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Microsoft may offer Blu-ray Disc drive for Xbox 360

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 12 Jan 2006 6:59 User comments (48)

Microsoft may offer Blu-ray Disc drive for Xbox 360 After announcing at the Consumer Electronics Show that the company will offer an external HD DVD drive for the Xbox 360 console, Microsoft has now indicated that if Blu-Ray is the favored format for consumers, it may also offer an external Blu-ray drive. Microsoft still remains completely in support of HD DVD however. Peter Moore, head of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business division was quoted by Japanese web site ITMedia as saying the Blu-ray drive is a possibility.
Sony's next generation console, PlayStation 3 (PS3) is expected to be released later this year, and will include a Blu-ray drive. Due to the popularity of PlayStation, this will effectively put a Blu-ray player in many homes very quickly. The next generation format war is getting increasingly close to the console war, a fact that upset Warner Home Video president, Warren Lieberfarb, who slammed Sony Corp. for its tactics promoting Blu-ray.

A Blu-ray add-on for the Xbox 360 would be neat though for owners who have no intention to buy a PS3, as it would probably be much cheaper than buying a Blu-ray player. That being said, it would depend on when exactly Microsoft would decide to release one.

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48 user comments

112.1.2006 8:14

NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!! Mod, ddp, someone who can edit this, let's be realistic. Microsoft has no hand in Blu-ray, patent copyright or shareholding. Sony is primary holder of all that, and is producing the competing gaming system, thats biggest draw is havin ga BD-R drive, and the 360 not having one. Maybe two or three years after PS3's release it MIGHT happen because Microsoft will pay enough, but until there is no more advantage in keepin git form them, they won't sell out. Microsoft has no rights or power to use Blu-ray technology in any of their hardware devices, they have software rights for vista compatibility with PCs and that's it. Sony controls Blu-ray right now, Microsoft would have to buy Toshiba or Philips to pull this off. And Sony definitely isn't game for holding hands and dating the Xbox franchise. Microsoft is only throwing propaganda hope out there to convince a small minority that they will be fine buying a 360 right now. Please include some of the above obvious in the article.

212.1.2006 9:06

yes sony may hold the patent, but sony also makes a huge amount of money off of it's DVD sales. Also there are an amount of people who are very upset with sony as it is. For numerious reasons. I think sony will release it about 3-8 monthes after the ps3 is realesed. Just my thoughts LD

312.1.2006 9:22

Reasons mate, no-one edits my articles but me ;-) and trust me i have covered issues in both format and console wars to know that Microsoft releasing a Blu-ray external drive IS a possibility in future. Did you know that HP met with Microsoft originally to try convince Microsoft to change its mind on HD DVD stance? That is of course when Microsoft convinced HP that aspects such as iHD make HD DVD a better option for tech industry and HP threw its support also behind HD DVD. Microsoft's support for Blu-ray would be a major boost for the Blu-ray group, and HP knew this (before of course, Microsoft changed HP's mind on its stance) The point is, if Microsoft turned around tomorrow and said "we no longer support HD DVD, we support Blu-ray" the Blu-ray group would be delighted. It's not like Sony would be stupid enough to refuse support from such a giant (and hate it or love it, Microsoft is a GIANT). Sooner or later a format will win and a lot of the supporters of the losing format will be then forced to submit to the winning technology - simple, it's not like if Blu-ray wins and microsoft decided ok, we'll release a Blu-ray add-on for xbox 360 also, that they couldnt do it. It's all about money my friend, and esp. when it comes to sony. oh and lets not forget, this news article is Peter Moore's comments that it is a "possibility" and the article never goes and says it will definitely happen.... so I am being "realistic".

412.1.2006 9:35

As with the external HD-DVD drive, the Blu-ray drive neither of them will destined for games to be run off them, (MS's current position on this) so until there is a multi format drive this will cause people to buy one or the other when they need the drive to play their favourite movies in HD.

512.1.2006 11:20

i dont know but i think its possible.

612.1.2006 12:03

Microsoft's support for Blu-ray is an extreme possibility, my poin twas merely that an external Blu-ray drive wouldn't be in the XBox 360's future for years. I brought out that PS3's big seller is the drive, and 360 having it would be a blow to sales. Microsoft can jump on the wagon all they want with Hp and Toshiba and Philips, and they can all say 360+Blu-ray, but Sony can say no. And for the first years of PS3, no is the obvious answer. That^ was more my point. Microsoft can join Blu-ray, but they still can't use it in the 360 if Sony still holds that patent, Which they do :) They won't refuse the support, but for the first years of the console war, only PS3 will have Blu-ray, if I can see this advantage, so can Sony.

