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PSP 3.30 update adds support for higher video resolution

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 31 Mar 2007 14:33 User comments (13)

PSP 3.30 update adds support for higher video resolution Sony released the latest version of the PlayStation Portable (PSP) console, v3.30. The latest firmware makes a few tweaks to the system including support for video playback at 720x480 resolution, versus the prior scaled-down 320x240 resolution. It also has added expanded support for PlayStation Network games, and offers PSP users free access to T-Mobile HotSpots for a limited time.
Fir six months, PSP users will be able to use T-Mobile hotspots, most commonly found in Borders and Starbucks, for free. The services usually charge a onetime $9.99 fee for 24 hours of use and T-Mobile offers a variety of monthly subscription packages at flat rates. To sign up for the promotion PSP users must log into a T-Mobile HotSpot by March 28, 2008.


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13 user comments

131.3.2007 14:59

Not very impressed Sony. How about a real update. How about being able play psone games on my psp without a ps3. When Sony, when. When are you going to take care of us that aren't bootleggers.

231.3.2007 16:25

well you dont have to be a bootleger, still you can be a homebrewer, adn play your psone titles making a copy of the ones you legally own, that way its all goooood

as for a real update, i say the same, they should add DivX support XD

331.3.2007 16:52

I'm still waiting for that 3.11 downgrader... no way I'm getting this.

41.4.2007 7:37

DivX support would be heavenly. I would have to request that someone pinch me to ensure that I'm not dreaming.Lol.

51.4.2007 10:11

i dont know why people are complaining about the psp not offering this and that.i dont see xbox having a handheld console,because if it did it would most likely suck.peace.

61.4.2007 12:23

BIGnewb people are complaining about the PSP cause it sux if you use it for what it's supposed to be used. All these damn updates are gay! What if I didn't have access to WiFi how am I supposed to update to play the newer UMD movies or games for that matter? I regret buying a PSP over an under powered yet a lot more fun NINTENDO DS!!!! I've had my PSP since the first month they were out and it's doing nothing more then gathering dust.

71.4.2007 13:08

meh. im havin fun with mine. dont bash, just play man. the games are all about fun. so lets get together and have fun. stop fighting fanboys, just play. cuz thats what its all about. dont lose sight of what these things are for. so lets all just get together, and have fun!

81.4.2007 17:01

Very true ceno82. I've had mine since it came out and I'm sure it has well over six inches of dust. And yes, the updates are very gay.Lol.I'm more into my 360 right now, and about to purchase a nintendo ds.

91.4.2007 17:58

ok its not a great system i admit.i didnt feel like wasting money on it.but its a powerful system.just not enough in it.

107.4.2007 21:34

Hey look its the PSP Camera:

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119.4.2007 7:02

Originally posted by mRNoviZ:
I'm still waiting for that 3.11 downgrader... no way I'm getting this.
i heard Dark_alex did 3.10 and was not doing anything till 3.30 but bricked his psp

129.4.2007 8:21

I dont have any issues with my PSP and i use all the functions as they were intended. People are expecting too much for a handheld. Its not a PS2 its a PSP i think to many people are mixing that fact together just because they give you some similarity's between the 2. If your comparing this to the DS the PSP beats the DS with better technology but the DS may have better games in the fun factor area. But i will prefer the PSP over the DS any day and thats simply my opinion.

139.4.2007 8:25

The updates are kinda gay i will admit that. Sony simply got caught up dealing with their game system being hacked and forgot about what makes game systems sell. But that does not mean its a bad system because of that its just lacking the quality in some of the games.

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