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Apple giving prizes to downloaders until 500 million target is reached

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 08 Jul 2005 13:34 User comments (4)

Apple giving prizes to downloaders until 500 million target is reached Apple's iTunes music store is soon to once again show just how much it dominates the market for online legal music downloading when it reaches half a billion downloads. To celebrate the company has decided to give something back to at least a few of its downloaders. Prizes will be given to the purchaser of every 100,000th song until the 500,000,000 download target is reached.
The prize includes an iPod mini and a 50-song gift card. The colour of the iPod and the songs downloaded using the gift card is completely up to the winner. However, the real prize Apple wants to give away will be to the purchaser of the 500,000,000th downloaded song.

That lucky customer will receive not one... but 10 iPods for himself/herself. The models of the iPods (iPod mini, iPod Shuffle, U2 special edition iPod or just a regular iPod) and colours are completely up to the winner. He/she will also receive a gold 10,000-song gift card for iTunes, 10 additional 50-song gift cards to go with those iPods and a trip for him/her and three guests to see Coldplay on their current tour with front row seats and back-stage passes.

While there is a "download counter" on the iTunes page right now, it would be near impossible for a user to use it to sync a purchase of a song with 500,000,000 because the number is increasing so fast. Apple however will be hoping that users will excessively purchase songs to come in with a chance of winning something.


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4 user comments

18.7.2005 13:43

i herd that they all ready reached the goal of 500,000,000 and some one one!

28.7.2005 14:40

yo vans 12 u spelt one wrong its won duh

38.7.2005 15:48

Just over 486,640,000 currently

412.7.2005 15:37

Give away, well we don't really know how many were sold prior to this givaway.Considering they have sold 1 million Ipods and looking at 500 million songs downloaded that is one mass of money. They could afford to give away Farraris

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