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Hillary Clinton to target Rockstar over San Andreas sex mod

Written by James Delahunty @ 13 Jul 2005 5:52 User comments (20)

Hillary Clinton to target Rockstar over San Andreas sex mod Rockstar Games has already been the receiver of many complaints over the past week due to the appearance of the "hot coffee" mod that unlocks sex minigames in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. If this pressure of an Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) investigation was not enough, Rockstar will now have to deal with Hillary Clinton. According to GameSpot, sources have said she will call on the Federal Trade Commission to launch an inquiry into the mod.
"Following recent reports revealing that the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has graphic pornographic content which may be unlocked by following instructions on the Internet, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton will hold a press conference to discuss legislative solutions to keep inappropriate video game content out of the hands of young people." a statement issued by the Senators office said. The game is already rated M which means it is not be sold to minors.

Rockstar denied that hidden sex games existed in San Andreas, blaming it entirely on the creator of the "hot coffee" mod. The investigation by the ESRB is to determine whether the sex minigames actually existed hidden in the code and where unlocked by the mod, or if the mod actually adds in the new minigame itself. The creator of the mod claims that it already exists in San Andreas' code, and that the mod just unlocks it.


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20 user comments

113.7.2005 18:05

I think that the MOD created them. Anywayz what are they worrying about, the game is already "M" not sold to minors.

213.7.2005 18:19

but not telling ESRB everything violent or inapropriate is againt rules, hiding something is wrong in ESRB eyes

313.7.2005 18:21

She just doesn't want Bill to get his hand on that game.

413.7.2005 18:27

if you have to mod the game to get it, it's in no way (known) accessible otherwise (through normal game play). I see no reason why Rockstar, or anyone else for that matter, should have to take the fall.

513.7.2005 18:53

I thought game contents belong to the realm of freedom of speech, I don't know about freedom of expression, but the fact that sex in itself is not illegal and these so-called minigames are actually hidden from the general public unless you hack it, and that falls into freewill, where is the issue? or is sex which is a bodily function has become inappropriate which means marriage is out? By the way those "kids" who has the talent to unlock those sex games, surely has the talent to look for sex in other ways than just games, also give those so-called virginal kids five years and they'll be rutting sex-seekers on their own right, that's what single bars are for, no need to play games.

613.7.2005 19:20

The mod didn't create them, it unlocks them. There are no instruction to unlock it, like the news story says. You need to hack your game or your save file, which violates the aggreement. The mod does add different girlfriend models, which are naked. Rockstar never made the naked girlfriends. CJ wears clothes even when having sex. I bet "Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton" hasn't even seen the game.

713.7.2005 19:49

I think Hillary is afraid there might be a "Bill and Monica" mod out there.

813.7.2005 20:15

...CJ wears clothes even when having sex. CJ keepn' it gangsta LOL!

913.7.2005 22:51

Hillary is just mad she didn't get to play the mod 1st :) I totaly agree with SGSeries2 Rockstar don't have to worry about nothing it's a 3rd party mod is it not?

1013.7.2005 23:00

I wonder how many news agencies got this story completely WRONG when they aired the story.

1114.7.2005 00:23

The thing of it is, it's bullshit that they're going after R*. I wish they visited these forums. The fact: It isn't accessible regularly, but has to be hacked to use. I can't believe Hillary's going after it. She's so pissed off at Bill for screwing Monica on the side, now she doesn't want any sex! :)

1214.7.2005 01:55

Lol, that's what I meant by them not getting it right. Well, then again, ANY story involving video games end up getting goatroped when the media and liberal scum such as Hilary RodRocketHam Clinton gets a hold of it, it seems >_<. But who knows, either RodRocket is looking for an excuse to attack video games like that democrat (can't remember her name) did, or she's still trying to get in the media to look good after her husband found a new flavor all those years ago (go, Bill, go go go!). Whatever it is though, video games get attacked enough as it is, those idiots are just making it worse.