712.1.2006 12:24

I'm just hoping that the laser in the PS3 won't give Disc Read Errors like a mofo as the PS2's laser did lol.

812.1.2006 12:45

Reasons?, I understand your point but remember Microsoft said this would be a possibility if ultimately consumers demanded Blu-ray. So, that is years away already. Then you have to remember that very few ppl will actually invest in Blu-ray movies for years to come so most people will buy a ps3 when it comes out not for a Blu-ray movie player but for what it is, a gaming console. I personally see absolutely no reason why Sony wouldn't stand for a Blu-ray add-on for Xbox 360 that would only ever be used to play movies. Consider that people who don't have an Xbox 360, would have to pay full price for the console and then purchase the add-on seperately, so its not a cheap option for a player, but will be for the current Xbox 360 owners... many of which will buy a PS3 anyway. Also, lets not forget, movies have a much broader audience than games. Sony knows this and Microsoft knows this also. Not to mention the pressure that wud be mounted on sony if they did try to block an xbox 360 Blu-ray drive from movie studios, 360's are selling very well in north america and europe. Giving those owners the option to be able to watych Blu-ray on their xbox 360 is something movies studios would love to hear. But yes, of course, if it ever happens it wont b for a long time... id just like to say one last thing too... The format war is NOT over, in fact, im pretty sure that if you stopped a lot of people on the street they cudnt tell u what Blu-ray disc is... but they cud tell u what a DVD is. Now imagine them trying out their high definition video for the first time.. they have an option of the movies with HD DVD on them, or BD on them.... the HD DVD is the familiar one (simply because it has DVD in it), so quite a lot of people will check that out first. Just because geeks love Blu-ray doesnt mean it will win, as the main choosers are the entire consumer base of the movie industry. I personally have no idea what way it will go.

912.1.2006 14:16

Bill Gates Is no Dummy !! Cha-Ching $$$ Hoorah For Blu-Ray

1012.1.2006 14:21

Samsung plans on releasing a HD and Blu-ray combo drive.

1112.1.2006 14:25

"Geeks" just know what's goign on and what's the best :) The combo drive is in the idea, we wish both sides would agree stage.

1212.1.2006 17:09

Before all the PS3 fanboys get excided here is a couple of articles you should read first. You see they are all about making money from a customer base that is still underground. But just look at the figures and you tell me who is the 600 pound Gorilla here Porn or Hollywood.

1312.1.2006 18:38

I guess down the road Sony could make more money (which is every companies' goal) by allowing MS to do that.

1412.1.2006 19:55

Last time I checked, both Sony and MicroSoft were just about making money.

1513.1.2006 15:59

Just a quick question Doesnt the Gamecube use a Blu-ray for their system? So whats the big hype REALLY all about?

1613.1.2006 16:01

Are ya Serious ?

1713.1.2006 17:17

i dont think gamecube uses Blu Ray

1813.1.2006 17:35

Gamecube uses Mini DVD

1914.1.2006 2:51

First of all, I think Sony is making a great move using Blu-ray in the PS3. The PS3 is coming out before BD movies do, so when they do come out, everyone who has paid good money for their PS3 will be able to play BD movies without spending any more money on a new player (or frickin' required $30 "playback kit", i.e. Xbox). I think that most of the as of yet uneducated people will hear about the new disc format when they buy their PS3s and how it can hold an immense amount compared to DVD, and when they see the same familiar BD logo from their console games on new HD releases of their favorite movies, it won't be too hard a decision to choose it over yet another new format, that they would have buy yet another new player for. Another thing, Warner Home Video is full of shit, all these assumptions aside, all we can know right now is that Sony will be using a higher capacity format to distribute their games, and assuming they make use of the space, this means bigger, better, higher textured games, unlike Microsoft who is still using DVD-5s or (presumably more common with the X360) DVD-9s for next-gen console games (a mistake in my opinion, the PS3 is going to blow the X360 out of the water if Sony plays nice with the consumer and they pick up a game with features and intrigue comparable to Halo). Promotion tactics my ass, Sony just happens to be moving forward at a faster pace and Warner is mad that they didn't think about using the same "tactics" to promote HD-DVD (which they would have, they're not the "innocent, plays-by-the-book new company being shouldered out of the market" that they pretend to be). One last thing, if Microsoft does release an HD-DVD or BD player addon for the X360, it certainly won't be cheap. The "optional" 20GB hard drive or "hard drive kit" costs the consumer an extra $100! Sure, it's twice the capacity of the original, but an HD twice the capacity of this new one costs less than half as much. Anyway, I estimate that the players will be, optimistically, about $180 max by the time Bill Gates associates himself with the name, and sorry if the price is wrong, I haven't read up on either formats' news in a while. In order to Xbox-ify either of them will cost probably another $25-$75, definitely more for BD. So, these addons will probably run about $200 or more, which may or may not be cheaper than buying an equally capable standalone in the future. But who knows, everyone here could be totally wrong and the corporate execs' hearts could have grown three sizes by now, I don't know and anybody who does is holding out on us. Anyway, it doesn't matter, because we know the thought of any resolution happening any time soon is just plain "stupid". That's it, sorry for the really long post, and by the way, I am by no means a Sony fanboy, I stand behind MS' ORIGINAL Xbox, it put my PS2 in it's grave, but with the new one, so many things should be there that just seem so obvious, considering the expense and the advances in technology.

