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NBC and CBS will offer TV shows for 99c

Written by James Delahunty @ 10 Nov 2005 8:54 User comments (37)

NBC and CBS will offer TV shows for 99c CBS and NBC have both announced deals to sell TV shows for 99c per episode. CBS is teaming up with Comcast Corp. to offer viewing of shows like CSI and Survivor to Comcast's on-demand customers in some markets. "This is an incredibly exciting evolution for CBS and network television - video on demand is the next frontier for our industry," CBS Chairman Leslie Moonves said. NBC is teaming up with satellite operator DirecTV to offer on-demand replays of shows like Law and Order: SVU to DirecTV subscribers who use the company's new DVR.
The announcement of both deals comes just weeks after it emerged that The Walt Disney Co.'s ABC network will be offering downloads of shows like Desperate Housewives and Lost for $1.99 through Apple's iTunes store. Apple's latest iPod has video playback capability. Comcast's service will be available to customers in markets with a CBS owned and operated television station starting in January.

The episodes will be available at midnight after the show is first broadcast but will include commercials. The DirecTV agreement includes shows from Sci-Fi, Bravo, NBC and USA. The episodes will be available for a week after broadcast. "We are talking to the other networks and hope to reach similar agreements soon," DirecTV spokesman Robert Marsocci said.

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37 user comments

110.11.2005 09:18

I would never pay to see something that I can watch for free.

210.11.2005 10:20

Nah this doesnt change my opion. If i really like a show i would buy the series on DVD format and not ITunes. This is just another way to make more money for a huge business already :)

310.11.2005 11:11

I'd go for CSI, but I'm sure the files are infected with DRM. Mark down another sale lost because of DRM.

411.11.2005 06:41

What's DRM?

611.11.2005 07:47

Thanks for the directive to glossary terms.

711.11.2005 08:41

I'm with you...why pay for an episode. If I like the series that much I buy the DVD set and watch it on a big screen and not an iPOD device. After the new wears off, I don't think it will be as popular as the music....except for the PORN sites which are delighted with Porn on the Go with iPOD devices.

811.11.2005 08:54

You know what it seems to me? An effort to erode the legality of "time shifting", that is, taping a show when it is on at an inconvenient time so that you can watch it later on. If they can establish an economic loss derived from people "time shifting" then they may be able to get the practice invalidated in the courts.

911.11.2005 10:40

if you already have a directv dvr are you now going to have to pay when you record one of these shows?

1011.11.2005 10:44

Have you noticed you cannot save and record movies on Cinimax, Showtime etc now? this started in July. The movies can only be saved one time and the Tivo save is the ONE TIME.

1111.11.2005 10:46

Pardon the double post but I forgot to add if Showtime and HBO can do this then the sitcoms may rig up something so you cannot download the original broadcast or cannot copy the episode downloaded to Tivo. They will think of something to take away our goodies.

1211.11.2005 11:20

Why would you pay for something you can record for free? Doesn't make sense to me. Also, I can save more then one occurance or viewed more then once on my Tivo HD250 and it's not hacked either. Reguardless I can play it to my PC or SA DVDR and record whatever. Is this a dumb and dumber thing?

1311.11.2005 13:11

Well, here you cannot record from Showtime etc as I said if downloaded to TIVO. DirectTV has done that here in my Texas home so I don't know what they do where you live. I think the Networks are thinking in Music download number and I would be very surprised if video downloads get anywhere near that level.

1411.11.2005 13:59

It shouldn't be area limited although they do spot transmit for your local area broadcast. I wonder if it is dependant on Tivo boxes and revision levels. My software is current at 3.1.5f and Tivo Suggestions just recorded today on SHO 537 The Kids Who Saved Summer. On the 4th it recorded No Man's Land on SHO Extreme. I'm just north of you and believe we share the same spot beam so I'm curious to why you are limited. If anyone knows why please chime in, even though we are getting off the subject somewhat.

