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Circuit City and Napster partner for new subscription service

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 20 Apr 2007 12:01 User comments (6)

Circuit City and Napster partner for new subscription service Starting on April 29th, consumers can sign up for a new music download subscription service started by Circuit City and Napster. The service, entitled "Circuit City + Napster" will give users access to Napster's unlimited content service as well as offer 99 cent single song downloads.
The service will work just like Napster does now (unlimited downloads for $15 a month) but now, just like its main competitor, iTunes, users can purchase prepaid cards for tracks in bundles of 15, 25 and 60 or purchase single tracks for 99 cents. These tracks are yours forever, unlike the Napster tracks which are no longer functional when you stop paying for the monthly subscription.

"Our goal with music and movies is to excite and inspire our customers to fully enjoy their portable and in-home electronics, and we're thrilled to enter this strategic relationship with Napster,"
said Irynne V. MacKay, Circuit City's senior vice president and general merchandise manager for entertainment. "Circuit City + Napster will offer our customers a new avenue to find, share and delight in music. Increasingly, consumers are turning to the digital environment for entertainment and this new service will give our customers easy access to the content they want, when and how they choose to enjoy it."

"We are delighted to create this new alliance with Circuit City which is one of the top destinations in the U.S. to learn about exciting, new digital entertainment products,"
said Chris Gorog, chairman & CEO of Napster. "Circuit City's strength both in consumer electronics and as a music retailer should be an ideal environment to introduce Napster's industry leading music subscription service."


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6 user comments

120.4.2007 15:04 can buy a song like Itunes but also pay $15/month to listen to what essentially is the "radio"???


Ill stick with; it may not let me pick the exact songs i want but its free!

220.4.2007 15:21

Um, no. That's not how it works. If you have a 'Plays For Sure' device, you can transfer unlimited songs to it for $15 a month, every month, as many song as you desire, provided you pluck down $15 every month. Or, you can do the alternative: get the $10 a month subscription which allows straight downloads. (I won't mention that the DRM on these songs can be broken ;-) )

320.4.2007 17:13

extremely quick and easily broken i could add.

napster is so much better than itunes i can see their market share and stock price jumping pretty significantly in the next few years.

paying a set amount for unlimited downloads is so much better of an idea than to charge 99 cents for each song. but having both options is even better.

420.4.2007 20:40

I'll stick with my 14.95 unlimited Usenet account. :)

521.4.2007 19:37

I am just happy to see the progress napster has made from the lil program it once was to what it has become today :)

621.4.2007 21:53

@windsong quiet shhhhh

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