2014.1.2006 5:04

Xbox 360 Games being on DVD disc would have been like having your Gamecube and PS2 games on VHS...

2114.1.2006 5:54

um, Xbox 360 games ARE on DVD discs

2214.1.2006 6:52

Wow, you're a smart one. Why don't you learn english and read my post again.

2314.1.2006 11:26

So I was wondering. I know the PS3 is going to be a blue-ray drive, but will the games actually be on blue-ray discs?? HD games? Isn't that what the "next gen consoles" are all about? So IF Microsoft decides to make the blue-ray addition to the 360, what are the chances of them selling a different version of the 360 with a blue-ray already installed?

2414.1.2006 11:56

I think it's more about how much space is on a Blu-ray Disc . How many Gigabytes on information it can hold . less compression , May be wrong thou And yeah PS3 games will be on Blu-ray format Discs

2514.1.2006 15:21

In my opinion, IQ 140 , there will not be a Blu-ray drive for the 360 for a minimum of two more years (After PS3 has had it's advantage). And I give it a 80% chance of never happening. I also give a 99% chance that games are moved to HD-DVD eventually and all the initial 360 buyers get screwed over. Including me, I hat emIcrosoft so much, and I reache dout and bought a couple 360s to give em chance, and guess what, I regretted it just like I knew I would.

2614.1.2006 18:21

I don't know how to say this, but remember when the PS1 came out and it only had CD-ROM based games, then when the PS2 came out, it had CD-ROM based games at first, then they started bringing out games on DVD-ROM? If the same thing applies with the PS3, games will be on DVD-ROM at first, then later on, games will be on BD-ROM. For the XBOX, games were on DVD-ROM only. Now wouldn't you think they would bring out games on the HD-ROM (not sure if that's it) based format for the XBOX 360 later on? They're going to release an HD-DVD add on later on, so it just seems a bit obvious. But then again, they didn't want to release JUST a game console (though that could be used to throw us off entirely).

2714.1.2006 20:32

What does anyones IQ have to do with this post?? We know you are smart man. I have read a lot of your post in the past and respect your opinions. I do agree with you reasons... What would sony gain to take a huge sum of money from microsoft allowing them to use the BR format for movies, or games. Wouldnot the xbox having a BR drive only make some people change their minds on whether or not they would buy the PS3 over the xbox 360. Yeah the quick cash would be great for sony coming from Micro but they would be helping Microsoft sell more 360 units which would be bad for the long run of the PS3 and its profits. Would it be better for sony to take the deal from microsoft now or wait and make its use of BRay first. Della, If people do start to demand the blue ray format on the xbox 360 then the xbox 360 would stuggle to sell consoles if they did not give the consumers what they want right??? So they would offer sony a deal. If sony rejected them the the 360 would be doomed to fail at making that run at dethroning sony in the videogaming market. That is exactly what sony would want. That is only if people happen to demand the blue ray in the future though. Sony would love to have the console sales look wop-sided as it did with the original xbox and ps2. I remeber the ps2 selling more than 90 million units and the xbox around 22 million or somewhere in that ballpark. Is that not what sony would want? Having Microsoft strangle its own 360 by the neck should the HD DVD fail to be in high demand. Sony would control the videogaming market again which is exactly what they want and they would still benefit from other companies use of the BR-disc as well with movies and etc...

