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Microsoft steps up Windows Genuine Advantage trial

Written by James Delahunty @ 25 Apr 2006 3:18 User comments (56)

Microsoft steps up Windows Genuine Advantage trial Microsoft has stepped up its Windows Genuine Advantage Desktop Notifications trial by including the United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand. The Desktop notifications tool displays a message saying "This copy of Windows is not genuine; you may be a victim of software counterfeiting" if the installation doesn't pass the security test. The message displays at startup, login and randomly during use of the operating system.
People can decline the tool or completely uninstall it if they wish. To suppress messages, you need to right click on them. Since it's lunch in 2004, Windows Genuine Advantage has been beaten by simple workarounds discovered and spread by hackers. Microsoft setup WGA to try find suppliers of pirated copies of Windows XP and give a user a chance to buy a legitimate copy instead.

Over 150 million PCs participated in the program so far. PCs found with a pirated installation will be blocked from downloading tools such as Windows Defender and Windows Media Player. Security updates are not blocked under any circumstances however. Microsoft's next operating system, Windows Vista, will include similar security checks that will disable several of the operating systems features if it isn't found to be a legitimate installation.


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56 user comments

125.4.2006 04:18

I find this a fair way to protect their product from piraters. Secuirty updates are still available which i find to be very important for all of our sakes. Hey, its better than what $ony does to protect their cd and material right?!

225.4.2006 06:50

What Sony does with its rootkit is ILLEGAL. I hope they get sued to Hell. Now, with microsoft, seriously now, how can you not know if what you have is not a pirated copy? If you want to buy the damn thing, go to circuit city or best buy and don't go see Pedro on the street corner that sells it for 10$. So what's the use of Windows Genuine Advantage for the consummer, realistically speaking? None. Yes, that's right, it doesn't protect the consummer, it protects the companies interest. Let's be real about it, unless you're the most naive and computer illiterate person on the face of the globe, I don't see much need for it. Just bypass the damn thing, end of story.

325.4.2006 08:24

Ya this is only upgrade to existing check but microsoft probably has its hands full fixing their operating system so when someone bypasses it everyone who has illegal copy and knows something about computers will enjoy that for quite a while. i know few people who have purchased the legimet copy of XP but are just so damn tired of contacting m$ for exampel changing cd-rom to dvd that they have hacked that check up and searched new serials from the internet. Seriosly this is what i would call retired. Well i have had good reason not to upgrade from win2k to xp. unfortunately vista seems to be must be upgrade for me because of dx10 or w/e it is called.

425.4.2006 09:37

what is wrong with a company protecting its interests anyway? Ok, I know Microsoft practically owns the world but hey, that's business for you, and any software company must think along the same lines eventually. Of course, you'd have to be pretty lame not to realise that you've got a pirated operating system copy, but I can think of a few family members who wouldn't think twice about giving their PCs to mates/work colleagues to fix if they have a problem and not ask how they solved it....or hey that's a great upgrade, how much? Just my thoughts, at least Microsoft are being sued for their monopoly but it's still got its business interests and it would be pretty dumb not to try and stop piracy, even if it does deserve it.

525.4.2006 10:24

I've got a genuine version of Windows, so I don't mind them checking. I've got nothing to hide. I agree with taldy, yes, MS are a large company, but they've got to protect their software same as any company. I bet it Google did something like this everyone would praise it. (I like Google btw, just more people seem to like them that MS).

625.4.2006 10:41

Fair enough. I on a legitimate copy of Windows anyway (honestly, lol) and find it understandable they want to make sure no-one pirates their software. Yep, I aint got nothing to hide. -Mike

725.4.2006 10:51

I think is dum to have an ilegit OS, as expensive as it is, if prorated thru the useful life of a computer it's not that bad. And I agree, at least they have the decency not to act as sony is doing. At least for now.

