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Film industry set to break records for sales

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 06 Apr 2007 17:09 User comments (14)

Film industry set to break records for sales Everyday, we hear stories coming from the MPAA arguing that the illegal downloading of movies is having terrible consequences on the movie industry. In the latest report from USA Today however, we hear a very different story.
"Through Sunday, ticket sales are at $2.1 billion, a healthy 6% ahead of the same time last year and 5% ahead of 2005, according to estimates from Nielsen EDI", says Scott Bowles, one of the writers of the article.

With mega-blockbusters set to be released such as Spider Man 3, Shrek the third, and the final installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, many studio executives are pronouncing that 2007 will break all current box office records. According to the article "The record was set in 2004 with $9.54 billion in the USA, although 2002 holds the record for most tickets sold at 1.6 billion".

In the MPAA's latest rant, they claimed that illegal file sharing had cut over 2 billion dollars of revenue from box office sales in 2006. When taking the stats into account, we can plainly see that that fact is simply not true. In 2004, the domestic take was 9.54 billion, in 2005 it was 9 billion, and in 2006 the take was 9.49 billion. Where is the 2.3 billion dollar loss? I dont see it.

How can it be that the US is set to break all current box office records even though more people have broadband connections than ever before?


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14 user comments

16.4.2007 18:12

Woo. The MPAA is full of whiners, and they have been since they were created. Pissh.

26.4.2007 19:54

I guess that 2 billion dollar loss tranlates into another b movie not making to the box office OR perhaps they have to cut down on the gold on Oscar. Hmmmm what are they going to do if the US ever gets their act to gether and really deploys highspeed internet.

I've got a screenplay for ya.....
The scene: An office on the backlot of some studio.
The players: Three executive fat cats.

FC1:"What are we going to do about this gentlemen?"
FC2:"We could send out more threatening letters?"
FC3:"YEAH, We could say that the internet is now illegal!"
FC1:"Hmm I don't know it didn't work with file sharing."
FC3:"Yeah but who knew that the public would start to wise up so fast?"
FC1:"Yeah who would have guessed that one?"
FC2: starts to tear up "I feel so violated"
FC1 and 3: Start to console FC2
FC1:says smiling "Don't worry boys we'll figure out another way to get even more money.... Remember will still have DRM and politicians in our pockets!"
Scene fades to black with all three laughing hysterically.

36.4.2007 19:55

The MPAA and studios that employ them should shut their mouths about filesharing if sales are up.

They cannot have it both ways! Either their sales are down and they are affected by filesharing.... or up and NOT affected. I think this article just proved the latter!

46.4.2007 20:28

Does the MPAA have no decency or shame?

Oh wait... they're all lawyers.

57.4.2007 1:57

Saturday 7th April 2007

Hm. It seems to me this is the same-scenario as greedy talentless little tin god rockstars and little tin god popstars!? If you produce a film of the calibre of Eisenstein-people will happily pay-out good money to buy the DVD when it is released-rather like one would buy Shakspeare's latest Play-because one can be assured it will be a cracking-read,well-written and a worthy investment-a Play one would be proud to have on one's bookshelf.
Nobody is going to own-up to buying Turd raider-they might have bought it-deeply rejected wasting their hard earned good-money on such absolute crap and even smashed it with a hammer and thrown it in the trash can as a critical-statement of disgust; i did to Oliver Stone's "WALL STREET";which was actually my Mother's old video-so don't tell her-not that she would care.
You produce films-worthy of buying-i will buy them.Period.

67.4.2007 2:01

sic:regretted(not "rejected" although no- literal meaning is lost)

77.4.2007 7:43

The bottom line, is up to the studios to make movies we care to see. If you make a good movies, they'll will come. If you make mediocre movies guess what, I'll wait until it comes out on pay perview or/and video. I'm not paying $10 for me and family just to see an average piece of crap. Maybe they should consider cutting the saliries and egos of their overpayed stars. But to place the place the blame on file sharing just a copout.

87.4.2007 8:45

Every year they break all box office records and take record amounts of money (even in years with no good or memorable films)
Yet they say profits are suffering from piracy, and are hounding people who may download something that isn't easily available otherwise into actively refusing to buy their products on principle.

They want to remember.. The majority of pirate dvd's are cam svcd's.. not great quality, and smuggled out of a cinema.
They are more like screeners. A lot of people consider them such. I saw Dead Man's Chest on one, and the film was so impressive (to me, though the typical pirate quality was pretty poor) that I actually paid to go miles to the cinema to see it properly.. The first time since Pulp Fiction. So who lost out there?? If I hadn't been able to access the film and see how good it was I would never have invested the time and money to go and see it. I would have sat on my a$$ and waited for it coming on TV like I usually do. So score 1 to the cam-SVCD pirates..called uploaders, pirates and criminals... they did the Movie Industry's selling for free!! They don't charge for the films they rip and upload to us.. at what personal risk and cost I wonder..

They (the big studios and the MPAA) can't have it both ways, either they are up or they are down..
They seem to be just a bunch of bloody liars, behaving like spoiled children when they get their pocket money docked by a tiny amount for being bad!! They can't even prove they are losing out, and that others are making anything from it.

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97.4.2007 10:46

Saturday 7th April 2007

**pointless comments removed**

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107.4.2007 11:40

@Shelley23 - let's keep the replies sensible shall we..thanks

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117.4.2007 11:55

For 10 years the media mafia has cried consumers are thieves they took away out right to return crappy products they try and dessimate our right to backup and archive and do everything in their power to force you to buy 2 copies yet they have the balls to say they are making record profits...well guess what the rich and elite deserve every file shared every file "stolen"........

127.4.2007 15:18

All these people do is bitch an whine. Most movies suck ass plain and simple. Since the year 2000 I average maybe 3 trips a year to the cineplex bc I know better but this year is a bit different I ended seeing 300 3 times bc It was so damn good (I even had the DVDscr before the last visit).

138.4.2007 0:44

Sunday 8th April 2007

Dear Steve Jobs,
for some disputable -reason someone keeps erasing my post-its from this forum.I have absolutely no inkling as to why this could possibly be.I guess they are just jealous,hm!?;-)

Kind regards,
Shelley23 (U.K.)

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148.4.2007 0:50

Originally posted by Shelley23:
Sunday 8th April 2007

Dear Steve Jobs,
for some disputable -reason someone keeps erasing my post-its from this forum.I have absolutely no inkling as to why this could possibly be.I guess they are just jealous,hm!?;-)

Kind regards,
Shelley23 (U.K.)
it helps to keep on topic,on point and to be as polite as you can be.
The mods like squishing things 0-o


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