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2815.1.2006 2:48

Sony would control the videogaming market again which is exactly what they want and they would still benefit from other companies use of the BR-disc as well with movies and etc...
I would imagine that Sony establishing Blu-Ray as the industry standard would be more profitable than dominating the video-game market. Blu-Ray is the bread-winner and having a large share of the game industry is a bonus. Sony is looking to their future by establishing format standards like UMD and Blu-Ray, and they are using their gaming systems to propel them. NOTE: My Magic 8-Ball says the Microsoft add-on will not see the light of day.
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2915.1.2006 4:30

As a consumer I have to agree that a combo drive is the only way to go. I would personally have rather seen both Sony and Microsoft take this direction. When these drives become available.... I will only be in the market for a combo if any. Although I will have a PS3 once released... I don't know if I would purchase a HD-DVD add on for my 360. Now if it's required some games then I will have no choice! They know what their doing!

3015.1.2006 4:52

does any one know how long sony can hold a patent on bd?
any country that sacrafices liberty for security deserves neither---ben franklin.

3115.1.2006 5:30

I think Reasons? 14 January 2006 20:21 post makes sense . It's to early to think Xbox 360 is gonna support Blu-ray Tech . Doubtfull they ever will. :/

3215.1.2006 13:42

Ofnir1 - PS3 games will b eon BD-R from the start because Sony wants to take advantag eof all the DRM protection of every game. lxhotboy - Alot of people don't have any sense, or logic, and fo rthose who trust you and would believe/get a sense that you're smart it makes people read your post. Alot of people skim an dmiss some of the poitns, it was more of an attension grabber and I am fairly sure more people who woudl have skimmed or skipped it, actually read it this time. Didn't you? In short, it was a phycological attention grabber, true story as well.

3316.1.2006 1:08

I missed that, thanks for pointing that out.

3416.1.2006 4:43

Reasons - Go on, stroke it a little more.......your ego that is. lol

3516.1.2006 7:16

Hey man, the guy asked, it's not like I volunteered it and questionaired how well it worked. Anyway, I'm still not Chinese or Japanese, damn, so I'll still never get anywhere, lol.

3616.1.2006 7:46

@ gamename I think its over at least 3 years. Now to the rest of you I think whats going to happen is that sony will NOT cut a deal with microsoft, reason being, Microsoft is marketing the 360 as a full entertainment system, with the availability to connect to the compt. for picture viewing and what not. While Sony has been hush hush on what PS3 will do. Microsoft allready has a leg up by being released first. Also I believe sony would like nothing better to see PS3 and XBOX go back to being strictly being for games. Reasoning.... Sony makes DVD players, and Blu-ray players, Now if XBOX didn't exsist do you believe PS2 would be able to play DVDs?? I don't I think sony would make you buy a seperate unit. But, who truly knows what will happen?? Nobody. Times change, moods swing. But I for one will never buy a sony product. There busness practices are terrible and I will not support it. (Psst. If XBOX360 can connect to comp. If yourComp has Blue-ray can video be transfered??) And I think I may have miss read and typed but XBOX 360 can allow people to view pictures from windows xp right?? LD

3716.1.2006 8:23

Maybe the Xbox 720 will have Green-Ray support ? :P

3816.1.2006 17:14

Microsoft's prctice is worse than Sony's, all Sony has done is tried on a very bad DRM. Microsoft on the other, more enlightened, hand has conducted myriads of illegal practices. They have tried and are slightly succeding in creating a monopoly, and make their business moves anti-consumer. Example: The Xbox 360 was released early to benefit Microsofts sales over the competition, but flaws in the software and hardware, complete lack of thermal effieciency, and disregard for a next gen format are giving consumers a kick in the nuts for helpign them. The stragtedy - Gettin gout first garuntees sales, not using a HD-DVD drive means they can sell it later as an 3x mark-up accessory. How does Sony handle the same area: PS3 has been in developement for over 6 year by the launch time, twice as logn as Xbox 360. SOny has not even tried to rush the release, but is tryign to keep it as early as hoped, because they have a mor ededicated nature to the quality of their product. The PS3 will also incorporate a Blue-ray drive from the start and will use standard 2.5" HDDs, that we hope ar enon-proprietary. We knwo however, that MS wants $100 for a 20GB 5400RPM Samsung 2.5" HDD. The Blu-ray drive not being an accessory sheds light on a little downright honesty about next gen console making. Not ohnly this, but do away with 64MB memory cards for $40 for Xbox 360 (I can buy a 1GB for that much damn money) and SOny will support over five formats of memory card syou already own. Why don't you throw some concrete anti-sony evidence my way. And don't bring out the DRM fiasco, if your dumb enought to get the virus, you sure as hell are too stupid to stop it before it even needs hiding. It's called Anti-Virus software from 2005-2006 with intrusion detection! I beg you though, why you against Sony??

