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Sony PS3 needs adapter for PlayStation memory cards

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 08 Aug 2006 20:39 User comments (30)

Sony PS3 needs adapter for PlayStation memory cards It appears that while Sony's upcoming next generation console, the PlayStation 3, is being advertised as being backward-compatible with the previous two PlayStation consoles, users will be required to use an adapter to access save files on the old memory cards. The adapter is used to copy the save file information to the PS3's internal Hard Disk Drive.
"To use saved data on a PlayStation 2 memory card, you must copy the data onto a virtual memory card within the hard disk. This requires a PS2/PSone memory card adapter to copy the data to your PlayStation 3," Sony's dedicated PlayStation 3 website states. "A memory card adapter is designed to edit, up/download games saves to and from EMS flash card or smart media card."

While this might not put many people off buying a PlayStation 3, most people would like to know whether or not this will be bundled with the console but this is all could get from a spokesperson: "We are in the process of designing and creating an adapter, but have not confirmed whether this will be bundled with the machine, or available separately".

I guess if you are advertising the console as being backward compatible with the PS1 and PS2, it really should be included with both PS3 bundles. The PlayStation 3 console is scheduled to be released on November 11th in Japan, and November 17th worldwide.


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30 user comments

18.8.2006 20:49

More great news for the PS3 camp. Holla at yo boi. LMAO

28.8.2006 22:04

hmmmmm, i dont see a problem in this. Because you couldnt use PS1 Memory cards for PS2 games. This is just the same thing but advancing again :-S

38.8.2006 22:21

i to will be happy to buy this addon, of course i would much rather have it bundled with the console. I there a way to transfer Xbox game saves to Xbox360?

49.8.2006 0:05

this sucks first we dont have any force feedback second we now have to use a c****y adapter this sucks

59.8.2006 0:42

LOL and expect this adapter to be around the 29.99 mark if its Sony official. @Dude2099 the PS2 can read PS1 memory cards, just not save PS2 files onto a PS1 memeory card. so the technology hasent really advanced.

69.8.2006 0:47

At least theres a way to transfer saves from ps2 to it even if it is an addon, correct me if im wrong but you still cant transfer saves from the original xbox to the 360.

79.8.2006 2:55

im willing to bet that this little device will jumpstart the modding possibilities on this console.

89.8.2006 7:13

@limelight: I second that! Lmao if it adapts a ps2 mem card to work on ps3 then why can't someone mod it to make *something else* work on ps3? I'm not much of a ps2 modder and w/e so wouldn't know what but sure it can be done!

99.8.2006 7:37

I have to third that.I remember the ps3 mem card hacks LOL.Yeah it's really no different then ps2 was with ps1.They have an intergrated mem card reader so you may be able to use that or usb.I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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109.8.2006 7:44

I'll keep my fingers crossed.
Won't we all tycobb lmao

119.8.2006 9:29

Sorry I meant to say i remember the ps2 mem card hacks lol.

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pc games with gamepad support by tycobb.

129.8.2006 9:37

Ye I kinda figured that lol - unless you've got some type of time travel machine and seen the mem hacks allready :D Now wouldn't that be cool...lmao

139.8.2006 13:25

Watch, I bet this stupid adapter will be at least $20, just like how the multitap is $40.

149.8.2006 14:12

At least, it seems this might convince me not to spend the extra money for the 60GB fully equipped PlayStation 3(too expensive in Canada, over $600 Canadian). Now, someone still has to confirm for which version it will work, trimmed down 20GB, fully equipped 60GB, or both.

159.8.2006 14:47

Question can you still save without mem cards IE it saves PS1 PS2 games to the HD? God forbid you can put ALL your saves on a flash drive...morons....I am so gettign tired of the moders haveing to fix the coperations lack of forthought >< Ace_2 by the tiem you buy all the little adapters to catch the low end u to the high end its just not worth it,the diff is only 100 your better off just getting the high end.

169.8.2006 17:43

It would have to be compatible with both versions of the hard drive. To me it simply sounds a device not too different to a media card reader. This next comment is likely to spark some heat but oh well... At least the PS3 will be FULLY backwards compatible unlike the Xbox 360. I don't know why Microsoft didn't see the reason for this. Surely technically it's not too difficult to include a FULL Xbox mode into a more advanced unit. With technology advancing the way it does, wouldn't it take up the smallest amount of space inside the console? I mean look at PS2--->Slimline PS2... PSX--->PSone... Technology adcances, then boards and chips get smaller. Ok... I've made my point... Woo... I kind of went off track then.

179.8.2006 17:54

damn my post didnt appear...

Ok, Flakmnky......DVD's are not inadequate at all. Most games will not even eclipse the 9gig mark...and if they do just throw in another DVD to the mix, 18 gigs right there.
Look at games like GT4 and GOW they are 5-7gig games and CURRENT gen by the time the 360's hardware is utilised fully games are gunna be 2-3 discs easy. Imagine playing a free roam game like GTA where you have to change disc to go to the next city, i for one couldnt stand it.
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189.8.2006 18:24

Ryu77 its simple full BWC would have deleyed the launch and they had to be frist regaurdless of the troubles this brings. Yes the PS3 is a bit better deved but is it worth the price of 600? Andrew691 Not realy look at Oblivion with all the voice acting and large aeras on it. Merely saying in the next 2-3 years I dount think there will a huge boost in Space,unless more devs get more moeny to have every lil thing voiced and every little thing have CGI or the like. It is ture soem games are pushign the 1 disc limit but theres not enough to jump start the industry to move to a new format.

