe the actions of the RIAA have been responsible sound business practices? Their "self intersts" (good choice of words) may be legitimate, but do you feel their methods have been?

1117.2.2005 10:37

i see it as great in two fold ways, first the obvious fact that someone proved that maybe music isnt always about the money, as the RIAA believes. it also, in my opinion, might start helping artists start taking back control of what was once theres. maybe, if other musicians start to follow in the path of the noble Maria Schneider, they will be able to create/release the music they want to and not have to worry about apeasing record labels and/or large media outlets. maybe the music will stop suffering because of greedy people. and well have ms. schneider to thank.

1217.2.2005 10:39

i see it as great in two fold ways, first the obvious fact that someone proved that maybe music isnt always about the money, as the RIAA believes. it also, in my opinion, might start helping artists start taking back control of what was once theres. maybe, if other musicians start to follow in the path of the noble Maria Schneider, they will be able to create/release the music they want to and not have to worry about apeasing record labels and/or large media outlets. maybe the music will stop suffering because of greedy people. and well have ms. schneider to thank.

1317.2.2005 10:43

sorry about the double post, i was having issues with my browser and couldnt delete the repeasted post.

1418.2.2005 13:41

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