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Sony launches TV rental service for PSP in Japan

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 03 Dec 2005 15:11 User comments (2)

Sony launches TV rental service for PSP in Japan Sony has launched a new service for its Japanese PlayStation Portable (PSP) customers that will allow them to rent video content. It was always a plan of Sony's to expand upon the entertainment features that the Sony PSP already offers to its owners. This rental service uses the PSPs WiFi abilities to give consumers access to an archive of video content that can be downloaded and stored on the console's Memory Stick Duo.
The video content will include TV shows, music videos and movie trailers. The price for the content ranges from $1 to $3 each. The content can be viewed for just a set amount of time (usually a week or two) but then it will be unusable after that. Popular anime shows like Mobile Suit Gundam, Noein and Private Princess: Ayase Haruka are included in the initial line-up.

It is unknown whether or not this service will become available ever for PSP users outside of Japan. Sony usually launches products and services first in Japan so it is likely. However, with the market for TV show downloads (that are intended to be stored on a portable video player) just starting and already including Apple, Sony will be in for tough competition if the rental service reaches beyond Japan.


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2 user comments

13.12.2005 20:41

cool! I hope it comes to the USA soon. That is kind of pricey @ $3.00 each!

25.12.2005 8:49

Nah I'd rather not have that. I already have a PVR that records all my shows for me. What I'd like is a simple 1-step way of getting to this content. syncronisation would be ince to, but it is not a requirement.

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