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Sony affiliate works on new type of TV display

Written by Dave Horvath @ 09 Apr 2007 8:48

Sony affiliate works on new type of TV display A Sony affiliate born out of an agreement to direct funds to a new type of display for flat panel TVs known as Field Emmission Technologies, Inc., is currently developing FED or Field Emmission Displays for use in the corporate sector.
While no plans are currently in the works to use these displays for private home use, it does open up possibilities for more flat panel options in the future. Field emmission displays are said to be more efficient and focus their strengths on creating crisp moving images.

"Our products will be used by professional video creators and at broadcasting companies," Field Emission Technologies Chief Executive Shohei Hasegawa told a news conference. "We have a dream of eventually entering the TV market for general consumers. But we will steer clear of heavy capital investments up front

Hasegawa commented that they will be looking to sign prospective partners by mid-2008 and hope to have product for consumption by 2009.

FED was invented in the 1970s but never gained much ground due to not being commercialized, then eventually lost out to LCD and plasma displays.


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