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199.8.2006 18:28

yea true oblivion is the perfect example of more space not bein needed, but more space = less compression = less loading times, and more unique textures.

209.8.2006 18:41

vgaddict8 ture ture,but dont see it ramping up for at elast 2 years,deffenately when the HD/BR format war ends,but for now and the next 2ish years I dont see it happening alot.

219.8.2006 19:49

Ace_2 by the tiem you buy all the little adapters to catch the low end u to the high end its just not worth it,the diff is only 100 your better off just getting the high end.
Hey, all I want is something to use PlayStation and PlayStation 2 Memory Cards. I don't care about high definition and all that fancy stuff.

229.8.2006 20:24

Hello ZIppyDSM, I don't mean to sound confronting but... Oh Yes... It's worth it! Delayed the launch?? To include technology that's already long been developed... Sorry, I don't understand. The way I see it (and it seems the PS2 does this)... Is that when a older gen disc is inserted it detects this and switches over to a different mode. I mean you could even include a whole sepearate board dedicated to running the previous gen games. As I already mentioned, surely with todays technology this would take up very little room inside the console. The PS3 a LITTLE more developed?? Sorry to ask but where's the HD drive on the 360? A Blu-ray drive comes with the PS3 which almost justifies the price in itself. How much does a Blu-ray DVD player cost? We are well and truly into the HD era. The games and FMV in the games are going to be encoded with more pixels / polygons etc... More pixels / polygons = more data = more optical media space needed... Solution = Blu-ray or HD-DVD. Also, Isn't it comforting knowing that if one day your previous gen console decides to not work anymore that you will still be able to play those games on your next gen console? I'm not sure how others feel but that's a big plus to me... And I most certainly wouldn't mind paying a lousy $20 for a memory card adapter, especially when the functionality is considered.

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The complete HD (Blu-ray/HD-DVD) back-up thread.:

239.8.2006 21:01

Ryu77 Yes the PS3 is a little more developed, it has working BWC that is not whole dependant on downloading updates. Also the PS3 has PS2 hardware built in a smart move I don't mind software emulation but frankly all MS wanted was to be the first and its launch has showen its not been worth it for non Xbox fans. The PS3 is a stepup from the 360 but 20-30 for adapters and PLUS 100-200 more in console price,there is really no reason to NOT have universal mem sticks or flash cards to archive saves , it just adds to the annoyance factor. TO me and it seems just me the 360 is a mess bad hardware,a few games that are mostly PC ports its just crappy,sure in a couple years it might be worth getting but for non Xbox fans its just not worth the price,your better off getting a Xbox. To me the PS3 is ok at best the price is pompous and the 2 versions pointless,and why bother havening a card reader on it if you cant use it for saves oh boy we get to look at pics and maybe share them online...big fing whoopee,altho you could use your own pic for in game avatars and such but still its not better than moving FROM memcards to flash drives,and cards to store saves on. I doubt the gameplay thats mediocre on most games today is somehow going to be oh so great on the PS3 maybe in 2 or 3 years but as it stands now price vrs cost the PS3 fails at least in the short run. The Wii is really for me the new controller scheme,the price the sheer potential almost buries both the PS3 and the 360,but I see the PS3 being number one in 2-3 years unless Nintendo is able to really bring alot of devs in,if anything the Wii is number 2 because of the price,it might rain as number one but thats a 50/50 chance MS is just to niche to get to be number 1 plus they didn't dev their console enough so tis currently a makeshift Xbox upgrade that cant run older box games,the Wii seems to the new revolution *L* Lastly ,I'll rant about gameplay again looking at the blandness of Q4 and the potential of AI controlling your party in FF12....I can only take so much BS in life. I just got prey for the PC I hope its worth the 30 I paid for it..I will never spend 50 on a new game again Q4 cured me of that...

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Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

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2411.8.2006 4:03

what! ps3 cant save on MMC/SD/MS/USB stick ? ps3 only cansave on HDD?? uugh!! what if i need to copy my savegame to my friend? O_o

2511.8.2006 21:53

Hold up... lol They way I read it was this... The adapter is simply available to enable you to utilise game saves from your old PS2 memory cards. The PS3 makes life easier by allowing you to easily save onto the hard drive (much like any emulator does). However, I can't see why with a media storage device like a USB drive, memory stick etc. that you wouldn't be able to transfer save files to other PS3 units. I would think that it would be a simple drag and drop type operation. Well... at least I hope so.

2611.8.2006 23:34

tickes the PS3 is still a mystery in some thigns,can anyone with with true info say yay or nay to this one?

2712.8.2006 14:43

А мне вообще по барабану на Memory Card for PS3!!!!!

2812.8.2006 15:02

I cant seem to find any info on MEM storage/transfers for saves for the PS3 ><

2913.8.2006 5:53

Go Gersh2003... You tell them!!

3015.8.2006 3:34

the PS2 can read PS1 memory cards, just not save PS2 files onto a PS1 memeory card.
Because you couldnt use PS1 Memory cards for PS2 games.
Samething? Just being a pain :-p

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