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Nokia's N91 music phone will start shipping this week

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 03 Apr 2006 14:45 User comments (5)

Nokia's N91 music phone will start shipping this week Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia said today that 6 of it's newest phones missed their target Q1 release due to software issues. One of these phones is Nokia's premium music phone, the N91. Nokia Multimedia division spokesman Kari Tuutti said that the N91 model, which includes a 4GB HDD, will start shipping this week. He also said that the N71 and N80 phones would start deliveries in the next two weeks or so. The N91 was intended for release before Christmas last year, but the company had to delay due to software problems.
Nokia had said that a primary reason for the delay of the N91's release was ensuring a solid implementation of Microsoft's Windows Media DRM software. The company wants the phone to be compatible with as many music providers as possible. The phone supports the MP3, M4A, AAC and WMA formats. "Because the devices are pocketable computers, we need to make sure of the software," Tuutti said.

Along with the three N-Series phones set to be released soon, three E-Series phones, the E60, E61 and E71 models are also expected to start shipments in a few weeks. These models are aimed at business users and are part of the company's plan to win more of the corporate market, which is dominated by RIM's BlackBerry. "The basic issue is really about the interoperability of various enterprise applications ... (like) email device management and so on," Pekka Isosomppi, spokesman for Nokia's Enterprise division, told Reuters. "They all need to be cross-tested against one another."


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5 user comments

13.4.2006 19:27

unfortunantaly in this world, if it doesn't play iTunes it will fail

23.4.2006 20:24

I strongly disagree. music doesnt just come from iTunes, in fact, quite a few people who will buy N91 probably will have never used iTunes in their lives. I'd assume that software will be included to rip tracks from CDs and of course, many ppl have large collections of MP3. I hate to say it, but ROKR played iTunes and it is failing. I know there are other factors (such as the crappy storage limit) invloved in that case but I'm just saying, you don't need to support FairPlay DRM for your device to sell.

34.4.2006 10:57

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424.4.2006 4:00

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522.8.2006 11:09

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