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New study says more teens are legally purchasing music online

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 13 Apr 2007 12:52 User comments (5)

New study says more teens are legally purchasing music online A new study has reported that Canadian and U.S. teenagers have increased their legal downloading of music as compared to the fall 2006 period.
The 13th bi-annual edition of the survey showed a few key numbers. 83 percent of teenage students download music online compared to 79 percent in fall 2006. 36 percent of those teens now buy their music from online music services such as Napster and iTunes compared to only 28 percent last period.

The survey also reported that use of illegal p2p downloading from unauthorized services fell eight percent to 64 percent.

"While P2P sharing is still the primary way teens get their music, buying online music is becoming more mainstream," stated one of the analysts who helped with the survey.

Although the research team only surveyed 1800 teenagers from 11 different cities in both Canada and the US, the numbers do seem to suggest a very slight move away from unauthorized downloading.


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5 user comments

113.4.2007 15:02

Most people have never been against legal music. But the industry is too slow and too greedy. If Napster, Kazaa, Limewire, BitTorrent, and other file sharers had not come about, there would be no online music or video sales. Now this DRM nonesense is the big issue. They just can't learn. If they would offer people choices and get rid of this license trash where they don't sell you anything but basically lend it to you and tell you what you can and cannot do with it, then more people would be buying legit files online.

I've always thought it ironic anyway that here in the United States our copyright laws extend the entire life of the artist, yet you invent the cure to cancer and it is yours for only a handful of years. Patents and copyrights are very offset from each other.

213.4.2007 22:16

they prolly thought that they would get in trouble if they said the illegally did it either that or they are total n00bs( or have "morals") who would pay for something that you can get for free!!!!!

314.4.2007 1:50

I feel that this is not the true figures of what p2p is still like. Sharing files will never decline.

414.4.2007 7:13

every think overpriced edited CDs you spam out all over the place eight hurt sales?

oh forget if they can sue the dead and the computerless then they have plenty of money...

514.4.2007 8:05

I know that they would encounter some
trouble with DRM once they try load up the songs from napster to
thier mp3 player.

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