3917.1.2006 3:00

I dont if anyone is still listening to this but that BR comment I heard was made by J allard. But fairly quickly M$ ( Bill ) have said that they will not be making a BR add on. So it's all a bit of a hype if you ask me. Besides MS are pushing HD-DVD big time. THe only way we'll see a BR drive for 360 is if HD-DVD dies on it's arse. Even if it not the No.1 in the movie capacity it could still have a market in PC world. If it does, dont expect there to be a BR drive for 360.

4017.1.2006 3:22

@ lawndog could you elaborate on exactly why U dont like sony??? It makes you seem very biased when you say things like that without giving anything to support that decision. Oh by the way microsoft made windows with security flaws and they knew it. But i dont turn my back on their products to be so biased and ignorant that i would not try another product or merchandise that microsoft would make in the future. Same principle as i am sure every car manufacturer has had some type of recall on at least one of its cars before and if we did nt buy a particular brand car just b.c of something like that i am sure we would all be walking.

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4117.1.2006 7:28

Reasons I don't like sony are mostly personal problems, I'll retake the busnees practices to a point,being that every company does shady practices. I do have a problem with the whole BMG-Sony cd deal, From a personal stand point I've had alot of problems with most of the products, Home theater surround sound- burners-viaos-mp3 players. Those are personal products I have bought that were sony made, and I have had problems with. Not so much with other products. Also sony is a major record label. The people who will charge $15.00 for a cd that has 2 good songs, then jump in bed with the RIAA to prasecute ppl that download songs, but will mess up your computer via DRM, when you do buy a cd. I'm not saying microsoft is any better, but also remember, HP, Comapct and all other computer manufactors cHoice to put microsoft on the comps. there are other programs to use, linex is one of them. Or a mac. Just my opion, and we are free to have them. I was talking to my company mechanic the other day, He wasn't fixing our equipment as good as he could, so I asked him why is he doing a half a__'d job?, His reply..... Job security Sounds just like microsoft to me.

4217.1.2006 7:38

oh also no I did not get the DRM virus thing myself, but, I am still allowed to be upset about it. There are many sony fans out there. Heck thay are probley the biggest electronic manufactor. I'm just one of the few that won't buy their products anymore. I will voice my opion to others not to. thay have the CHOICE to listen or not. While sony will put a DRM thing on a few cds and if you don't have virus protection on your comp you lose your ability to choice if that DRM gets on your comp.

4317.1.2006 8:10

I always buy Sony because of the reliability and generally more advanced inner workings and features of hardware and software. To each his own though, I just can't say I have ever had a problem with a product from them. I profoundly regret having an ipod instead Sony's HDD MP3 player. The thing can only be updated from one computer! And the soudn quality is absolutely terible! If you have ever heard a source file 320kbps MP3 put onto a PSP in 132kbps atrac3plus, you would be amazed. It' hard to pull it off, but the Japanese culture background of Sony also influences alot of their stuff, quality and consumer first. It's a hard point to use, but believe me or don't, don't flame my opinion on it.

4417.1.2006 8:23

sorry if you felt i was "flaming your opinion" I was just stating stuff. Heck thats what the forums about right. Oh well, I'm sure our paths will cross again, but I am bowing out of this topic before the mods realize that we got this far off topic. No, I'm not wussing out, I think we both said our peace, and agree to disagree. been fun. whether you buy a 360 or a ps3, blue-ray or HD-DVD, or sit back and twiddle your thumbs, yall have fun LD

4517.1.2006 18:02

Peace LD.

Fanboy is a term used to describe someone who is utterly devoted to a single subject. This generally is followed by the devotion and support even when proved wrong.

Anecdotal, by my definition, it's the way too many people here think. It's also all the evidence you have.

Xbox 360 GT: NEGATIVE 273K

My advice: Wait for PS3.