825.4.2006 10:53

@chicken R "I've got a genuine version of Windows, so I don't mind them checking. I've got nothing to hide." The Supreme Court has ruled that exercision of a right is not grounds for suspection or probable cause. hehehee I am against monopolies for the simple reason they regress and stifle progress due to their sole ownership of a product, software, etc without competition giving them a run for their money. In any event, if you people like rootkits, WGA, and "I will enter your home and take your computer away if we disagree as to how you used our product" then by all means, be free to enjoy that pattern of customer type retaliation offered by these major corporations. Personally, I won't stand for it, and somebody should come up with an operating system that rivals and exceeds Windows. Not hard to do cuz windows sucks. Seriously, who wants to deal with a centillion spywares, trojans, viruses, worms on a daily basis!!

925.4.2006 11:10

You can always use LINUX but it is starting to be attacked. The attacks on LINUX have doubled. The reason there are some many threats to Windows is there a some many PC's using it. If I made a product I would protect it. The cost if Windows is not that bad in a new machine ( the price of the OS is included in the price of the PC ) If you bulid your own, that is when it can be costly. I get mine for on-line dealers. Best Buy, COMPUSA and the like rape people on their OS software prices.

1025.4.2006 12:34

I totally agree about monopolies and how, if left without being challenged, will suck the life out of any market and yes Microsoft has such a stronghold on the IT industry that it is like a disease.....but it has still pioneered personal computing, no-one can dispute that, even tho Windows has mega flaws, it still is the most popular OS.....and as consumers we have a choice to go for other products if we don't agree with MS. It is a worry tho that they could take it further like the music/film industry have and it is heading that way, perhaps I'll be eating my words this time next year and will have no internet access and a redundant PC!! But, my version of XP SP2 is definitely legit....on this PC in any case!

1125.4.2006 15:17

The legitcheckcontrol.dll fix doesn't seem to work anymore, after Microsoft updated their Genuine Advantage Validation program today. Anyone have a new workaround?

1225.4.2006 15:25

Are you kidding me??!! Let's talk about Bill Gates ethics shall we? Does anyone recall where he cooked up windows operating systems in the first place? That's right, he hacked it from his own roomate in college and then turned sold it to the world. And now.., bill gates wants to monopolize and control everything (up to and including monitoring what goes into your own "my documents" folders.)Bill Gates didnt give two-shits about stealing a mac operating system and then later screwing over Macintosh corporation itself, so..., why should i care about putting more gas in his yacht for the week by paying outrageous prices for a "legitimate copy" of windows?? Answer: thankgod for hackers

1325.4.2006 19:02

ha ha ha i like the new windows xp sp3 wich is best xp ever they going to be cracked no mater what bill billioner do long live hackers.....

1425.4.2006 19:38

Long live hackers! Down with thieving techno-pointdexters like microsofts Bill Gates. I personally thought, after the Rockefeller incident, that monopolies were illegal by law!! YA RIGHT!!!

1526.4.2006 01:00

@hot_ice US Supreme Court means nothing to me, I live in the UK ;) All I meant was that I've got a legit copy on Windows, so I don't mind the WGA tool. :)

1626.4.2006 07:51

ok folks! this crack works: [removed] microsft are takeing the P!?S

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1726.4.2006 09:36

A little bit more of the same... According to CNET, Microsoft is going to start beta testing a new Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications tool that will run in the Windows operating system and notify users if it finds their system to be pirated. Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications will be rolled out to a random set of users in the United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand. If the tool finds the system to contain an invalid license key, it will alert the user with, "This copy of Windows is not genuine; you may be a victim of software counterfeiting." Although the alert seems threatening, users can decline the install, and they can also uninstall the software if they please. If a user chooses to run the tool with an invalid license key, he can close an alert by clicking on it. The alerts do not stay static on the screen and do not prevent a user from receiving security updates.

