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Sanyo's blue laser diode to speed up disc burning

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 12 Jan 2007 5:35 User comments (3)

Sanyo's blue laser diode to speed up disc burning According to Japanese website, Sanyo has developed a blue laser diode which will pave the way for more acceptable writing speeds for both the HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc formats. The diode, which is fully compatible with both formats, will speed up data access on the discs and will be able to provide burn speeds of "up to 6x on dual-layer discs".
This would be a great improvement over the current available burners for both formats. While it is possible, there are no hints to whether this diode will be used anytime soon to produce a hybrid HD DVD / Blu-ray Disc burner. A 6x burner for dual layer discs is a big step in the right direction either way.

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3 user comments

112.1.2007 6:22

6X? what is the normal burning speed for them? Well at least they are improving on the newest tech.

212.1.2007 7:33

The "Normal" or current speed is 2x which, as far as I know, is equal to an 8x DVD write.

317.1.2007 18:43

You know its great to see that they are thinking of new ways to increase speeds safely. But i never would have imagined Sanyo doing this.

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