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Conrexx: RITEK G05 media quality issues solved by firmware updates

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 24 Mar 2005 9:42 User comments (11)

Conrexx: RITEK G05 media quality issues solved by firmware updates Our buddies at MPEGit.NET have briefly interviewed Floris Evers of Conrexx Technology, which is the European subsidiary of the RITEK Corporation. They discuss about Traxdata which is the premium quality brand of RITEK. According to Floris, they will be providing media for both future formats, the Blu-ray and HD-DVD, and aim to be at the bleeding edge of optical recording technology. Also, the quality issues of the RITEK G05 discs were discussed.
Is it true that there has been some problems with the G05 dye? If so, is there still problems or are those solved?
We have heard there where some compatibility problems with the G05 dye, but due to strong partnerships with drive manufactures which resulted in new firmware releases, these problems have been solved. We haven't heard of any quality issues regarding our genuine G05 dye.Source:

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11 user comments

124.3.2005 11:18

If they help someone release a firmware update for my drive, i'll swear by ritek for life.

225.3.2005 7:24

This will probably only be for 'current' drives. If you bought yours a year ago (i.e. no longer supported), you'll probably be S.O.L.

325.3.2005 10:23

Just upgraded to latest firmware of Sony DRU510A. Burning video with Nero recode. Got 5 good burns out of 50 with RIDATA GO5 dye DVD-R. All the rest gave "power calibration errors". Those that burned had excelent video quality. Not a single problem with Verbatim media. I guess Sony is not one of the "partners" Conrexx mentions in the article.

425.3.2005 11:10

Nero Kept Givein Me Weird And Wonderfull Reports With These Ritek dvd-r's i Upgraded Firmware So Far All Now Is Well Again, I Thought It Was A Bad Batch At First As My Mate Had No Problem With The Same Dvd's On His Sony Writer My Writer Is The LG 4120B Firmare Now A115

525.3.2005 11:48

So many different issues when burning DVD-R media. Dirty Lens, poor power, funky software, poor media, just to name a few. But all things being equal the main culprit is media compatibility. That's why most manufacturers list compatible media. Maybe they will get it together with new technology like Blue-Ray. Yeah, that's likely, hey mate!

625.3.2005 17:52

I got my drive less then a year ago with this Viao but it's crap. It's an HL-DT-ST DVD RW GWA 4040B with A112 drivers. I've found firmware updates for everything BUT the damn GWA version of this drive. In a way it sucks because almost every brand of DVDs burn at 2x max. But i guess on the brighter side i've never burnt a bad DVD.

725.3.2005 18:30

well to be honest i have allways burned my dvd's and cd's at 2X where possible guess its force of habit going back to the days when i was on a scsi drive with a intel p75 and 32meg old habits die hard

825.3.2005 22:21

ive burned hundreds of these with not a coaster yet. i got an old plex 712a

929.3.2005 0:44

Is it just the firmware update for your writer that is required or do you need to update all the readers that couldn't read them (all my DVD players, Xbox, PC's DVDROM, infact everything I tried them on!) My whole pack went in the bin so I'll need some pursuading that by just upgrading my writers firmware they will be fine on everything. Strange thing is I didn't get a single write error when burning any of them, it was only once I tried to use them after burning that I found nothing could read them.

1025.3.2007 23:58

I have been using Ritek G05's for over a year now with no burning problems whatsoever. Every disc I checked with DVD Info Pro after writing showed no errors. However, I now find on checking them again, that the discs I burned last year are all showing errors and some of them no longer play.
Has anyone else noticed this decay, or did I just get a bad batch of discs? I have just ordered another 50 discs from eBuyer and am thinking of returning them.

1119.7.2007 14:32

I am dying for someone to help me with this issue. I have a Toshiba M50 Satellite and have a built in CD Burner. Because these new DVD-R's have started using this new dye, my computer wont even recognize the DVD anymore. Maxell told me to talk to Toshiba and ask for them to send a firmware update. Damn toshiba wont answer any questions and want to charge me $50 JUST for the call...who knows how much they charge for the firmware. Does anybody know where I can get the firmware for my computer and happily burn DVDs again??? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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