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New bill would give federal funds to universities to fight p2p

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 02 Apr 2007 7:51 User comments (22)

New bill would give federal funds to universities to fight p2p Representative Ric Keller (R-FL) has proposed a new bill (HR 1689) called the "Curb Illegal Downloading on College Campuses Act of 2007" that will give colleges federal money to fight p2p.
The bill amends the "Higher Education Act", a bill that supplies federal money to universities and allows that money to be used for programs that reduce illegal downloading of copyrighted content.

The goal of the bill is to free up university money that would otherwise be spent on added bandwith costs and so the universities can use the extra money on keeping campuses secure from viruses that can find their way into user's computers through p2p programs. The bill notes that "computer systems at colleges and universities are intended primarily to aid in educating and increase research capability among students and faculty."

The "Higher Education Act" allows that the extra money from federal funding can be used in certain areas such as financial aid grants generally, but the new amendment to the bill would allow the money to be used for additional areas.

Although it is not guarenteed that the bill will ever make it to a vote, it should be intersting to follow its path through Congress.


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22 user comments

12.4.2007 8:56

shouldn´t be the RIAA and MPAA the ones to give unis money to fight illegal downloads?...

or is it cheaper to give some money to a politician and make him pass a bill that will make the gov pay for those expenses?...

yep, that´s what I thought...

22.4.2007 9:08

Wonderful. Of all the chronically underfunded agencies in existence our idiot representatives want to spend our tax dollars helping a bunch of greedy shysters sue us. So under this ridiculous bill ASU would get federal money to help sue kids when my sister, who works forArizona Child Protective Services, has a caseload of 35 kids when the national average is 15. Apparently helping fat cats get even more money takes precedence over ensuring caseworkers like my sister have the resources she needs to help give kids being beaten, burned and starved a shot at a decent life. God forbid the media companies have to dip into their billions in profits to deal with their own problem.

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32.4.2007 9:46

Amen, Nephilim.
I'm not for higher taxes to support any government program, but I'd sure as hell rather see tax money go for a cause like yours than this rediculousness. I'm surprised to see something like this from a Republican (which Ric officially is, I researched it). He must be quite liberal.

42.4.2007 10:42

Why not use federal money to HELP people to actually afford school maybe then they would have left overs for entertainment jeez.

52.4.2007 12:09

Yeah, that's why most college students end up in some sort of debt. Hell, all I had was a part-time job, my school was paid for thank God, but my books weren't and those still put me in the hole. Universities are nothing but big business anyways, just disguised.

62.4.2007 13:47

This amkes me sick - I want to puke. this country sucks! I agree with everyone above - we can;t even afford tuition these days how can the government give universities money - they make tons of cash. Plsu make the RIAA and others pay for it. We cut on education, health care, etc.. and we want top pass a bill like this. gotta find out the politian behind this one. how is our country so freaking backwards!!

72.4.2007 14:22

It amazes me how poloticians always seem to find even more ways to spend tax payer dollars at no benefit to any of us. It's no wonder other countrys have a better education and medical system than we do.

82.4.2007 15:21

come to Canada its better up here

92.4.2007 15:34

Canada? HA! Define "better."

102.4.2007 23:31

Originally posted by cart0181:
Canada? HA! Define "better."
"Better" as in better than the US. You disagree?

112.4.2007 23:52

i disagree

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123.4.2007 8:41

We should all send a nice email to Representative Ric Keller (R-FL) to thanks him for his support for wasting our tax dollars.

134.4.2007 15:13

Ric Keller - F'ing jerkoff. A Florida Republicna - no spurprise there!!

144.4.2007 22:08

Well said navsav.

155.4.2007 0:02

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hehe I wonder what he said, must have thought better and removed it before getting in trouble.

Canada has it's problems, which I won't go into here... but better than U.S., try again.

165.4.2007 12:26

The governement is approaching 9 TRILLION dollars in debt, yet they want to spend money to "help" a company that wipes it's @$$ with hundred dollar bills.

EDIT: That is a link to a website that shows the national debt, not just an emphasis to how far in debt this nation is.

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God hates console fan boys.
May the way of the hero lead to the Triforce.

178.4.2007 5:57

$9 trillion debt? They better be careful or they may put the U.S.A. into bankruptcy.

188.4.2007 10:49

The US government wont go into bankruptcy, they will just shut down everything that isn't making money until they pay off some off the debt.

198.4.2007 11:55

$9 trillion debt? They better be careful or they may put the U.S.A. into bankruptcy.
Unless massive sweeping chages are made tomorrow, they already have.

208.4.2007 12:10

And to think, we can thank Bush for nearly half of that debt. Only about 4 trillion has come under his watch.

219.4.2007 19:18

Don't worry, the next president will probably be a Democrat that will raise taxes enough to pay for it and plenty of other useless government programs. But maybe we can keep Bush out of this and stay on topic?? TIA wetsparks

2211.4.2007 11:08

Dont know if the next president will be democrat, but simply raising taxes wont cover it. It also doesnt change the fact that Bush has put this country 4 trillion dollars more in debt. Relating that to the post, more wasting of money when the government doesnt have money to begin with, isnt very smart.

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