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Panasonic begins pilot production of 50GB BD-ROM discs

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 06 Dec 2005 13:16 User comments (4)

Panasonic begins pilot production of 50GB BD-ROM discs There is a press release at Panasonic's website, detailing how the company has begun pilot production of dual-layer 50GB Blu-ray Discs. Blu-Ray Disc is the leading format in a battle to become the next generation DVD standard, fending off Toshiba's HD DVD. Here is the press releases...
Torrance, CA (December 5, 2005) — Panasonic has modified its existing pilot production line for single-layer Blu-ray Discs, called BD-ROM, so that it is able to replicate dual-layer BD-ROM discs with 50 gigabytes (GB) of storage capacity. The new pilot replication line is housed within the Panasonic Disc Manufacturing Corporation of America, which is located here in Torrance, Calif. Single-layer Blu-ray Discs have 25 GB of storage capacity for holding video and other data, while current DVD discs have 8.5 GB of storage at most.

The doubling of BD-ROM disc storage capacity is enabled by spin coating technologies developed by Panasonic that create two recorded layers on a single side of a Blu-ray Disc. In the process, readily available inexpensive UV curable resins are used in the creation of the space layer, cover layer and hard-coat, resulting in a reduction in disc replication costs. Video and other data is then embedded in the layers for playback later using a blue laser-equipped Blu-ray Disc player, recorder or BD-ROM drive-equipped PC.

The Torrance pilot production line is able to produce dual-layer BD-ROM discs with the attachment of a dual-layer replication line module to the existing single-layer line. Single-layer BD-ROM discs are currently being produced on the pilot line with more than 80% yield rates. Panasonic expects to provide sample dual-layer BD-ROM discs to the industry for testing by the end of this month.

"Working closely with the movie studios and our replication partners, Panasonic was able to foresee the need for greater disc capacity to give consumers a much richer user experience," said Eisuke Tsuyuzaki, director of Strategy & Alliances, Panasonic Hollywood Lab.

Panasonic expects to highlight the new replication process for dual-layer BD-ROM discs at the Blu-ray Disc Association’s booth (#9444, Main Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center) during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 5-8, 2006.

The additional capacity will allow movies and other High Definition video titles to be stored, along with value-added features, on a single Blu-ray Disc. The BD-ROM format is expected to succeed DVDs as the preferred medium for High Definition movies and other packaged entertainment content for the home as the nation moves from analog TV to digital and High Definition Television.

This comes not long after concerns were raised about the delay in dual-layer BD discs. The most notable comments came from Buena Vista Home Entertainment president <>Bob Chapek, who said Disney was expecting the 50GB disc "from the get-go."

Panasonic (PR)

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4 user comments

17.12.2005 5:34

ALot of people had doubt against BD because they claimed Dual Layer discs wouldn't be ready for a long time. I think this covers it. Considering the support from PS3, Blu-ray has won. ANd considering the support from Blu-ray, PS3 isn't goign to be as much as a pain in the ass as the XBox 360. The 360 has a game under developement that uses FOUR discs. Now what MS will do is sell a $125+ External USB HD-DVD drive for the 360, or make a new Xbox 360.1 that uses HD-DVD. Wow, that'll make the first couple million buyers happy won't it? The only thing they coudl do at this point is offer a free installation of an HD-DVD drive, that is, if they move to HD-DVD. WHich they probably will considering first year gams are 4 discs big. Hooray for blu-ray, and PS3, HD-DVD along with MS will probably put the screws to us.

211.12.2005 9:00

Is there a web site that u can order the external HD-DVD drive?? you know anythign about them doing the free installation??

311.12.2005 10:29

It is a probable happening of the future, calm down, damn.

Fanboy is a term used to describe someone who is utterly devoted to a single subject. This generally is followed by the devotion and support even when proved wrong.

Anecdotal, by my definition, it's the way too many people here think. It's also all the evidence you have.

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My advice: Wait for PS3.

411.12.2005 10:36

yeah, i', calm, i just don't think microsoft is that stupid to make a new system that needs 4 discs, i have a feeling they knew and still know about it and know waht they need to do.

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