1512.11.2005 01:09

I'm not limited in the original download to Tivo but limited if I want to make a DVD off the Tivo Download. maybe I didn't make that clear. When I try to burn a DVD off a Tivo download (say Showtime movie) about 3-4 minutes into burn from saved on Tivo I get "this program is copy protected". I could burn it OK at the actual time the program airs directly from the Satellite.

1612.11.2005 10:34

samintx when you say download it confuses me a bit, to me that would imply that you are using something like Ty tools to download it to your PC. But from your total phrase I assume you are using the "Save To VCR" approach. If this is true then I understand your problem since years ago I had problems with this as well and have never used that method since. What I do, and it works well with out any limitations or loose of source is, just play the movie or whatever to my SA or whatever straight. On my new piece of crap Hughes HR10-250 HD Tivo I don't have enough outputs to have two S-Video connections so I cheat and Y the connections so I can feed directly to my SA recorder, and it works great I can backup as many times as I whish with out incident.

1712.11.2005 13:46

what you do is get a capture card and a tivo,and then you play it off your tivo on to your computer while recording it...

1812.11.2005 14:35

I have Tivo. The movie is saved to Tivo. Tivo is connected to dedicated DVD recorders. From those I record the movies. I don't want to do the computer/download from Satellite thing. I have plenty of computers but I find saving with Tivo and then making DVDs with a Toshiba, Go Video or Phillips recorder works flawlessly. Except for the new Showtime, HBO edict of only one download/save. I know most people hook up computers to the Tivo. I have plenty of computers that I could do that with but don't prefer that method. Rarely do I copy to Video tape but sometimes I do for reasons I have forgotten !;-)

1912.11.2005 19:40

Hi! Was wondering what the score is with removing Macrovision-based VHS copy restrictions from legally purchased and owned tapes to allow me to make a home-use only DVD copy for my kids. It's a Christmas tape (as of this writing unavailable on DVD) called "A Wish For Wings That Work" featuring Bloom County characters Opus and Bill the Cat. My kids are playing the bejabbers out of it, and will soon effectively begin to wear it out. Have tried (unsuccessfully): - To offload a copy from my VCR to my MiniDV Tape camcorder, in order to them stream it onto my PC and burn a DVD. (MiniDV won't record it, says "Macrovision Protected Content"...) - Copied it (successfully) to my TiVO in order to stream it to the TiVO Desktop (v 2.2) and then burn a copy; TiVO will play the copy just fine, but (once again) will NOT allow transferring to the TiVO Desktop on my PC- has the little red circle with the hash mark through it with same "Macrovision Protected Content" message when I try to select it for transfer.. I have no interest (or energy) to abuse the rights of the copyright owners, whoever the heck they are -- but I bought this tape!!!! I PAID for a license for home use!!!I just want to make a home DVD copy my kids can watch forever! What must I do? HELP! ....please....

2012.11.2005 19:44

samintx - I don't get it we live in the same world but yours seems to be different, why??? I don't link to my Tivo serially although I could. I just play my saved Tivo movies and record it to a Stand Alone (SA) DVD recorder and can do so indefinitely if I wish. I can save as many SHO or HBO programs as I have space for and they can be the same program multiple times if I wish.

2112.11.2005 20:09

TeeVoted It has been a long time since I have backed up VHS tapes that are protected. What I use to do was play the tape on one VCR and connect using the RF port to antoher VCR or in this case it would be a SA DVD recorder. This use to get around Macrovision. Using the RCA jacks (S-Video) wouldn't work. With the new VCR's this may not work. Another thing you could try is output from your Tivo to your PC capture card, if you have one. If you can install TY Tools and connect to your Tivo you should be able to extract that way as well. If you can find an old VCR that still works that would also probably work as they didn't have the Macrovision in them, but good luck there.

2213.11.2005 01:31

Mr. Movie, I don't know if it is local or what but in July there was a message on my Tivo stating the copy once which I didn't read until I started getting the "copyprotected" message when making DVDs from my downloads. I am surprised that it is local but it must be. I thought the Western channel movies were immune but the other day....whoops....the "copy protected" message came on when I tried to copy a downloaded movie from the Western channel. I have bee making DVDs of Tivo movies/programs for over 2 ...I guess we DO live in another world. If you download to your computer and save that would make a difference because I don't.

