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Stream video (DivX, XviD etc.) to PSP without having to encode first

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 25 Mar 2007 5:36 User comments (9)

Stream video (DivX, XviD etc.) to PSP without having to encode first We have added another guide to our guide section; this time showing how to use PiMPStreamer to stream video files to a PlayStation Portable (PSP) over a wireless network. PiMPStreamer processes the files on-the-fly while streaming so it takes away the need to encode first and transfer to Memory Stick, so it is useful for things you might want to view on your PSP in your home and supports a large amount of file formats.
Stream multimedia files to PSP without encoding:

Visit PiMPStreamer site and download from:

Hopefully this guide will help any of you who are interested. Note that you do need a PSP with either 1.50 firmware or homebrew-friendly customer firmware for this to work. Since we don't usually cover PSP homebrew, any tips, criticisms, suggestions or complaints of any kind can be sent directly to me via Private Message (you need to be logged in).


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9 user comments

125.3.2007 6:22

Sweet, I've actually been looking for something like this all weekend. Nice of you to make it a news heading =D

225.3.2007 6:23

no problem :-) i work it works great for you.

325.3.2007 6:33

i hope it works great for you, i meant ;-)

425.3.2007 6:43

I was looking for something like this too but for my 360 since I don't have media center 2. But I heard of a program called TVersity which also allows you to stream all sorts of media, photos, and music for the PSP and 360. Keep your mind open to venture out and use other programs.

525.3.2007 6:58

TVeristy Xbox 360 guide will be online today ;-)

626.3.2007 6:04

You need homebrew on your psp for this dont you?

726.3.2007 13:52

yep, 1.50 or custom firmware

825.4.2007 14:10

my psp crashes every time i start the program. on the purple screen after it says: connection state 3 of 4. Can you help me with that?

93.1.2008 23:09

this is helpful for me

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