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Viralg claims it can stop 99% of illegal file sharing

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 16 Apr 2005 21:19 User comments (41)

Viralg claims it can stop 99% of illegal file sharing A Finland-based company called Viralg claims that its technology could stomp out 99% of illegal file sharing on P2P networks. They are not one bit hesitant to say they are the best and the only real solution to the problem faced by the entertainment industry. Their "overwrite" technology apparently can mix-up and corrupt files on P2P networks. Similar services make the same claims but all they really do is spread corrupt files around the network, a practice that can be beaten with verification sites.
However Viralg claims that their technology can beat the verification sites problem. Viralg explained to how this is possible. "We make viable non-working file with a working file hash, so when someone tries to download a working file he/she will receive a random mix of working and non working file. The final content depends on many things (bandwidth, sources etc.)" they said. "Simply, we can deliver corrupted content with the same hashcode".

They claim they can corrupt files on many P2P networks including some newer networks like Ares Galaxy. Also they have already got some strong support behind them. BMG Finland is already praising the company having already worked with them and seen positive results. BMG Finland became the market leader in domestic music in the past 12 months. Their market position increased from 15% to 25% and they believe its because of Viralg. Now Viralg is looking for more customers. Seems like a pretty powerful weapon for the entertainment industry. The coming months will be interesting.



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41 user comments

116.4.2005 21:25

This totally blows! I can't believe it went to this now. Honestly, I am not surprised at this. And even though, it might be interesting in the next coming months, I feel that private P2P's and hidden d/l sites, are going to be moving forward VERY quickly.

216.4.2005 21:36

There are just to many smart people that enjoy downloading via P2P to let anybody stop them. The RIAA started going after IP addresses. P2P networks programmers got smart and started using encreption and transfering data using Virtual adresses instead of IPs. Viralg wants to go after the hash verification system then fine "we" will get rid of that too! Forcing "someone" to think out of a situation isn't checkmate, its simply check. Its all about time. Ced

316.4.2005 21:44

I have to agree diabolos!!! See the thing is, P2P is still in its very early stages. I think the current big networks will fall or completely change one way or another. Sooner or later, a network will come along that Viralg just cant touch and that's what the entertainment industry need to realise before they go throwing millions at this company, it might bring back some lost sales for a while, but then the next gen of P2P networks will stamp them out and it will all happen all over again. Venom also makes a good point! Networks like eD2K and FastTrack are not the only P2P in use. Think of DCirect Connect hubs, or grouper groups - I don't see how their software could possibily make a big difference to either. As far as I know multi-source downloading is impossible on Direct Connect (or has DC# actually fixed that problem?)- so how are Biralg planning to push bad files to users? Oh i see, doing the same thing as your competitors and just spreading bad files to begin with - then getting kicked off the hub and banned! Their 99% claim is flawed.

416.4.2005 21:45

@diabolos, you hit the nail RIGHT on the head. There is no way to stop P2P. As some people do it just because they feel its cool to do as its "illegal".

516.4.2005 22:12

Two words FU*k you guys!

616.4.2005 22:19

You mean 'F' Viralg?

716.4.2005 22:28

yes, my bad. I suck at spell. you guys are cool

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816.4.2005 22:44

Hmm, i'm eager to see what comes of this. Not too worried, like venom said, worse comes to worse then private P2P's and hidden d/l sites will will just advance more. Anyway people still USE Ares Galaxy? Crazy..

916.4.2005 23:47

Haha. Why am I not worried in the least? Viralg, bring it, baby. I'm sure before their technology was even complete, there were already hackers defeating it. When will these people learn??? You can't stop the internet. Let's just indulge them and make them think they're onto something "wonderful" and "revolutionary".

1017.4.2005 0:55

The Sky Is Falling! The Sky Is Falling! (--Chicken Little--) If everyone went scurrying for cover every time some upstart company like this latest Viralg Wanna-Be spewed forth their particular brand of gloom-&-doom, we'd all be paranoid by now. It's just what the RIAA dreams about. It'$ ju$t what Viralg dream$ about. A year from now we'll be wondering, "Viralg who?" ( Maybe Viralg could use a little Viagra? ) Oh! That reminds me...... I have to pick up that missing album track I've been meaning to d/l from WinMX this morning. (Thanks for the reminder). :-)

1117.4.2005 1:01

All they're going to do is temporarily cause some downloads to fail (until someone finds a work-around). The corrupt downloads will easily be detected once they're completed (as the files won't do what's intended) and then deleted by the users, so it's not like they'll be spreading like wildfire or anything. Someone just has to create a new hashing algorithm that they don't know how to synthesize fake files for yet. This just strengthens my resolve not to buy media from those greedy (sorry children read these posts so I'm not gonna use the word I'm thinking of) penny-pinchers.