2313.11.2005 19:20

samintx answer me this; Can you view the programs you record on your Tivo more then once? I'm not talking about transferring to DVD just watching a program over and over. Or can you only watch it once? I don't think we are talking on the same plain.

2414.11.2005 00:14

Yes, I can view the programs till the cows come home. That is no problem. I can also VCR them on the TV set.The TV has a VCR player/recorder in it.

2514.11.2005 07:03

Mr-Movies, Thanks for your help. I tried the VCR-to-VCR approach, but DID use RCA jacks.... will try using the RF jack instead. It gives a lower quality copy, but at this point, I will take it. I had no idea the RCA jacks really qualified as S-Video! My rather basic understandind was that the S-Video jack needed to be used to get S-Video quality. (The one that looks sort of likke a PS/2 port on a PC...) Guess I had it backwards in my head. No matter, I'll try your suggestion and update here soon. Thanks again for your help! :) :) :)

2614.11.2005 07:37

TeeVoted Your right I miswrote RCA jacks are your composite video the round DIN, PS2 looking connector, is your S-Video which you still need the audio RCA's for if you use them of course. samintx You have a combo recorder which I've hear have more DRM built into them. This is why you are getting the protection warning and being shut down attempting to record from Tivo. I have a feeling that if you had a stand alone, like my LiteOn or better yet a Panasonic, which I'd rather have my LiteOn SA sucks, you probably wouldn't have a problem. For sure you wouldn't have a problem if you used a PC and were running AnyDVD but that’s a lot more hassle and I understand why you may not want to go that route. I'm sure they are Macrovisioning my signal as well and I've had friends that have had problems with combo decks. If you know someone with a SA like the LiteOn or Panasonic that's not a combo deck you might try that. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't burn my favorite programs to view later and with my HD Tivo HDD space is a big issue there is never enough.

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2714.11.2005 09:07

Mr. Movie, you must have miss read my post...I DO HAVE a stand alone GoVideo, Philips(2), and two Toshiba DVD recorders...not the small units you connect to a computer but the big DVD player/recorders. My Satellite company announced in July this was happening and it did ! why here I don't know. Guess they don't like East Texas.

2814.11.2005 09:27

JUST INFO-why pay 99cents? AOL says 'Welcome back' to old TV shows By Elinor Mills Staff Writer, CNET Published: November 13, 2005, 10:25 PM PST America Online early next year will begin offering free access to popular vintage television shows through video-on-demand under an agreement with Warner Bros., another division of Time Warner. The new In2TV broadband network service will include 15- and 30-second video advertisements that will be limited to a total of one to two minutes within each 30-minute episode, compared with eight minutes of ads on broadcast television, AOL said in a statement. The service will be offered in a new DVD-quality video format called AOL Hi-Q that enables high resolution, full-screen viewing to any broadband user. The on-demand deal, which involves about 300 shows including "Welcome Back Kotter," "Kung Fu" and "Growing Pains," will feature six channels ranging from comedy and drama to animation and science fiction. In2TV will also include interactive features such as games, quizzes, polls and trivia contests. "This service will bring an unprecedented collection of popular TV series to a totally new platform, revolutionizing the distribution of television programming," Eric Frankel, president of Warner Bros. domestic cable distribution, said in a statement. The move is the latest in a series of deals media companies have announced to offer alternative sources of television programming. A week ago, NBC and CBS unveiled separate plans to make prime-time shows available commercial-free for 99 cents an episode. In October, Disney said it would offer episodes of five popular television shows from ABC and Disney's cable network and some animated short films and music videos for $1.99 each for viewing on Apple Computer's iPod.

2914.11.2005 09:54

samintx What a bummer you might want to try flashing the firmware with out DRM type or trying some of the fixes that people do to their units. CD Freaks is a pretty good site to get questions answered in this area. Here is a link to the Stand Alone section of the forum. I looked at the recent threads and none of them addressed your problem but there was fixes for no menu recording and removing regional restraints. They may not be able to help but it might be worth the time. h**p:// You can always go to a PC capture card like All-In-Wondrous. Both Nero and Easy Media Creator do pretty well at building a DVD from an MPEG/AVI video format.

