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Study: iTunes more popular in U.S. than most P2P tools

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 07 Jun 2005 13:45 User comments (6)

Study: iTunes more popular in U.S. than most P2P tools Recent study in the United States by NPD Group found that more Americans used iTunes than most of the P2P tools to download music.
According to study, approximately 1.7 million American households used iTunes to download at least one song during March this year. In comparison, the second most popular P2P application for music downloads was LimeWire, used by 1.7 million American households. Only the most popular P2P tool in States during that period, WinMX, was used by more households to download music -- used by 2.1 million households. Other major legal music stores also made their way to the first-ever "combined P2P and legal music store" charts -- Napster was the 7th and Real's music store was 9th.

Obviously the chart is slightly misleading as it doesn't include data of how many tracks were downloaded by each household during the tracking period -- a ranking in which P2P tools would most likely win legal music stores hands down. But it is an interesting trend and shows that market is ready to use a legal service if it doesn't have too many restrictions, is easy to use and has large enough selection available. Obviously there are consumers who will consider using legal music stores only when the tracks come without DRM restrictions and cost far less than the current $0.99 per track.

Source: NPD press release

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6 user comments

18.6.2005 6:51

The only time I use p2p for music now is when I can't find a song available on iTunes. I've downloaded thousands of songs in the past through p2p, because it was convenient. I've now downloaded about 400 or so tracks from iTunes and plan to continue to do so as long as the price remains reaonable.

28.6.2005 10:58

no way

38.6.2005 11:14

most of the songs i listen to don't even show up on itunes. I will never use itunes to get my music! and i still think that free p2p is more popular then paid services.

48.6.2005 17:53

$0.99 is not resonable!!! 0.10 a cut is more like it! We been making zillions for the Recording Industry far to long! nuff said

58.6.2005 21:59

Cool....P2P does not run along...go about your Corporate business...... Jedi Mind Trickory.

69.6.2005 1:34

I agree with c4iscool on this one. None of the music I like shows up on iTunes, Napster or whatever other service I search. Even if it did, I wouldn't pay money for something that has the letters 'D', 'R' and 'M' all in the same acronym. ;)

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