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Neuros wants to create open source alternative to Apple TV

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 01 May 2007 21:37 User comments (3)

Neuros wants to create open source alternative to Apple TV Today, in an open letter, Neuros Technology has called on Apple TV hackers and coders to develop and open-source set-top box to prevent IPTV from falling into the hands of large corporations.
CEO Joe Born, in his letter said that the new box he wants to make will prevent content providers who are trying to "lock down what consumers can watch, where and when."

He also believes that to prevent that "lock down", the world needs to back the software development work that allows hardware to support wide ranges of formats and devices, making the hardware more relevant to consumers.

Of course, Neuros would profit from this new box, but Born clearly hopes to free consumers from being forced into watching what corporations want you to watch or download.

I feel this call out to these coders is a good step in protecting consumer rights but its a wonder who will answer.


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3 user comments

12.5.2007 0:07

This sounds like its going to be full of DRM all the way through it.

22.5.2007 0:59

dont know a whole lot about appletv except from the headlines but imagine this...
large corporations
obsolete appletv

32.5.2007 4:25

Don't see the big deal, XBMC already does alot more than AppleTV. In fact, XBMC is so good, I would PAY for it!

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