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LG's hybrid disc player does not sport HD DVD logo

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 22 Jan 2007 20:13 User comments (4)

LG's hybrid disc player does not sport HD DVD logo The hybrid Blu-ray / HD DVD stand-alone player shown by LG Electronics at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), does not sport the official HD DVD logo alongside the Blu-ray logo. Unfortunately, while the player can play back content from HD DVD discs, it does not support the HDi (formerly known as iHD) interactivity layer that is used mainly for menu purposes on HD DVD titles.
The BH100 player was touted as being compatible with both next generation formats at CES, making the transition to high definition much easier for the average consumer. However, without the support for HDi, some users will see the HD DVD capabilities of the format as crippled. Apparently, the player will access HD DVD titles and create an "on the fly" menu for users.

Additionally, Betanews cites a source as saying the reasoning for not allowing the official HD DVD logo to be shown on the LG player expands beyond the lack of support for HDi. To be approved for a HD DVD logo, a player must also have a network connection for so-called "networked community scenarios" support for persistent storage features such as saving bookmarked scenes from a video, or downloading a trailer; and a secondary decoder for picture-in-picture (PIP) support.

"HD DVD discs take advantages of these guaranteed hardware features," the source said, "[which] are required if a player wants an HD DVD logo." This is indeed a disappointing fact about the hybrid player and it can be considered irresponsible for LG or retailers to advertise the player as being fully compatible with both HD formats.


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4 user comments

123.1.2007 3:13

I like the move towards dual format in both hardware and movies.

The problem here is that if the 1st versions of the LG player cannot support iHD it is open to question whether it can play all HD-DVD discs
(and not just those 'extras').

There have been indications that unless iHD is supported the entire disc may not play.

The logo business is neither here nor there, IIRC the LG is not approved by the DVD Forum (just as Blu-ray has it's own association and isn't either).

That certainly is not a plus point in its favour.

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223.1.2007 3:49

I would advise everyone not to buy this unit. Its hard enough to play HD DVDs on a computer without menus and it get to be rather difficult to play HD DVDs that had HDi. King Kong took a hell of time to get to play as did Batman. I couldnt imagine what it would be like for the end user thaty had no way to fix it.

327.1.2007 14:40

It sounds like the features that this player lacks would only help media companies monitor & control the owner's use of HD disks. I'd buy it.

430.1.2007 12:53

yeah having a player that supports both formats would be awesome.

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