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DMCA-type bill making its way to Canada

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 15 Apr 2007 20:21 User comments (6)

DMCA-type bill making its way to Canada In a move that will emulate the DMCA, a new copyright legislation will be coming to Canada and could possibly be introduced as soon as this spring.
A Canadian law professor, Michael Geist, suggests that the new bill is very similar to a failed bill that was introduced last year but this new edition adds tougher anti-circumvention laws and "carves out additional exceptions for educators."

The new copyright reform, whenever it comes should adress "fair use" in Canada because the current model is very limited. It only allows fair use when it is intended for "research or private study." There are a few extra exceptions such as news reporting, educational institutions, and museums and libraries, but there are no ways to use the content or even comment on it without getting a liscense from the copyright holder.

For those not familiar with the US model for "fair use", it allows allows for "criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research."

The criticism and comment section are the largest exceptions to copyright law as it allows anyone to create parody video clips using protected content. Although very vague, the US model allows for a good share of flexibility, but that has also become a problem for groups who do not belive in fair use.

We hope that Canada will address their limited fair use policy and perhaps allow more consumer freedom in this latest bill.


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6 user comments

115.4.2007 23:07

Oh please no the US is nazisic enough about it we don't need more of the BS anti consumer sht going around.

216.4.2007 4:57

In the words of DX (sorry about the wrestling reference) I got two words for that bill..............SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

316.4.2007 6:05

Canada is a nice state and you can't really say you have visited the U.S. without seeing it. An interesting bit of trivia: A few people there think they are in a different country! lol.

416.4.2007 21:09

It amazes me that they keep bringing bill like this to Canada and it keeps getting rejected maybe its the French resistance :)

519.4.2007 6:59

As the Harper Government is rumored to be taking Canadians back to the polls in an effort to get a "majority Government" this will never come to pass. At present he does not have control of the Parliament in the same manner as G. W. Bush and his party do not control Congress or the Senate in the U.S.A.

619.4.2007 13:28

We are a country, NOT A STATE!!!!!

Got it?

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