1826.4.2006 10:13

Well after alot of searching, I didn't find any way to remove this WGA Notifications, so just went looking for the filenames. I imagine just renaming the associated files (list found in install log, wganotify.txt, wga.txt, whatever) to *.old or whatever, will get rid of it. C:/WINDOWS/system32/LegitCheckControl.dll C:/WINDOWS/system32/WgaLogon.dll C:/WINDOWS/system32/WgaTray.exe C:/WINDOWS/system32/DllCache/WgaLogon.dll C:/WINDOWS/system32/DllCache/WgaTray.exe Not sure how this fares on other versions of Windows XP, but XP Pro SP2 (Norwegian version) was what I used, and all I had to do was go to: C:/WINDOWS/Temp/wganotify.settings, open the file and change Disabled value from False to True. Unsure of how effective this will be in future - the fact it's in the Temp folder has given me doubts, but try it and see :-) In future, avoid installing the update Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications. PauL

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1926.4.2006 20:41

Microsoft likes piracy for a few reasons. 1) they moan to the media on how much they lose. 2) it kills off the idea of people switching to open source operating systems 3) it allows them to put more "safety" features in their os's to limit the user's productivity. Its funny how they always say we lost 50 million dollars. But they NEVER say how much they made. Probably 47times that amount. I dont think microsoft employees will starve from losses due to piracy.

2026.4.2006 22:47

hi all read it loads to here... 1, C:WINDOWSSoftwareDistributionDownload6c4788c9549d437e76e1773a7639582a 2, C:WINDOWSSystem32wgatray.exe 3, C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataWindows Genuine Advantagedatadata.dat wonder what would happen if you deleted info in .DAT file and made read only? and changed other 2 to ext .BAK ummm? interesting..........

2127.4.2006 15:16

And for those of us who dont care about WGA or IE for that matter . Finally we can uninstall IE!!! Well no no we cant because MS has that crap built into the explorer.exe oh well my 2 cents.

2227.4.2006 15:52

Don't get me started with Microsoft, Bill Gates, and monopolies... However, Microsoft doesn't lose a single dime, and WGA is a tool to preserve their interests. What does the customer usually care if its legit or not, the customer only wants a working copy, end of story.

2327.4.2006 15:53

Really, this doesn't keep people from downloading Windows Defender and Windows Media Player. Why? Because someone with a genuine copy of Windows can just burn the installation file to a CD or DVD, give it to their friend who had a counterfeit copy of Windows and BOOM! They can install it on the illegal copies of Windows! Internet Explorer 7 Beta does it a different way and the correct way. It does the Genuine Article check WHEN YOU ARE INSTALLING, and if your version is a counterfeit, it won't install!

2427.4.2006 16:27

Really simple bleep MICROSOFT!!!!!

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2527.4.2006 20:12

Ok!! at the end the day Bill Gates is a bleep. all that money and he still looks like a NOB! i dont give a bleep if i rip the bleep off cos i aint paying for his software or any other bleep for that matter. All they are doing is letting you know they are there watcing you rip them off, A bit like your TV licence?

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2627.4.2006 22:14

man you people with legit copys think your all special i bought my computer at a show and it came with windows xp----but im sorry to say it was the home addition ---and i thought legit i payed over 1000 dollars for the package and then when i go to upgrade i get those messages and my cpu does not work just restarts and restarts over and over-------------i bought it at a big show whos responisible-------the show--the company is located in ohio or something------and i think they were just trying to make a buck--that weekened so what do i do----i get a copy or a fake version from a friend of sp2 professional with the crack and it works cause to buy the legit copy is like 200 dollars --for something i already should have owned-- so screw you all---i do what i can when i have too---i look out for me --------------------------so screw big daddy company---they wont send me a legit copy--they will say its my fault-----so screw em

2728.4.2006 05:48

Micro$haft will let you replace a counterfeit/bogus XP you got from a disreputable person. You hafta send them the receipt and all that shit... Not sure of their cost to you for "genuine" but hey it may be cheaper than $200

2828.4.2006 05:55

How do you remove the WGA from your computer after you have installed it? or disable it but really want to remove it. And the following line still work to disable security check for windows xp javascript:void(window.g_sDisableWGACheck='all').

