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RIAA ordered to turn over attorney billing records to Oklahoma woman

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 17 Mar 2007 17:56 User comments (10)

RIAA ordered to turn over attorney billing records to Oklahoma woman The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has been given until March 26th to produce billing records and timesheets in a case against Debbie Foster and her daughter Amanda. The records are necessary to help Foster calculate how much the RIAA has spent in attorneys fees after failing to sue the Oklahoma woman. This case spans back to 2004, when Debbie was originally sued for allegedly illegally sharing pirated songs on P2P networks.
Foster denied any part in illegal file sharing, but the RIAA kept up its case and added Debbie's daughter, Amanda, to the lawsuit. Instead of settling like most do, Debbie challenged the RIAA to produce further evidence including dates and times and records of the files she supposedly pirated. After not producing any records, the RIAA offered to withdraw its case.

In response, Debbie has asked to be awarded reasonable attorneys fees after the whole ordeal. She submitted her expenses to the court, to which the RIAA claimed she was asking for too much. It is this claim that led to the Judge ordering the RIAA to disclose its own legal fees.

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10 user comments

117.3.2007 18:07

How does it feel RIAA biaches?

217.3.2007 18:10

You guys had it coming, you can't win everything you know!

317.3.2007 18:16

The RIAA thinks that her asking for payback of attorney's fees is "too much"??????!!!!!

What a bunch of cheap a**holes. They'll sue people for tens of thousands of dollars for some songs but wont pay back legal fees to one person.

Greedy f***** bastards.

417.3.2007 18:22

There is definetely a very special inferno awaitin you RIAA muthas.

518.3.2007 6:35

My question is, what did she ask!?! Not that I don't want her to win, lol. I hope she does, except that now they'll keep better records in the future, which makes it harder on others. But hey, at least it's some small victory against the RIAA, right?

618.3.2007 7:55

Yeah go to hell yop niggas

719.3.2007 2:08

Handsom, $2 would have been too much. The RIAA would rather waste court time than pay anything. The judge is pissed at those rat-bastards. They have been waisting his time for years when they did not have a case and are showing their true colors but not wanting to anti up fair and square when they lost. Instead they want to waist more court time trying to not pay out any money, like they can't afford it. I suspect they are going to pay not HER expenses but THEIR expenses. The judge figures that will be a lot more money than what she paid.

I love it!

823.3.2007 0:57

Just give it up Assholes!

923.3.2007 3:04

It all comes down to how much JUSTICE can you afford!

1023.3.2007 9:47

Greedy, scumsucking pricks will probably eventually settle out of court so nobody sees how much it cost them to lose their case.


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