466.4.2006 12:03

Ok first off @ akitchens There will likely NEVER be a combo drive. Not now, not a year from now, never. This is like saying that people wanted a Beta/VHS combo drive back in the Betamax and VHS war. This is a war for a dominating medium which has just about always left a single medium in the end. If you want a modern day example just look at DVD-A and SACD. There are VERY FEW players that play both and this war just about ruined both formats. Nothing but mass confusion. Next, the thought of the 360 having a Blue-Ray drive is comical to me and I am surprised to see so much talk about it due to a single person saying, ďItís possible we could useÖ.*insert anything here*Ē If I had a dime for everything I ever heard was a possibility that didnít happen then I would be rich. To be honest, I donít even expect a HD-DVD drive add on to come about for the 360. If I had to place my bet they would stick with the DVD drive through this console and utilize better and better compression techniques. Who ever said that a game needed 40GB of space anyway? If I had to guess I would say that most games donít use but one layer of a DVD. Heck, Iím sure plenty of games could still easily fit on a CD!! NextÖ As to business practices. I dislike both companies but they have both been successful by being ruthless. Plain and simple. MS has copied ideas and out marketed their competitors to the point that they had to shut down or join the big MS machine. On the other side we have Sony. People say the dominated Sega and the DC. The only reason is Sony had way more money and bought out 3rd party support so the DC had no chance. I STILL say that the DC was a superior system to the PS2 in that it was easy to develop for. Anyone still remember the DOA2 games that some reviewers liked better on the DC? Also, I dislike Sony because they are a key player behind the push to change interfaces for television and basically everything so that we canít back up our own movies. Ask ANYONE who back up DVDs who has put the most time and effort into keeping them from doing so and they will tell you it is Sony. I will say that I understand Sonyís point in trying to stop piracy but in their quest to do so they go way over the line and much further than everyone else it seems. @ Reasons? I like a lot of your logic but some of it I strongly disagree with. The first being that MS is just looking to release an add on later. Yes, they screwed up making the HD a separate unit but we all know that no add-on (after launch at least) has ever been a true success and has done nothing but divide the market. Just look at PS2ís crappy online plan and extreme poor support for the HD they released as an example. Next, your assessment of how brilliant Sony is with their 6 years of planning for the PS3 is a bit over complimentary if you ask me. It doesnít take 6 years to develop a system. With the right money and 3rd party support (wish MS now has) you could likely launch a system in half that time. Also, someone saying they have been planning and even designing something could mean as little as one person saying to another, ďI think we will do a PS3. We should make it better and allow more colors. Wouldnít that be cool?Ē You have to take information and who is pushing the information and get the true value out of it. With all of this in mind I move on to your statement that they have a more dedicated nature to the quality of their product. This is a really chuckle for me. Are we talking about the same company who I bought 3 Playstations from because they stopped working (along with TONS of people) while they maintained that the system was perfectly fine? Even game review mags had pics of their gamers with Playstations on their sides or upside down so they would play the games. Ok, next comment about Blu-ray and something about honesty of next gen console making. The fact that Sony is including Blu-ray, while they are the main PUSH behind the medium really shows little about their honesty of their next gen console. All it shows is that they are trying to cleverly conquer the new format war by including the drive in the PS3. People donít need that much data for games. In fact, the only thing all that extra space will be useful for in reality is 1080p HD movies that are extremely long and with crappy compression techniques or no compression at all. If you are into HD, and Iím assuming you are then youíve seen the new 1080p sets compared to 1080i. The difference in picture clarity is miniscule to say the least so we come full circle and ask, what is the Blu-ray drive in the PS3 for. Nope, not for gaming. Nope, not because it is truly needed for great HD movies. Only one reason and that is because Sony wants to own a chunk of the next medium. Just think, they can then put ARccOS, etc on everything. One final comment. Iím not Pro MS or Pro Sony. Sony does some good things. I like their HDTVs and I loved my 3 Playstations. I even enjoyed my PS2 for a while. I also dislike what MS has done to lock down software. Iím not saying that one is better than the other. I suppose Iím just saying to stop painting Sony out to be some glorious company that loves everyone. They would sell you a brick for $300 if you were dumb enough to buy it. Itís business I suppose..

4718.4.2006 10:13

I refuse to buy a playstation3 in it's first shipment, every time I buy any playstation early I get screwed. I had to purchase a playstion2 4 times and playstion 3 times. So when I hear that sony is going to use Blu-ray technology I decided I would wait and see how it pans out. Sony is an incredible manufacturer, don't get me wrong, but I'm not going to spend that much money on a game that doesn't have a 100% provent format. If XBox is smart they will stick to the well tested HD-DVD format.

4819.4.2006 8:50

I feel you man. I owned like 3 Playstations. Hmm.. If I remember correctly I only owned one PS2. Then again it rarely got played due to my Xbox and fps games. I played my Playstation all of the time.

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