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Sony may be faced with more delays for Blu-Ray

Written by Dave Horvath @ 10 Jul 2006 7:39 User comments (14)

Sony may be faced with more delays for Blu-Ray

Developer of the next generation high definition disks known as Blu-Ray, Sony received some potentially bad news earlier from one of their hardware suppliers. The diode that generates the blue laser capable of compressing high definition data seems to be in short supply. As with most new technology, there is always an infancy stage in which demand often outweighs supply.
Sony, Samsung,BenQ, Plextor, Lite-on, Philips, LG, Panasonic and IO Data all are said to be developing players for the Blu-Ray standard, as well as production of the Playstation 3, leaving the production bar quite high. A Chinese language newspaper Commercial Times has reported that both Sony and Nichia, the only suppliers of these diodes are already plagued with production troubles, and ramping up any new technology production takes time.

No official comment from Sony yet as to whether or not the production of these diodes will affect their promise of adequate launch numbers for the PS3.

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14 user comments

110.7.2006 09:13

Sony has a habit of being tardy as of late, yet again, poor management at work.

210.7.2006 09:59

SOy is not at the top of thier game,mabye thier trying to off set the frist generion model production by selling it at a high price? who knows it will get out when it gets out altho this time the Wii seems to be the 2nd console and not he last *L* *L* takes a ja at PS3 priceing and STEAM priceless!

310.7.2006 13:20

I hate to say it but I hope this adds to the failure of the PS3. We should have gotten a machine to play games on at a much cheaper price tag, we don't need blueray right now. Dvd tech is just fine for the level of gaming we now have, and for those RARE blockbusters that might be data intensive we could always have a multi-disc format. I just think people should support what WE want and not what THEY are trying to cram down on us. I hope Wii crush the PS3

411.7.2006 07:09

Wow, who called that. Definately made a 20$ bet with a friend that PS3 wouldn't be debuting this year and i think my theory may be realized. All i can think about is back when ps2 was coming out how it was delayed over a year. The technology employed in this machine is unproven and as of this point, and from things ive read, unrelaible.

511.7.2006 08:51

Totally agree MrToast :P I really don't think there will be much in the way of a battle between the discs to be honest!

611.7.2006 08:55

Cinnjerm and the 360 ran perfectly *L* they already built and tested it for the msot part now they are in the middle of manufaqtoring it witch is a pain and can lead to new woes,hopefuly by its luanch it will have less holes in it than the 360 did but in the end no one will know nothing untill they drag it from hades and luanch it *L*

711.7.2006 12:27

Delays and huge shortages can be expected, that seems to go with the territory on the first release but I think the threat of DRM is so much more malicious to PS3 potential. The story that games will be registered to a particular console ( = the death of the 2nd hand market and sharing amongst friends) is the biggee to watch right out for right now IMO. [url][/url] If this actually does materialise then the fan-boy hopes of PS3 world domination just took a huge dive IMO.

811.7.2006 14:00

hughjars wouldnt that mean the same as no net no play? SOny is dim but not stupid in order for this to work the game will need to tlak to a data base on the net thus makeing it easy to get around and thu pointless. However I can see each printed game coemign with a key and that key if its on more than 2 games at once would disable the game,but only if there was more than one instance of the game online at once..,the key is installed on the game and cant be changed.... it could work and not effect 2nd hand sales unless sony desideds to start tracking keys like MS dose >< install SP2 with new HDs,vid card and had to reisntall in twice and MS lcked it down beuse the key was activated to any tiems 0-o had to call in a install ....fing morons...

912.7.2006 16:48

Hopefully the PS3 will stay on Sch.

1012.7.2006 17:13

ripfuel ture I wouldnt want it deleyed the sooner it gets out and is loveingly undressed by the fanboys we wont know if it will sink or swim or even worth the 600.

1113.7.2006 16:15

I think Sony should reconsider and use the HD-DVD instead . No one is going to pay $600. I'm not.

1213.7.2006 16:49

Sny is not going to use the HD HDVD becuse they are sided with BR and BR is not sony owened so its not quite like sonys normal attemps at owenage with thier formats. Also even if SOny went with HD DVD it would cost the same.

1314.7.2006 04:13

Betamax or VHS. I'll be sticking with upconverting until the bloodbath between BR and HD have a victor. On the upside, I'm already seeing it. The competition wars have started which is nothing but great for the consumer. I suspect the prices for this technology will plummet with each technology trying to one-up the other until a winner is declared. The ps3 and Sony's dvd players use of BR will definately put BR in the lead. Samsung will be a major player. What technology Blockbuster and Nextag lean towards will be a factor.

1414.7.2006 04:15

One thing I'm glad about which has nothing to do with this subject is, Sirius is in the lead! Go Howard!!! My man!

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