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MPAA enlists football legend Pelé in piracy fight

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 10 Jun 2006 10:06 User comments (23)

MPAA enlists football legend Pelé in piracy fight The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has enlisted football legend Pelé to encourage fans to "score a goal against piracy". The footballer and trade group made a Public Service Announcement that will be displayed by networks during the 2006 World Cup. The networks that will show the PSA include ESPNEWS, ESPN Classics, FOX Sports and HBO Ole. The MPAA says Pelé "embodies the notion of fair play and love of the game".
Pelé's own 2004 film, Pelé Forever, was widely pirated and available on the streets of Latin America. The MPAA chose Pelé because the typical pirate is apparently male and aged between 16 and 24 years old. The MPAA says that Pelé has broad support from individuals in that age group in countries across the world.

"We are honored to have a distinguished teammate in Pelé in our fight against film copyright theft," said Chairman and CEO of the MPAA Dan Glickman. "Pelé has a reputation for fair play and in this public service announcement, he carries that message to people - urging them to do the right thing by renting, buying or downloading movies legally."

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23 user comments

110.6.2006 11:30

Well that is absolutely pitiful, Pele is how old? 98 Anyhow I can't see how this is going to benefit the MPAA anyway. I don't really think that he is going to have an impact on piracy at all, the way that the MPAA thinks he might. They are going to spend more money on advertising and lose even more when this doesn't affect anything involved in pirating movies.

210.6.2006 12:27

Seems like the MPAA is getting desperate. OMG Pele is going to help. Im never gonna back up another DVD ever again!!!</sarcasm>

310.6.2006 14:13

This makes me want to find an illegitemate copy of that pele movie!

410.6.2006 15:39

Rome, me too, lol

510.6.2006 16:02

Damn, Pele will promote anything for the right amount of money. First Viagra, now piracy... Is there anything he WON'T endorse? It kind of sours his reputation...

610.6.2006 16:14

Honestly i dont understand how this is going to help the MPAA in anyway what so ever it's pointless people aint gonna listen to anything some old dude that used to play (great) "Soccer" like 40 years ago :-/

710.6.2006 19:15

Seems to me like, if anything, this would only increase awareness that free multimedia exists on the internet; seeing as though some still have no idea where to get it from. Hey whatever. This changes nothing as far as my downloading is concerned.

810.6.2006 23:13

If the MPAA and RIAA took all the money they spend on licensing CP systems THAT DO NOT WORK, paying stars or ex-stars to prostitute themselves out for a few thousand bucks, paying off Senators and Congressmen as well as MP's in other countries, paying lawyers to sue ]bcustomers, paying a third party to harass those sued and settle these suits, the money spent on saying don't pirate our stuff etc etc AND JUST REDUCED THE COST OF THEIR PRODUCT to a reasonable level (and not necessarily saying Americans are RICH so they pay $20, Europe is Well Off so they pay 20 Euro, 3rd world is poor so they pay $2.... this JUST MIGHT discourage piracy. Truth be told though: You can say that the thieves who steal Filet Mignon are lost customers all day long. But if those theives can only afford the dollar menu at McD's then they obviously were never customers and never going to be a customer! Yeah Stars and Musicians are doing so poorly. LOL Metallica had the number one pirated album AND the highest sales of the SAME ALBUM! Sweety Angelina Jolie just bought a $5 M Mansion outside London. Brad Pitt and J Anniston just sold a multi million house in California... In Hollywood there is a 9 month WAITING LIST for BENTLEYS! But yeah... they're all about to be gathering outside the food bank soon enough. bleep LIARS, THIEVES, OVERPAYED SHILLS and HACKS while some poor schmuck is DYING IN IRAQ for a whopping $1200 a month income while their families collect food stamps! While a teacher who is educating the future leaders of America starts at around $23K a year! Police Officers leave home every morning not knowing if they are going to see their loved ones ever again.. only to have to go stand in a grocery store or mall during their off hours to make ends meet! HOLLYWOOD AND MUSICIANS.... YOU CAN KISS MY BUTT! YOU CITIZENS IN THE top 10% control 90% of EVERYTHING IN AMERICA. AND IF THATS NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU TOO bleep BAD! Ok im done ranting.. must be the meds...sorry. :-)

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911.6.2006 3:14

Love it or hate it, that's capitalism for you.