1217.4.2005 3:05

even if those claims where true, severbased systems will expand even more. Usenet for example, altenative binaries is a vast pool in where to fish when searching and downloading for whatever files you need. so my believe is that filesharing will always be a topic of debate, and will never be eliminated !

1317.4.2005 3:45

I would suggest everyone take a deep breath a go take a look at the linked site. I know I had a good laugh. A site with effectively no text (all their text is in the images, os no search engine compatibility), with the whole "tv shop" look - testimonials, the big 99% figure and a funky data-music animation. And exactly one single contact address. There are: 1. No explanations on how their "technology" works 2. No explanations on what they base their claims on (non the of "reported" studies are actually linked) 3. 2. No address of the company (out of the trendy babble about an office in Helsinki) I'd say this is one of those classic scam companies, that simply target the industry rather then people.

1417.4.2005 5:36

First of all, all I can see evidence for is more FUD. I don't use P2P for illegal file sharing anymore, what I did share it for in the past was mainly independent artists, & all of the music I downloaded I either purchased if it was good, or deleted if it was plain rubbish. Herein lies the motive. Independent artists. By doing this, they're discouraging the public from sharing, preventing publicity for indie music. Well, I'll join in line by saying "bring it on". It's nice to see crackers try to destroy technology, it serves to advance, secure & improve the technology targeted, be it mere FUD or a real threat. Brilliant news.

1517.4.2005 6:20

viralg who~lmfao~ well by coming out and arrogantly saying that there will countless numbers now biding there time just to prove these idiots wrong I would wish them luck but even that will not help them:)

::LivE ForeveR OR DiE TryiN!!::....::DonT FinD US WE WilL FinD YoU::..
ChecK OuT ThE PenguiN GamE AnD PosT YouR HighesT DistancE ON ThE ForuM

1617.4.2005 7:44

damn these a-holes. as its already been said, they'll never stop P2P....y;know, the money they've lost (if any) is jsut the money they spend on all these 'prevention' technologies. I know for definate, if my band hit the big time, im putting all the files on the net myself. That way, if anyone is sued, i, the artist,can say ' i put them up so ppl could listen to our music, and if they like it, they'll go out and buy it most likely, or at eleast support us in any other way.' The music industry needs to adapt and fast. It feels lately like its coming to a headstone on P2P or the RIAA, everyone's on last resorts and P2P will evidently win because of the smart people behind it (yes, thats as opposed to the RIAA where-in absolute 'dribblers' sit and devise schemes.)

1717.4.2005 8:18

What next ban pc's or ban the internet even better why not just ban the phone.

1817.4.2005 8:29

dont give them idea's

1917.4.2005 9:06

diabolos what good p2p have Virtual adresses?, thxs

2017.4.2005 11:08

I don't get why you guys are so pumped up about this. Sooner or later it was going to come to this. It will be defeated and tossed out just like the other "Anti-P2P technology".

2117.4.2005 12:13

I agree with you Lucky_d - the site looks like little more than one of the TV scams you have to stay up late at night to see.

2217.4.2005 12:35

The site may look like a scam site but the simple fact that they are backed by BMG Finland should be enough to tell you that they canat least do "some2 of what they claim!

2317.4.2005 13:05

I really can't believe that they're still trying to stomp out all P2P. I mean, sure, they might be able to stop a part of it for a month or two, but after that, somebody will think of someway new to transfer files. If these stupid companies were the least bit smart (if that makes any sense), they would just give up!

2417.4.2005 14:07

Nah they are smart,man. I'd do the same thing if i were them. Keep telling companies like BMG that i have the solution, and get paid. Even though i know that what i'm saying is BS.

2517.4.2005 14:58

99% It would be interesting to see this happen. The entertainment industry hasn't made a dent thus far.