3014.11.2005 20:23

Thanks for the info on AOL's offering. Re: the TIVO recording limitations, I'd heard a little of that before. Is this with the series 2 TIVO? I wonder what brought that on? I've got a DVR that I time shift with, and occasionally back up the shows on DVD so that I can watch them in a different room. It's not a TIVO, however. I'd been thinking that their recording interface might be a convenience I'd want to explore, but not if they're putting limitations on your ability to enjoy your shows.

3115.11.2005 00:46

Samintx, Apparently all D* Tivo’s have CP in them now the only apparent difference is that in the R15 (and I'll bet the D10/D11, HD20 and the forthcoming HR20) the Macrovision is ON by default and must be turned off by software, as opposed to earlier units where it is apparently OFF by default and must be turned on by software. My HR10-250 (on my HD it is possible that my LiteOn gets around the CP) and DSR7000 (this one uses the Panasonic DMR-55) series 2 are both off as well as my S1 T60. This will work for you too TeeVoted. You can easily resolve this issue with a “Video Stabilizer” from one of the following: Star Development $59.95 h**p:// Clarifier™ Classic $69.95 h**p:// CompUSA GoDVD Digital Video Duplicator with 4 Signal Enhancement Modes $99.99 h**p:// Sima Copymaster S-Video & VHS Video Stabilizer $67.00 h**p:// LITEON LVW-5005VF REGION FREE DVD RECORDER MULTI REGION PAL NTSC IGNORS ALL CP VERSIONS. h**p:// DVD Digest’s Macrovision-Free Guide h**p://

3215.11.2005 01:31

Mr. Movie: do these attach to the Tivo or where? what cable? Thanks. I will check these out. Appreciate the time you have taken exploring this. My Satellite TIVO units have been in for 2 yrs but the servers software "update" must have been sent via satellite because periodically they tell me this in the messages section. I just wonder when WIN and other software will be installed on new computers or WIN's software updates to turn off any DVD copy programs.

3315.11.2005 02:04

Anyone: of the products listed in Mr. Movie's list which is the best? are there any discussions on After Dawn Forums of any of these products? Thanks.

3415.11.2005 08:36

Samintx the video stabilizer connects between your Tivo and your SA DVD recorder. I haven’t used these so I don’t have experience as to there quality. Also I have provided you with the cheaper versions you can easily spend $250 or more but for your use that probably is not necessary. My suggestion is to buy one you can return easily first I noticed that you have many CompUSA’s in your state so I would try that first and if it doesn’t work well for you return it and try something else. One of the Tivo experts liked the CompUSA unit. The Clarifier seemed to be the most popular when I was searching so that might be an alternative but also the Sima is a brand name, Star Development is new to me. Tivo>------------>Video Stabilizer>---------->SA DVDR or VCR or PC Also make sure that the inputs and outputs are what you require before purchasing some have S-Video as well as Composite and RF (F-Connector/75 ohm RG6 coax).

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3518.11.2005 11:43

Just get a Diret TV Tivo 6.2 With HMO Networking there on ebay all the time, and your all set . You can tranesfer your shows from one D*Tivo to another even use one as a server will play your MP3's and watch your Photo Slideshows from your XP Computer. And with TYTools you can transfer the mpg2 files directly to your computer and then burn to DVD no macrovision protection at all ant its all DIGITAL not conversion is necessary. Its great I have 4 all connected together the all share shows.

369.9.2007 07:19

hey all

does anyone out there know how to receive aol in2tv outside the us?
i have widows vista

379.9.2007 08:54

You can't join In2TV outside of the US per AOL license agreement but you might be-freind someone from here that has it. I'm not an AOL fan so I can't help you but I do see why you would want this. People can share the videos but there would possibly be an issue with sharing outside of the US if AOL found out about it so if you can find someone here to share with you, you might want to keep it low key.

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