1011.6.2006 7:49

I don't watch football to start off with, and I couldn't care less about Pele to tell you the truth. Pretty desperate, and pretty sad, what's up with these sport icons doing commercials to support organizations or corporations in the first place. Everybody knows you've sold your soul to the capitalist devil, and nobody will pay attention, whether or not you are there.

1111.6.2006 9:06

It was pirated in Latin America because most of those people are guess what? POOR. Fair product at fair prices would have prevented that.

1211.6.2006 9:26

Who said latin america is poor? he said 3rd world countries are poor.

1311.6.2006 12:48

Sell out. It just gets worse everyday.

1411.6.2006 18:24

i seriously want to go watch some pirated movies right about now. you know ... this is probably the lowest they can go.

1511.6.2006 22:56

duckNrun Let's watch the language shall we?

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1612.6.2006 4:00

Another shot at bringing a star to ephasise their actions... What the MPAA and similar organisations dont understand is that there will always be people whom rise once others fall... how else has piracy carried on for some 10+ years (something like that).

1712.6.2006 9:09

"Pelé has a reputation for fair play" says MPAA. Bad thing they don't...

1812.6.2006 10:20

Beautifully said hermes.

1912.6.2006 18:46

Well this brings up some few interesting comparisons... Who is worse, the lawyer who defends the murderer in court, or the murderer? Or rather, a company that couldn't care less about its customers, or the person representing them? I rest my case. Pele has just tainted his reputation, at least for money it seems.

2012.6.2006 21:29

Well when the Dinosaurs die out maybe there will be some more level headed people apppointed to decision making roles in the industry. Hell, maybe there could be a possibility that they could think with there heads for once and even lower the cost of a new dvd release within an amount of $10-15 Canadian = cheap in some curriencies and very similar to American. Considering the huge profis that they make off movies, offering a more affordable package might even attract more people to purchase dvd's therefore possibly giving them a larger profit. Mind you, the day that the "MPAA" would apoint someone with actual knowledge would be the same day pigs fly, but a man can dream cant he.

Hey, Wait, I've Got a New Complaint,Forever In Debt To Your Priceless Advice :P

2114.6.2006 15:02

I must say I agree with Dunknrun. I believe most nations should reassess their priorities: celibrities, musicians, athletes making millions when most, if not all of them, are self-serving and self-interested, should not get paid mind boggling amounts of money. Teachers, scientists, engineers, etc, who basically play a vital role in our society are paid the proverbial "peanuts" in comparison to these famous figures. It boils down to this: "Who do we need more" and the answer is fairly obvious. If anything, these prominent figures, in the media's eye, are contributing to a society filled with moral decay, decrepitude, utter disregard and apathy. In any event, it doesn't really matter in the end, what the MPAA does, what famous people earn, who loses out and who wins, because at the rate we are going, our environment will give out (did a detailed study on the topic, does not look good for us). So there you have it folks, my 2 cents. As for Pele, still don't know who he is, and his actions will still be deemed as inconsequential regardless of what he is trying to say. It actually reminds me of those Pepsi commercials that Sammy Sosa did, he seemed lost and confused during the commercial, could barely formulate a proper sentence and speak english, priceless!! Did his participation make me buy more Pepsi? No, absolutely not, I don't want to have diabetes because I drank Pepsi, no thanks.

2214.6.2006 15:51

Pele was one of the greatest footballers ever,

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"And there we saw the giants, and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight" - Numbers 13:33

2314.6.2006 20:10

Add an L to his name, it spells out Pelle, which in french means shovel, which ironically fits the situation, since he is digging his own "grave" metaphorically speaking, representing the MPAA, and consequently tarnishing his reputation.

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