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Hitachi will change how you search for digital media

Written by Dave Horvath @ 03 Jan 2007 9:11

Hitachi will change how you search for digital media A small division within Hitachi has partnered with US digital home technology provider Blue Peach to offer the new NAS Digital Media Server. What this server does, is offers digital media administrators the ability to further manage their digital content for user consumption.
With this new system, users will be able to tag videos and music on a digital media server with dynamic text, earmarks and other forms of identification. These earmarks can be used for more concise internet searches and easier browsing from a user's perspective for which content they're looking for.

According to Hitachi, serveral new filters can be put in place that will further give users the ability to find exactly what they're looking for. For example, users can search music files on a website that fit a certain beat or tempo, filter out movies that have an MPAA rating higher than PG-13, or use progressive text searching allowing search results to be displayed dynamically depending on what is typed in the search string.

No world yet as to when we shall see this technology implemented on media favorites such as YouTube, but expect more robust search features in the near future.

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