2928.4.2006 08:47

hi all read it loads to here... 1, C:WINDOWSSoftwareDistributionDownload6c4788c9549d437e76e1773a7639582a 2, C:WINDOWSSystem32wgatray.exe 3, C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataWindows Genuine Advantagedatadata.dat wonder what would happen if you deleted info in .DAT file and made read only? and changed other 2 to ext .BAK ummm? interesting..........

3028.4.2006 10:21

Two idiots are gone for swearing and posting a link to cracks. Anyone else want to break some more rules? Wassup Rotary? :D

My killer sig came courtesy of bb "El Jefe" mayo.
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3128.4.2006 10:25

hi there nep yeah all good here... i see things have changed on tolerance, looking good for it though i must say! keep up the great work mods! rots...

Nothing here to see, move along folks.

3228.4.2006 10:30

Yes my tolerance has gone way down especially for common sense things like foul language :)

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"And there we saw the giants, and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight" - Numbers 13:33

3328.4.2006 14:04

whew --nep i thought for a minute i was kicked out for the word screw----scared me brotha i know someone explained the crack and what to do above ---so hopefully im smart enough to figure it out hey nep is there a link to all these rules or the new ones so i can brush up on stuff--cause i dont want to lose my status

3428.4.2006 14:06

ok dumb # 2 for me theres a link under your name man im slow go raiders draft aj hawk please

3528.4.2006 16:08

Enough already! You can get a legal copy of Win XP Pro for $80 on Ebay or Froogle. I'd be willing to wager that people have spent more than $80 on less valuable things. Think about how much use you get out of windows for your money. That ethical "I hate M$" bullshit, i'm sick of hearing it as an excuse. Windows... IT'S WORTH THE MONEY, BUY IT OR LEAVE IT.

3628.4.2006 16:17

Thank you mattspeed for stating what is common sense.

3728.4.2006 20:47

I agree with mattspeed, there are several sites out there to obtain a cheaper and legal copy of xp, from what i've seen however, the genuine advantage program is actually a rather good idea to me, i wouldn't have a problem with spending 150 bucks to convert a illegal copy of xp pro to a legit copy.

3829.4.2006 02:31

So,all things being equal, is Mattspeed gone for his cursing or is that just something your randomly doing when someone curses? So much for that old underground feel afterdawn USED to have.

3929.4.2006 05:02

Excuse a noob... this referenced what mattspeed said... i found a website that sells XP Pro w/ SP2 for $59.95 and it's downloadable from their website ... it's oem .... so is oem any different than out-of-the-box Windoze ?!?

4029.4.2006 05:21

>>> rrawding, can you put the link to the site, so we can check it out for you? Thanks. Matt

4129.4.2006 05:30

Sure, It's *removed* Thanks. My kid mananged to get himself a bogus XP I'm trying to save him some $$$

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4229.4.2006 05:33

hi i think thats pirate software!

4329.4.2006 05:56

Rotary, So how can anyone tell if it is pirated or not ?!? Site "looks" legitimate. And I've seen some 'legitimate - looking' copies of XP Pro on eBay that also are selling pretty cheaply........... And if this website is selling pirated stuff, why isn't Micro$oft all over it like flies on poop? And a lot of Windoze XP "updates" are just plugging the holes in it's XP "swiss cheese" ... so do I have my kid go to Linux .... he's leaning that way anyway...

4429.4.2006 06:04

hi i know alot of those softwares and if you go to legit sites like amazon etc check out the real prices and they come on hard copies cds or dvds i would be very careful!!! autocad for $99.99 when it costs $900 umm interesting... pick any software and check it out

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Nothing here to see, move along folks.

4529.4.2006 06:18

From the website: "Important: By pressing this button you agree to receive the software designated for home use only without any certificate or a license. You will not be able to register this software with the manufacturer." Bottom line: DO NOT BUY THIS!!!!! The owner of the domain is in Russia, see here for the WHOIS STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEBSITE Y'ALL.

4629.4.2006 07:37

yeah they may post the COA (certificate of authenticity) to you to stick on your pc lol

Nothing here to see, move along folks.

