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More than 100 games in development for PS3

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 04 Aug 2006 17:47 User comments (34)

More than 100 games in development for PS3 Phil Harrison, Sony's worldwide studios president has said that over 100 games are now in development for the PlayStation 3 console and that over 10,000 development kits have been shipped. Keeping up the tie between the console war and the next generation optical disc format war, Harrison not only touts the number of games in development, but the number of Blu-ray movies available (in the U.S.).
"We have shown more playable games than ever before, so the signs are good," he told British newspaper The Guardian, "and right now there are more than 100 Blu-Ray movies available today in the US. More than 100 games are in development, and all the major third-party publishers have pledged their strategic support for the platform." Harrison described work on the PS3 as being "in full swing, from a developer point of view."

He also praised Sony for getting development hardware to partners long before the scheduled launch of the PS3 in November. "Developers now have final hardware in their hands, though there will be some upgrades to the operating system - there's nothing unusual about that," he explained. "The new controller is now in developers' hands, so all the pieces of the puzzle are there."

Studios are now also able to run their games off discs, as the shipping of Blu-ray burners to developers has been accomplished. Obviously the picture Harrison would paint of the PS3 situation would look good for Sony considering his position, but to back up the hype, Epic Games boss Mark Rein has recently made comments to Eurogamer TV.

"I think Sony's in a good spot with the PlayStation 3," he said. "I know we're getting some great results with it back at our house, so I would expect other developers will be as well." He also said that Sony is in a better place now than Microsoft was last year having shipped the final PS3 hardware to developers around E3. "Developers did not have finished Xbox 360 hardware last year at E3" he said.


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34 user comments

14.8.2006 18:21

I dont know I smell bullshit

24.8.2006 18:43

"and right now there are more than 100 Blu-ray movies available today in the US.
Total current and future releases at as of 08/04/2006 10:40pm EDT = 30. From same time and date as above: Number of DVDs available today: BluRay = 18 Number of DVDs available (including pre-sale): BluRay = 24 Maybe the rest are porn titles that I don't know about. Any word on this?
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34.8.2006 18:51

not my error, but an actual quote from Phil Harrison...

44.8.2006 19:04

Who is he trying to fool? names we want name of titles.

54.8.2006 19:26

what's he smoking?

64.8.2006 19:44

I dont think he's smoking anything. We know Sony likes to 'inflate' a bit. Remember they've been known to cut the bs b4 alot of people said ps3s specs and performance was bs when it was first announce. It is true however that it would be good to name at least 3 titles in developement from everyone that's working on them

74.8.2006 21:14

Maybe the rest are porn titles...
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84.8.2006 21:21

All I wanna know is with the ps2 u can play ps1 games on it will they have that option on the ps3 I reckon they would but knowing sony it may differ if they go down Microsofts path and u have to buy new hardware for new or old software etc...

95.8.2006 0:23

I believe it but, about 75 out of 100 will suck. Sony's Playstation has always had more games than any other company's console but, most of them are many playable hours of crap. It's just SSDG! I just hope with the new technologies comes games that have actually been "technoligized".

105.8.2006 1:15

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115.8.2006 1:22

My source was one of the most trusted release sites on the net.

125.8.2006 1:31

More than 100 games eh? Sure right...even if there is a 100 games there will already have been 1000 other games that are basically the exact same thing...PS3 is old before it starts in my opinion; everything you will be able to buy on a PS3 is a PS2 game with more pixels.

135.8.2006 2:30

Okay guys he said in Development this means that the games are in early stages of trial & error.This dont mean that 100 games are now ready.Most games take 1-3 year window to make so why is this hard to believe? Or maybe more because most of the next gen games are going to be bigger with more content.

145.8.2006 5:44

Remember what happened when PS2 came out into the market? They had 0 good games!

155.8.2006 7:44

@DamonDash: If your list is accurate then you just proved doublebogey7's point - that Phil Harrison is flat out lying. He clearly said "there are more than 100 Bluray movies available TODAY in the US." There are 30 titles in your list. Now where are the other 70+? I for one don't really care. Just give me "Island Fever" on BluRay and I'll shut up.

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165.8.2006 7:53

@DamonDash: Thanks for proving my point. @error5: I just saw the WMV-HD version of "Island Fever 3" and it was fantabulous. I can see why you want this series in BluRay. PM me for details.

175.8.2006 8:15

"more than 100 Blu-ray Movies in the U.S?" I smell BS because since the official release of the Blu-ray format, the first being (I think) Underworld Evolution, I only count another 3 or 4 releases since then that i've seen advertised or on shelves so i think this Phil guy needs to get his facts straight before deciding to BS the public. Besides, i've heard nothing but bad about the quality of Blu-ray.

185.8.2006 9:51

"and right now there are more than 100 Blu-ray movies available today in the US.
Q: What happens to Sony executives who lie to the public? A: They get promoted!

195.8.2006 19:51

100 games how joyus 100 medicore games to make you stab your eyes out with...ah well mabye it be alittle better than the 360s luanch but hell the PS3s price is still to painfull,any word on BR games?

