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3 arrested in Japan for illegally sharing Shonen Manga

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 19 May 2007 14:35 User comments (10)

3 arrested in Japan for illegally sharing Shonen Manga According to Japan's Association of Copyright for Computer Software, police forces arrested three males suspected of unauthorized sharing of Manga. The three suspects were arrested on May 18th and had their homes searched. Each is accused of scanning and uploading images of "Weekly Shonen Jump" and "Weekly Shonen Sunday" magazines on the Winny P2P network.
The three suspects are accused of uploading the scans during periods between February and April and that all the scans were for issues that had not hit bookstands yet.

Officers raided the homes of the suspects and seized computers, scanners, printers, and manga.

The Winny P2P software promised anonymity for its users but members of the Kyoto High Tech Crime Task Force found flaws in the integrated forum feature. The creator was arrested and convicted and forced to pay a $12,000 USD fine. Apparently the flaws have not been fixed, as these arrests mark the 3rd, 4th, and 5th in the past year.


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10 user comments

119.5.2007 17:27

What is Manga??

219.5.2007 17:30

Japanese style comic,

319.5.2007 17:40

Originally posted by pierrrre:
Japanese style comic,
Kewl thanxs for the heads up :)

419.5.2007 18:00

Wow. I wouldn't bother uploading pictures of manga. If people wanted to look at them for free, couldn't they just look at a copy at the local bookstore?

519.5.2007 19:26

"Manga is simply the Japanese word for comics. Literally, it means 'random or whimsical pictures.' Though the term has been used since the 19th century, not until World War II did manga begin gaining popularity in Japan."

-Anime Mangatism
Breakaway Magazine, January 2006

619.5.2007 20:02

Well, many people do read naruto manga over the internet.

719.5.2007 23:09

yea but read the article this is about manga that hasnt hit the bookstores yet so yea i can understand the reason for arresting the guys lol
naruto manga is one of the manga u have to wait tell thursday or friday to get depending on who is translating it becouse they are being paid for first then scanned then translated.


820.5.2007 5:28

these scanned manga, known as "manga scan" :D

920.5.2007 16:21

Ok this is not to evil,first off they where releasing stuff that was not out yet thats automatically bad then they where a group focused on releasing stuff....would rather have a disembodied group 2 people go out and buy it in 2 different locations and send it online to teh the ones that want to translate it.

Large consentrat4d groups are asking for "intervention" 0-o

Also note Manga is generally black and white and read in reverse of a US comic at least the not fully converted ones.

maybe I am a jaded p#ssy but I so loath the Americanizations they drown crap in,VIZ tried to damn hard to it with the naruto manga I got the first 2 volumes... Doubleganger instead of shadow clone.....pffffffff........ I ahte to tell them but dumping some/most of the Americanizations will make the comic more unique and interesting thus worth "money"......because the dim tween that will buy it will read it no matter how bad it is.....

1026.5.2007 17:14

It's funny how people can get arrested for things that seem minuscule compared to other crimes.

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