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New 50 Cent album to be released early because of Internet leak

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 22 Feb 2005 17:21 User comments (3)

New 50 Cent album to be released early because of Internet leak We reported yesterday that the new 50 Cent album, The Massacre had shown up online, about two weeks before its retail release date. If you recall the case of the Eminem - Encore album, Interscope held some urgent meetings to discuss the release date following an early Internet leak and ended up releasing it a matter of weeks before intended. Well as we predicted yesterday, Interscope decided again this time around to bring forward the release date of the 50 Cent album to avoid more lost sales.
The album will now be released on March 3rd, which is only 5 days before its intended release. With all the fuss around lately about BitTorrent sites and the "super fast" speeds that users can download and share files with it, labels are starting to monitor Internet leaks more closely. Most new albums now appear on the Internet available for free downloading before you can legally purchase them.


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3 user comments

122.2.2005 17:39

You know what this really is....The RIAA leaks the album, so that it can justify to legisltures and a mindless public that P2P is the greatest evil since Satan or Pandora's box. When members of the RIAA stop providing the world with everything necessary to copy music then it would not be as rampant. Oh and lets not forget those evil people who have aided the diabolic enterprise. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs for mass producing PCs and all things related thereto. Guesse we should go back to using the abbacus(sp)...btw if you want Massacre, tune your abbacus to: 3 balls left 5 balls right 2 balls far left

222.2.2005 19:03

Nanu-Nanu, Hey, you know something....I really never thought about that. How the RIAA would deliberately leak music out just to stop people from getting their hands on it before corporations can make money off it. You know what, funny how all this goes...but like I told a rep from my internet company when I got busted cause someone uploaded a movie from me...."Why in the hell am I going to buy a cd where only 1 song is good!" Same goes for movies. Going to just download what I want because it is out there...just got to know where to look for it. RIAA and them MPAA suck! Everyone who d/l's knows this and just them trying to come up with ways to stop people from getting their hands on music and movies is a waste of advice....better get with the times, or get left behind.

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"From now on we are poison to you Spider-man...Thats why we call ourselves...VENOM"

326.2.2005 4:58

Yea, I always wondered who actually "Leaked" the tunes out there...always thought some producer who took the money from the band to produce the alblum made some extra copies but, selling them i dont know about...u know that really makes sense that the RIAA does do that it wouldnt suprise me none. I dont know if I buy that the RIAA does it..somebody convince me some more on maybe having proof. good topic!

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