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American Studios' Secret Plan to Lock Down European TV Devices

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 19 Mar 2007 20:08 User comments (9)

American Studios' Secret Plan to Lock Down European TV Devices The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has gained entrance into the "secret' meetings of the Digital Video Broadcasting Porject (DVB), a group of technology and television companies that create the TV and video specifications that are used in Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa and has uncovered some startling facts.
In thier newest report, EFF reports that US movie and television companies have convinced the DVB to create new specifications that would force DRM technology into televisions. This would be to take away consumer's rights and most likely force them to pay over and over again to view legally acquired degital television content.

Ren Bucholz, EFF's policy coordinator in the Americas had this to say "DVB is abetting a massive power grab by the content industry, and many of the world's largest technology companies are simply watching. This regime was concocted without input from consumer rights organizations or public interest groups, and it shows."

Despite recent record profits, American movie and television studios insist that new technologies could ruin their industry. Notably in the past they have tried to block VCRs and recordable VCR and DVD devices in the US. Now, using the DVB, their plan has gone international.

"DVB members' active indifference, even hostility, to user rights is shameful," said EFF Staff Technologist Seth Schoen. "When American studios ask for regulatory support for restrictions pushed through the DVB Project, public officials must stand up for consumer rights, sustain competition and innovation, and tell Hollywood to back off."


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9 user comments

119.3.2007 20:50

Adolf hitler would be pleased.

219.3.2007 23:37

Satan is too...

To parody "It's a Wonderful Life":

"...every time a DRM schemes another demon gets his pitchfork!"

Hell is definately going to be a crowded place!

320.3.2007 2:47

This is a good thing is it not?
IE 1 world video/TV specification no more pal/ntsc BS,everything is under 1 specification so one can import thier DVDs and games without goign the extra mile to convert it to match your current "region".

420.3.2007 3:17

DRM is not about rights, itīs about greed...

hope they donīt go to hell or they will have it DRMīd and copyrighted...

520.3.2007 5:18

DRM built into a TV is a scary thing. I nearly shit my pants when I figured out new LCD 32" for my bedroom was HDCP complaint. Nearly returned the thing but all is well with back-up Any DVD HD :)

620.3.2007 5:48

Wow! This is really going to suck for our Europe friends... I fell sorry for them, lets just hope that it dosent go through.

720.3.2007 8:40

do they sit at a huge circle shaped table in a huge underground war room?

seriously though how does this shit keep hapening? what the fuck happene dto protecting the interest of the people? it should be illegal to even have the meeting. pretty sure its monopolistic

823.3.2007 4:54

As educated consumers WE THE PEOPLE should boycott EVERYTHING that has DRM built in
Starting with WINDOWS VISTA!
If you mistakenly buy electronics with built in DRM return to place of purchase for full refund
Quit buying crippled hardware please!

923.3.2007 11:45

How so True. If everyone would just do as he said.

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