4729.4.2006 10:42

oops i got stung by a bee on my left lower cheek

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4829.4.2006 11:24

I think is just better to stick to an original version. Really! Why go thru all that stress of getting the crack, see if it works, etc., etc. and in a few days, start the cycle all over... I prefer peace of mind. Don't you guys??? My thoughts anyway :) ...

4929.4.2006 16:45

Thanks for the tips..... I told my kid that he could do what he wanted to about it, but it is his neck.... I forked out the $200 for the XP upgrade while I was running 98SE from the PC I got in 1998 {which is this one I'm still running BTW) - I couldn't see buying the millenium edition which was about as good as Microsoft "Bob" from a few years back.... (mohahahahaha) {lukutman will likely get booted b/c of his posted crack}

5029.4.2006 22:09

lukutman is dancing with the devil - muahahaha a a a

Nothing here to see, move along folks.

5129.4.2006 22:57

Not to go on a tangent here, but since we are talking about piracy, here's something that came to mind. You pay 10$ to go to the movies, you bring your significant other with you, you're excited because this will be the best movie you will ever see, then "it" comes up... Right after the ads, which honestly, I am not sure why these harrassing ads are there in the first place, there is the anti-piracy advertisement. It has a provocative song to it, some stuntmen, and then boom the punch line:" You wouldn't steal a car, a woman's purse...etc" How does piracy compare to stealing an old lady's possessions? Or stealing a car, evading policy, and accidentally running over innocent bystanders? Just a thought here...

5230.4.2006 19:16

I was just looking at the price of XP home $85 and XP Pro $135 not bad but then I seen this Important Note Thank you for your interest in purchasing a Microsoft desktop operating system program from Z@#Z**mF!y. Under the agreement with Microsoft that computer stores such as Z@#Z**mF!y must abide by, we are only allowed to sell this desktop operating system to you, the end user, if you also order either a fully assembled computer system or a non-peripheral computer hardware component in the same transaction. A fully assembled computer system shall consist of at least a central processing unit, a motherboard, a hard drive, a power supply and a case. This applies to every Microsoft operating system program you intend to order. If you are ordering two Microsoft operating system programs, you must also order two qualifying accompanying products in the same transaction. So I'll get the illegal copy for now

5330.4.2006 19:55

TO: hot_ice Stealing/Pilleging Vs E-Pirating is definately an outrageous comparison. I agree fully with your point. The MPAA and RIAA are clutching at straws. Could this mark them end for them, as was the case recently with Kodak?

5430.4.2006 20:09

Everybody that says windows suck because of all of the virus's and spyware and adware and stuff like that...arn't right The people make their virus',spyware,adware,etc.... written in windows format because most people use it..........If linux was the most popular than people would write all of the virus' in Linux.....Simple as that I like microsoft.......I also like Linux ...I don't see what the big deal is....If you can't deal with Windows than get linux and be ready to learn alot of stuff My 2 cents

5510.11.2007 11:12

Take care MS has other web sites checking Windows. See the following source code:

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href="SAMSUNG's%20Digital%20World_files/microsoftgenuine.css" type=text/css
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<SCRIPT language=JavaScript

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function init(){

<SCRIPT language=JavaScript>
function measureTCP() {

var domain = document.domain;

if (domain == "") {
rid = "wct_uk_pre";
} else {
rid = "wct_adn_uk_pre";

<!-- BEGIN : Microsoft® Windows® Line Listing : Tooltip Style Configuration -->
<STYLE type=text/css>#genuineTooltip {
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<DIV class=genuineLayer id=genuineTooltip
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class=genuineLayerEx>Windows</SPAN> is authentic <SPAN
class=genuineLayerEx>Windows</SPAN> software that is properly licensed and
legally installed. Learn more about the special benefits reserved for genuine
<SPAN class=genuineLayerEx>Windows</SPAN> customers by visiting <SPAN
class=genuineLayerEx><A href=""
target=_blank></A></SPAN></DIV><!-- END
: Microsoft Windows Line Listing : Tooltip DIV --><!--BEGIN TOP Navigation-->
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566.3.2008 19:23

Something? O_o

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