2617.4.2005 16:10

Just an opinion..... Who in their right mind would create a trading name that sounds like one of those creams some women use? I suppose it would have been trendy in the 1070's like the logo. Such talk of "revenge" sounds very psychotic ..... Take two aspirins and see me in the morning. 54 48 45 20 4e 45 54 20 43 4f 4e 54 49 4e 55 45 53 syberman

2717.4.2005 16:48

diabolos what good p2p have Virtual adresses?, thxs
There not great but they work and are getting better everyday; Mute: Another... Ants: Does anyone know of anymore? Ced
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2817.4.2005 18:41

Wake up people!! They should have erradicated p2p first before blowing thier horns about beating it.They CANT stop p2p.If they could they would have done it by now.So dont be irked by these bogus claims.

2917.4.2005 19:31

This is laughable. Anyone who spends any kind of energy on P2P networks know very simple steps to weed out corrupted files. In WinMx it's a simple matter of searching for alternate downloads of the same file, and then going with the most consistent. Usually once a file is downloaded, i tend to review them. If i find any corrupt or mis-identified files, i make a note of it and post it on one of the chats. Renaming that same file and with an identifier that it's bogus is also helpful. Soon enough the file will be kicked from the system. Whatever, i agree with a prior post that the hackers network probably have already come up with viable solutions. The internet is indeed alive and well. Open Source Rocks!

3018.4.2005 0:53

thxs m8

3118.4.2005 8:03

Personally, I think this Vaginarag will be hated by mostly, maybe just *everyone in the world*. Y'know, except those 'rich peeps' in the 'big corps'. ... Anyway, the service won't work. Done.

3218.4.2005 9:04

I'm hoping Lucky_D is right. " of those classic scam companies, that simply targets the industry rather than people." Sell the SOBs a (very high priced) vaporware solution to their "problem". Now THAT would be great.

3318.4.2005 9:11

And, why would anybody name their company VIRAL-G? :D

3418.4.2005 10:57

These guys are f*cking retarded. Don't they get it? In the end, warez/pirated software/illegal music lives on. No matter what kind of advanced crap you invent, someone...some hacker...or some genius is going to figure out a way to get past it. They're just delaying the inevitable.

3518.4.2005 14:14

GO VAPORWARE! I'd like to know how they can possibly claim 99%... Probably their deranged belief that people actually KEEP and continue to share corrupted material... Bring it on boys, it'll be interesting to see how their shares perform when they don't live up to their extravagant claims...

3619.4.2005 11:07

It is good to see such great claims of arrogance from people like Viralg I did not go to school to be fkup by these people I happen to be from a what u call 3rd world country and the education system there is 10 times better than many of these so called 1st world leader countries We the kids of the third world have alesson or 2 for them keep trying we are also working on our own p2p situation the RIAA and there cronies are just what has csed the war in Iraq

3719.4.2005 13:51

they are not retarted. They know that they will never be able to stop it. They say 99% because they cant legally say 100%. They havent started becuase they are waiting for the record companies to pay them millions of dollars too do this. The record companies hear all this and think "hey this sounds technical and it might work, lets pay them". Maybe it will work but it will be cracked and then they can make another program and make another million. I wish i was as smart as them. They will wake a few million easy, and then once its cracked, they make a new program and it keeps going.... circle of life

3820.4.2005 17:45

"Their "overwrite" technology apparently can mix-up and corrupt files on P2P networks. Similar services make the same claims but all they really do is spread corrupt files around the network," Nothing new here, Microsoft have been mixing and corrupting my files for years, usually when i am not attempting to share them. havent these sad bastards anything better to do than threaten young people online ? These people are no better than virus writers and deserve all they get!

3920.4.2005 22:33

If you subscribe to Rhapsody, Napster, Musicmatch or anything else you can use Replay Music to record from your sound card and it automatically tags and starts and stops the recording. In other words your DRM files are turned to Mp3's with no protection. Set the bitrate to 192 or better for best quality. Another thing is that LimeWire is getting better at stopping corrupted files. Get LimeWire pro and you have a client that beats the snot out of the old Kazaa even when it was in its hey day. I've Downloaded tons of content and I tell you along side of Peer Guardian you can't be beat. This is all articles to try and get you to avoid p2p. Naah I still get the content I want.

4021.6.2005 15:40

How Long will it be before these people realise that p2p networking can't be stopped? the internet has opened a can of worms. we can get all our music, pictures, software and films for free. how many hackers must there be in the world and computer wizards. all copyrighted material has been cracked by them thus and will always will. there is no software ever been created that is uncrackable and there never will. so gud luck to 'viralg' cuz ther guna need it haha

4122.6.2005 1:10

sorry ppl tht last letta i rote was a bit shite bt u get ma drift

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