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Reminder: AfterDawn is looking for new admins, deadline approaches

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 06 Sep 2005 12:26 User comments (3)

Reminder: AfterDawn is looking for new admins, deadline approaches We informed our users two weeks ago that we're looking for new AfterDawn admins and set the deadline for applications to 16th of September. As we'd like to see as many good applications as possible, we encourage everybody to think whether they'd fit to any of these two roles available:
Game technology writer/analyst
  • We're looking for people who are enthustiast about gaming technology (consoles, PC, handhelds, etc), gaming industry (mergers, analysing about the gaming trends, etc) and games themselves.
  • The person who applies to this position must have very good written English skills. I'd like to stress that we're not necessarily looking for people who are native English speakers, but rather people who can write clear, witty and easy-to-read news articles and columns in English
  • We require appx. 15 hours per week dedicated to the job, ideally few hours each business day to write about that day's breaking news in gaming technology, etc
  • This is the primary position we're looking to fill now.

Digital multimedia writer/analyst
  • If you've ever read news, guides and articles published on, you should have a good idea what our "style" is and what we are looking for.
  • As above, good English skills are mandatory. I'd also like to stress that it doesn't make you a good writer if your grammar is perfect and you don't make any spelling errors (although these do help obviously) -- its about the text itself.
  • Again, the person must be able to dedicate appx. 15 hours each week to the job, ideally few hours each and every business day.

For more information, read the original article. To apply, go here:

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3 user comments

16.9.2005 15:11

I can do all those lol even got an A at GCSE Eng. Lang. But I've applied now its up to the main men. Keep the applications coming people and good luck to all!

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27.9.2005 3:23

Bummer - I got a "page unavailable" after submitting mine - nothing like being rejected before you even submit! :(

37.9.2005 11:07

I would love to do the "Digital multimedia writer/analyst" job, but time is the only thing that stands in my way from submitting my application. Too bad, it am sure it would have been reallt fun!

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