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1315.7.2005 03:53

Even if R* made the naked girls models, since its rated M AND its HIDDEN and need to be hacked.........its just a waste of time to make this issue any bigger than it already got!! I mean for god sake, its said that every 1 hour a new pornographic website is oppening (according to some research) Its easier for kids to find any of these sites than finding a Powerpuff girls site! :D

1415.7.2005 07:19

Hillary is going after the 2008 presidential election. Her usual views border on outright Marxist socialisim and to bring her public personna back closer to the center and possibly garner more support, she is trying to look more moderate by going after things that the political center dislikes. She has also made statements concerning the need for less abortions and about curbing illegal aliens...all of which is not in her normal makeup... Although, the remark about wanting to keep Bill away from the game may be valid................ ;->

1515.7.2005 10:04

Dufas unlike his name has hit the nail on the head it’s politics and this women, I use that liberally, will go any direction needed at the moment and will flip-flop if required. At the moment she needs nation recognition so here we are. Anyone who would leave the White House and take everything that wasn’t nailed down hard is not to be trusted! And then like a good lying thief she say’s I thought it was ours. The Clinton’s are by far the worst people we have had in the White House even worst then Jackson or Tricky Dicky.

1615.7.2005 11:11

The name Dufas, although generaly derogatory, is a name my older daughter gave to a painting that I once did as a joke persentation to a well known artist. You have probably seen his work without realizing it. He paints mostly nature and animal scenes. One of his most famous and profitable is a painting of a black Labradore retreiver with a Mallard duck in it's mouth. It has been used for posters, calenders, and cards for years.. He painted a picture of a duck sitting in calm, near mirror smooth, black water, the duck's reflection shimmered on the water before it. The painting was one that usually has a swan sitting in the water. I teased him about his painting and told him that he painted "One hell of a duck..." His birthday was coming up, so I painted a stupid looking cartoony duck with the same scene that he had used. Only my duck was sitting back on his ass with it's legs stuck out in front like he was on a chase lounge. Only the web and the toes part were sticking out of the water and the duck had a dorky smile on it's face as if it just had a great, personal, relieving experience. The painting , instead of being in typical cartoon techneque, [heavy outline and solid colors] was executed in as a realistic, fine art style that I could. It sort of twisted one's mind and senses when viewed. It was like viewing a painting of Homer Simpson painted as if he were Henery the VIII. My daughter was supposed to deliver the wrapped painting to the art gallery where a surprise birthday party was to be held. Instead, she took the joke painting to an engravor and had a brass name plate with the message "In Honor Of (artist's name) -You Paint One Hell Of A Duck- (signed) Dufas Duck " attatched to the picture frame. She took it to the gallery and the people there got a kick out of it, so, instead of wrapping it back up for a birthday present, they placed it on an easel near the intrance to the room where the party was to be held with a sign below stating " This Way to Duck Painter's Birthday Party.." I was releived that the artist's sense of humor was larger than I had imagined. He thought it was hilarious, took it home where it hangs in his den along with his many greater artworks... Since that day, my family has ribbed me and my nickname became Dufas...

1716.7.2005 10:25

FFS - it's an adult-only game. It should not be sold to minors and we don't want Clinton telling us as adults what we can and cannot play. Maybe Clinton has a few skeletons in her closet - she certainly prefers digging up others..wise up Hillary; this isn't another "ooh..look at me being the moral guardian, here's a book I wrote", crusade..there's far worse out there and you know it.

1822.7.2005 04:33

Wild9 now it is an AO rated game. It used to be rated M. Rockstar is sending AO stickers to be put on existing copies, and will rerelease the game, with the coffee properly cleaned up, and rated M. That story is for those in the US. I think that everywhere else, existing copies will be sold, but new censored versions will be shipped. Oh well, keeping in Grand Theft Auto tradition, we all rush to buy it before the original copies clear out, and can't wait for a price drop.

1915.8.2005 22:19

i have two things to say.first for everyone not 18 thank god for ebay so we can still get the game if we want it. and second i find it funny that hillary clintin didn't bitch half as much when her husband was getting his dick sucked by not only an intern but the ugliest one in the building. hmmmmmm i wonder why she hates se so much ;)

2016.8.2005 08:25

For not divorcing Clinton after his sexual escapades I don't beleive she has two feet to stand on in this case! What is this world comming to? They don't care for the fact that there is a mini game in there that calls for you to break into someones house and still their stuff while there in the house asleep, and if they wake up you can fire off rounds into there face! Whats wrong with a little sex to...hell might aswell have it in there! The game all together is just crazy wether your gathering up your boys to go do a drive by or shooting cops and bangen bitches! I LOVE THA GAME

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