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Recording Industry claims anti-piracy efforts are working

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 22 Jan 2006 16:55 User comments (8)

Recording Industry claims anti-piracy efforts are working The chairman of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), John Kennedy, has said that legal advances and key victories worldwide in the recording industry's fight against illegal file sharing were helping to contain the problem. He made his comments at the MIDEM music trade fair in Cannes. He called on Internet service providers to begin blocking Internet access to persistent illegal file sharers and condemned the French proposals to legalise online sharing of copyrighted music and movies.
Kennedy said that judgments by four courts in Australia, Korea and the United States represented "a real sea change world-wide" that would help the digital music business to grow. "We believe we are containing the problem," he said. He said that the 20,000 lawsuits against individuals in 17 separate countries "are changing consumers' attitudes". Legal downloads of single music tracks more than doubled in 2005 to 240 million.

As for the French proposals, Kennedy said he was optimistic that the French wouldn't go through with it. He said the move would kill the French music Industry. "I can't believe that at the end of the day, the French government will want this," he said. According to EMI Europe chief executive officer Jean-Francois Cecillon, just 20 million of the 1 billion tracks downloaded in France in 2005 were legally bought.


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8 user comments

123.1.2006 2:17

Oh yeah, those efforts are still working, despite the millions of people still using P2P.. "He called on Internet service providers to begin blocking Internet access to persistent illegal file sharers and condemned the French proposals to legalise online sharing of copyrighted music and movies." They ISPs will lose a hell of a lot of customers if they start to block access to those using P2P.. -Mike

223.1.2006 2:29

20,000 lawsuits... 99% of them in the U.S. The only people that are discontinuing P2P are the yanks.

323.1.2006 10:07

And for every person who starts using legal music services, about 20 stop buying music altogether and start using P2P - great victory for the music industry. Hopefully France's move will kill the music industry so that artists can flourish and distribute their work without handing all their rights over to greedy labels who do nothing but soak up money that they didn't earn.

424.1.2006 4:50

Those who purchase CD or the like, should stop altogher buying them. Is like someone punching you and then saying that they are sorry.Always trying to cut the hand that feeds them.Is too bad consumers feel they're obligated to purshase music, and not fight for thier rights.

525.1.2006 14:20

I think they should stop wasting their time and ours because this is just dum. They are trying to fight a battle they can't win anymore. Probably 10 years ago they could of made a difference but not anymore. There will always be anti-piracy and they can't stop it anymore. And who is to say they don't download music for free. I wouldn't really care if they lost an extra dollar because its not there money there earning. They earn there money through the artist and without them they would loose more that just a dollar. To me I buy only the cds I actually like. And sometimes just 1 or 2 songs are good out of the entire cds so i end up not buying it. And I get my music trough other ways, and the only people that gain anything out of all this is the people that provide the same music for cheaper. "If you know what I mean" "Pimps Up Hoez Down" And the words in parantasis is copyrighted but people will still use this words because it is natural to take other peoples ideas and make profit out of them. That is what the music industry has been doing.

626.1.2006 15:16

I have not bought a CD from a label in a long time. Support the indie bands. All the money from the sale of the record goes to them, not the label.

726.1.2006 17:25

Too bad the MPAA's anti-piracy success didn't happen inside THEIR OWN HEADQUARTERS!

828.1.2006 10:32

I dont support someone copying and selling someone elses material but I see nothing wrong with copying and sharing music or movies. The last thing as an artist you want to do is limit your availablity, being famous is about being as popular as possible not limiting yourself through copy protection.These companies are trying to monopolize and controll distribution, overpopulation and too much compitition and poor products not filesharing is largely do to poor sales. aparently Kennedy doesnt realize the american goverment aka the people dont want this and are laregly being bypassed by a corrupt political system. I think the lobbying scandal is just the tip of the iceberge, its obvious no american would support arresting a 13 year old child and thier mother for piracy, its funny how american consumers are being bypassed when it comes to asking about what they want when it comes to filesharing laws, it makes me realize america is largely owned now by Mgm,Fox, Sony and a few others and Religious groups with enough money to pay off judges wich is what lobbying is all about. How can the do it when all I have to do is destroy the data. You know if they do search and seizure people will just destroy the data and start suing the goverment. In disgust of the movie and music industry I dont think i'll ever again buy another movie or piece of music. Question is do you really want a world so asinine and off base where your kid is given the electric chair for uploading 20,000 songs. Its just music and movies. Its not crack. Its not guns. We dont give hardened criminals who kill and have hard drugs the amount of attention were giving people who copy 5 dvds at 250,000 dollars a pop. OJ didnt pay as much. If were that stupid we deserved to nuke ourself out of existence with this anti-orwellist pro fascist consumerism american journalists have decided to adopt. Worse is when I see obvious stories like this wich lead me to realize thier payed advertisements by companies paying off journalists to write pro-anti-piracy comments. America sadly makes me just want to puke anymore as an american.

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