207.8.2006 2:02

If I could talk to Harrison or any other console-related exec, I'd say "..." Judging by what I've seen lately, the whole entertainment industry, especially consoles, is going down down down...It's most likely only a temporary setback, but it still seems worse than before...Is it just me?

217.8.2006 6:04

DId you also know that Macintosh has full support over Blu-ray? They have a new Blu-ray drive available. Maybe it will be in the new OS X Leopard. So it's goodbye HD-DVD.

227.8.2006 10:01

DId you also know that Macintosh has full support over Blu-ray?
more like goodbye Blu-ray. microsoft support HD-DVD.

237.8.2006 10:17

Pinkyness to me game qauilty has been slowly erodeing over the past decade,the innovation they sometimes claim as so great is mostly nerfing or reworking normal gameing stuff into annoying and fustrateing things...

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

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247.8.2006 16:54

You've got a point, ZIppyDSM...I wonder if it's a lack of good employees or good judgement by the CEOs...or just that most possible ideas have already been used... Can they see that many people recognise last year's game in this year's "innovation" or are they just plain blind? Why do they bother telling lies when it's painfully obvious that few are taking the bait?

257.8.2006 17:02

Pinkyness CEOs want moeny for nothign and they are willign to apy thier devs to make games effortlessly...I use Quake 4 as my main exsample of how gameing has gone to hell poor level design,bland rehashed wepaons with no alt fire,as for the MP side a lack of mdoels is just scary look at all the mdoels that you had on Q3....this is a painfull game that just missed so many could have beens,even with that said you can see where the moeny went 1 ghraphics and 2 story and VAing the rest of it you have to ask WTF. Q2 and Q3 had great elvel designs and yet Q4 had the msot bland design yet,D3 is almsot as bad,coperatins are utting more effort into bang and flash over gameplay and subtance look at Halo 2 and Metriod Prime 2 both games are lacking soemthing both are desent games but hell the frist one was just FUN.....mabye I think I am just gettign jaded and old...

268.8.2006 2:30

Maybe times have changed and people who appreciate storylines are now isolated incidents and the majority of gamers only want to give a lot of money to be able to kill 5-6 year-old AI models with better graphics...a fine example of recicled AIs is WoW - the new bosses are just old ones with different colors and higher levels...lately they've been having slight progress, though...emphasys on slight

278.8.2006 10:46

Anygame series can stagnate easily,WOW is no diffrent,altho it still is one of the better MMO's. you know D3 and Q4 show they can do storys not great storys but worth while storys but tis the bad play thats a kick in the groin.

2811.8.2006 22:44

yeah..balanced games are rare - either the story's bland/non-existant or the gameplay it a lack of money?or tight schedules? or both? maybe it's a they could merge two similar games - one with a good story but bad gameplay and another with good gameplay but no story and make people buy it at double the usual price... I think DMC 1,2 and 3(especially 3) are among the finest games playable on Sony's console ever

2911.8.2006 23:34

Pinkyness DMC 2 blows big fing turds 0-o poorly balanced weapons and skills little to no VAing ,I forget the story I think thats messed up to,DMC was good despite the cheasy dailog.DMC is a standard capcom milking game,DMC3 is back to qaulity. Capcom is one of the worset devs to milk a game to death....

3011.8.2006 23:40

DMC 2 is a milking game...I ahte havieng to dig thru the forums to find the news thread to edit should be able to do that as simple as posting.

3113.8.2006 11:01

good point bout the editing - I was kinda surprised by the lack of an edit button...anyways, I meant the DMC series as a whole...overall it's pretty successful haven't played 2 much though...just 1 and mostly a PS just recently though I'd been drooling over the video material I found for at least a year:)

3213.8.2006 11:40

Pinkyness I been palyign PS2 on and off for the past year or 2 mom was a game fan and loved to watch but ever sicne she passed I just cant get the engery up to paly threw non great games 0_o I have played DMC1 and 2 I know 3 is jsut not got it yet >> I just got Prey for the PC for 30 its the colectors ed not a bad deal but I hear its no better than D3/Q4....if anyhting I hope its better than that ><

3316.8.2006 8:26

So sorry about your mom:( Prey isn't exactly my cup of tea and I decided not to get Q4 after I played it for about 10mins in an internet cafe or whatever they're called...I'm wondering whether to get an Xbox360 around february though for the sake of Fable2...since I've heard no news of its potential release for PC...

3416.8.2006 8:35

Pinkyness ya life has been fun >< been playing prey its a head above D3 and Q4 and a step in the right direction but the leech gun and lack of other wepaons,Hnters cant use anyhting but kinda hurts the games fun factor,in all not bad almsot worth 30 so I am not goign to bitch about it,but Q4 is so not worth it its pitiful. mabye when they make a Quake 2 total conversion for it then it will be worth getting :3 you know abotu teh TC of Dues ex 1 for the UT04 engine? :3

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