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Ubisoft shows Wii support by promising 7 launch titles

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 04 Aug 2006 16:28 User comments (7)

Ubisoft shows Wii support by promising 7 launch titles French games publisher Ubisoft has thrown its support behind Nintendo's Wii gaming console by promising to make 7 games available for the Wii launch. Previously, Ubisoft had announced just Red Steel and Rayman Raving Rabbids for the console, but has now added Far Cry, Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII, Monster 4x4 World Circuit, Open Season and GT Pro Series.
The reason for the strong launch line-up is down to starting development earlier than rivals, according to North American Ubisoft president, Laurent Detoc. "We don't have a crystal ball but we think the Wii is going to be a huge success right away and we want to be the number-one independent publisher for Wii in 2006," he told IGN.

He added that the Far Cry title will include elements from Xbox title Far Cry Instincts Evolution, as well as a new storyline, equipment, levels and characters. The Wii remote will be used for first person shooting control as well as controlling vehicles. Control of Blazing Angels will require the left and right hands to perform separate rolls he also said.

Ubisoft has promised to reveal more details on the 7 game line-up shortly.


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7 user comments

14.8.2006 16:34

it looks like nintendo listened to all the complaints about the 360 lauch title and went to ubisoft. finally, a console witha strong launch lineup.

24.8.2006 19:11

That`s great news,for those of us who are gonna buy the Wii that is.

34.8.2006 19:40

I think this is one of the biggest announcements about the Wii.

44.8.2006 20:20

those launch titles, no one makes good games that are designed for gamers like me anymore (drifts off remembering Koei's Aerobiz supersonic...)

54.8.2006 21:43

The only good launch title there is Far Cry...I am still waiting for someone to make a Wii-mote for pc!!! I am going to be stubborn and not buy a Wii (for money purposes)! P.S. If Nintendo makes a Wii-mote for PC...I am buying it, so...they will make money as well from that...

65.8.2006 1:21

A good line up there :) Great news and more support hopefully for the Wii, a strong success needs to have the right games for it and now the Wii does!

75.8.2006 5:40

Count me in... to buying this Wii AD keeps raving about.

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