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BitTorrent Entertainment Network falls on it's face

Written by Dave Horvath @ 01 Mar 2007 6:28 User comments (6)

BitTorrent Entertainment Network falls on it's face The recently released BitTorrent Entertainment Network promised to be a safe haven for digital downloaders everywhere. Unfortunately the new service was not met without a slew of problems.
Most of the problems stemmed after the consumer has already submitted his or her money for the digital content they wished to download. Early reports have shown that payment is received fast and easy, but when it comes to downloading files, people with PC's failed to be recognized by the service, yet people with Macintosh machines could browse perfectly. The problem with Mac users was that the files were not Mac-compatable and would have to be transferred to a PC to be viewed. Of course this is where the DRM practices come into play and quickly render the files utterly useless.

Not a great start for a noble venture. It seems that BitTorrent has their work cut out for them to ensure a secure and smooth ride for its consumers before people become frustrated and weary with the new service and decide to get their media elsewhere through less legal means.


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6 user comments

11.3.2007 6:51

Who didn't see this one coming? I like the idea of being able to purchase things digitally, but the organization of it all so far has been horrible.

21.3.2007 9:18

Why would I want to use this service, when I can get most of the same thing at blockbuster for LESS and with no hassle?

Frankly, this makes my day! I hope every service that has DRM and tries to force it down customers throats is FORCED to change or go out of business.

31.3.2007 16:51

There you have it. The creator(s) of one of the best P2P program's tries to go legit, and the laws it has to mandate to turn it into unneeded crap. It happened to Napster, it's happening to BitTorrent. Removing every helpful benefit to the cause (the programmers and the peers) and trading it off to make a profit (for the RIAA and the gov't) really seems to be a growing trend and the best COA. [/sarcasm]

43.3.2007 4:00

All i can say is


Serves Mr. Cohen right for "selling his soul" to the powers that be.
Hope he gets sued for all he's got by those "legal" downloading tw@ts.

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55.3.2007 4:10

BitTorrents are horrible to use so unless it's free why bother with this method of downloading your just opening your PC up for problems. Plus the movie is most probably much lesser quality then if I buy the movie or rent it from Netflix, Blockbuster or Hollywood Video are a joke unless you just want New Release movies and we know how good those NR's are these days.

65.3.2007 4:24

It's a bit tough when it's easier to pirate movies then to get them legitimately...

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